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We Win the French Suit

This defamation suit was filed against an individual in France (not French, though) who was/is closely connected to Vincent Bridges. It was for email defamation. You see, in Franch, not only can you not defame anyone in public, you cannot even do it privately. Of course, that leads to the problem with winning a defamation suit in France: the very laws that make it possible to prosecute such an action with a minimum of money also make it impossible to publish the results. We can say nothing about matters that include the participation of an EU citizen, though we can publish matters pertaining to US citizens. Nevertheless, here is the last page of the court's findings, with names effaced and certain circumstances that might be identifiable obscured.

Those who can read French will note that we were awareded a total of 3200 Euro - 1600.00 euro each to Ark and Laura Jadczyk, for a single email. The final amount was actually more than that because court costs were included and all the money we had to spend to have documents translated for the French Court was reimbursed.

I want to mention that many of the documents from the files shown in the previous image were translated and included in this action. I would also like to mention that, since Ark is an EU citizen living in France under French law, and I am the wife of an EU citizen living in France under French law, anyone from the US who violates French laws of slander and defamation who then enters France is subject to prosecution under French law. So, we are certainly working very hard to get all this information on file in the French courts for just such an eventuality.

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