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The common problem with psychopaths... “Is they don’t see a problem with their behavior.”
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“Non-victims can’t understand this, but the psychopath really does suck the life out of a caring person. I try to think of them now as a slimy suckerfish right out of the swamp, vacuum-lips out and prowling for someone vibrant and attractive to con and eviscerate.”

If you are a good person you will meet many evil people in your life, you need to recognize them and their actions. More importantly you need to recognize which evil behaviors you have been conned into accepting as reasonable and to reject those behaviors - both in yourself and in others - as unacceptable.

The English language has a variety of terms for psychopaths, of which "bastard" is perhaps the most polite. They have always been with us, and despite their corrosiveness and rejection of social mores, they show no signs of going away.

Think you can spot one? Think again. In general, psychopaths aren’t the product of broken homes or the casualties of a materialistic society. Rather they come from all walks of life and there is little evidence that their upbringing affects them.
Most of the two million psychopaths in North America aren’t murderers. They’re our friends, lovers and co-workers. They’re outgoing and persuasive, dazzling you with charm and flattery. Often you aren’t even aware they’ve taken you for a ride – until it’s too late.
The problem of plausible lies is the most serious problem facing humanity today....Most good people are only aware of the least intelligent part of the evil distribution; those are the people who are obviously evil: criminals. The normal and intelligent ends of the evil distribution totally escape most good people's understanding.

Only as of late, with all the Enron scandals and related crimes, people are waking up to the fact that the most dangerous psychopath of all is the educated, socially adept psychopath, in fact, Dr. Hare recently said that he would probably be able to find many psychopaths involved in the stockmarket. It is time for American to "wake up" says Dr. Wolman, because we are being threatened by a serious epidemic of psychopathy.

The Psychopathic or Sociopathic Personality

Based on twenty-five years of groundbreaking research, WITHOUT CONSCIENCE is a fascinating journey into the minds of these dangerous individuals. Are they born unable to feel empathy, or are they created by circumstance? How and why do they get away with cheating, conning, and murdering? Are they mad or simply bad? In what Dr. Hare calls our "camouflage society," how can we recognize and steer clear of these predatory people?

WITHOUT CONSCIENCE explores their shocking patterns- and exposes one of the most frightening, often-hidden social problems affecting our lives today.


The Psychopath is much more successful than you and I because he is not hemmed in by all sorts of impediments or worries.

A discussion with Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig & James Hillman

“We fall prey to the seduction, it is irresistible. Then the nightmare of horror begins. The shabby treatment, the avoidance. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. He had been so sincere, so kind. It was Jekyl and Hyde.”
“They go for the strongest and the best, but preferably those who are something of rebels within the group...the LEAST controllable. Because if they can crush them, they crush most of the rest at the same time. If they start at the bottom, with the weakest, it’s a long way to work their way up…The ideal target is therefore, strong, smart, rebellious and vulnerable through previous abuse.”
“A favored technique is to debilitate your identity [personally, I hate the term self-esteem] by levelling false accusations and/or questioning your honesty, fidelity, trustworthiness, your “true” motivations, your “real” character, your sanity and judgement.”
“They are absolutely the world’s best manipulators, liars, and fabricators of truth. They do so convincingly because they believe their own lies. After all their life is nothing but a lie, a sham, how can we possibly assume they know anything different.”
“Others around me would get so tired of the whole thing and insinuate that I was perpetuating things. All I wanted was for him to leave me alone. Part of the hurt and damage was done because others could but would not see what was actually happening. He would always try to ingratiate himself to others it was sickening. Usually psychopaths put on the nicest act, and you look like the harpy and bitch, and so everyone takes their side, it is a horror story, a psychopath can be very charming, and manipulative and manipulate the smartest of people.”
“My biggest frustration and source of anger, is at those who have refused to take a stand when they see the abuse . No matter how outrageous his behavior others often stood by and inadvertently fuelled his grandiosity and denial... although denial is too mild a word for it.
“If a psychopath throws the “bad childhood” stuff at you, keep in mind he might be trying to get sympathy and make an excuse for his atrocious behavior towards you and/or others. If we let these people make us feel sorry for them, we ultimately end up in the submissive position again...just what they want. I can “pity” them yes...but I refuse to shed another tear over the tragedies suffered by who is now, only a shell of a person.”

Regarding a psychopath: Considering a longitudinal section of his life is hard to avoid the conclusion that here is the product of true madness - of madness in a sense quite as real as that conveyed to the imaginative layman by the terrible word lunatic.

With the further consideration that all this skein of apparent madness has been woven by a person of (technically) unimpaired and superior intellectual powers and universally regarded as sane, the surmise intrudes that we are confronted by a serious and unusual type of genuine abnormality.

Not merely a surmise but a strong conviction may arise that this apparent sanity is, in some important respects, a sanity in name only. We find instead a spectacle that suggests madness in excelsis, despite the absence of all those symptoms that enable us, in some degree, to account for irrational conduct in the psychotic.

Only very slowly and by a complex estimation or judgment based on multitudinous small impressions does the conviction come upon us that, despite these intact rational processes, these normal emotional affirmations, and their consistent application in all directions, we are dealing here not with a complete man at all but with something that suggests a subtly constructed reflex machine which can mimic the human personality perfectly.

So perfect is this reproduction of a whole and normal man that no one who examines him in a clinical setting can point out in scientific or objective terms why, or how, he is not real. And yet we eventually come to know or feel we know that reality, in the sense of full, healthy experiencing of life, is not here.


“Leaving is hard because of all that goes along with the going. It is not just the person you have to give up but your hopes and dreams and fantasies. It only happened for me in increments and I cried UNCLE often thinking if I gave it one more go I’d break through. It wasn’t until I really knew that no matter what I said or did or didn’t do this person could never love me or anyone.”
“The fantasy was exactly that, a FANTASY, that he created for himself, and presented to me as reality. My head said the fantasy wasn’t valid. I kept reminding myself: if the fantasy was real, I wouldn’t be treated like dirt, and feel like shit!”
“I have finally come to the conclusion that they cannot change, so all we can do is to refuse to participate in their sick drama and leave the stage.”

Cleckley: [T]he familiar tendency to disintegrate, against which life evolves, may be regarded as fundamental and comparable to gravity. The climbing man or animal must use force and purpose to ascend or to maintain himself at a given height. [...] Whether regression occurs primarily through something like gravity or through impulses more self-contained, the backward movement (or ebbing) is likely to prompt many sorts of secondary reactions, including behavior not adapted for ordinary human purposes but instead, for functioning in the other direction. The modes of such reactivity may vary, may fall into complex patterns, and may seek elaborate expression. [...] People with all the outer mechanisms of adaptation intact might, one would think, regress more complexly. [...] In a movement (or gravitational drift) from levels where life is vigorous and full to those where it is less so, the tactics of withdrawal predominate. [...] The psychopath as we conceive of him in such an interpretation seems to justify the high estimate of his technical abilities as we see them expressed in reverse movement.

Organic Portals: The Answer to Psychopathy?

"Alien reaction machines" in human form describes individuals with Anti-Social Personality Disorder (APD), Sociopaths, and Psychopaths.
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Vincent Bridges AKA "Dr. Strange"
Psychotherapist? Or Hacker and Thief?

This article may be freely copied and shared only if the original text is retained in its totality, and a link back to the original is posted.

Vincent Bridges sez:

"[...] Dr. Margaret McCoy...turned me on to hypnosis, an old fascination, and I soon went from Ericsonian ..."

"Dr. Joan Essic ... because of our work together on hypnosis... introduced me to Ericsonnian..."

"I studied with Milton Ericson years ago..."

So now, we turn to Mr. Bridges’ claims of being a therapist. He states:

“As for therapy and being a therapist, that started with three years of therapy with Dr. Margaret McCoy, a Transactional Analysis psychologist. [NOTE: Mr. Bridges seems to be the patient here, not the therapist. A good "school" for learning therapeutic jargon and techniques.] She turned me on to hypnosis, an old fascination, and I soon went from Ericsonian to NLP to holotropic breathwork and so on. I am a certified hypnotherapist in the state of North Carolina with my own "school" of therapeutic techniques and applications. I also hold certifications in TA and advanced NLP. I am one of the pioneers of psycho-acoustic brain entrainment trauma abreaction, having worked with both Tom Kenyon - I was one of Acoustic Brain Research's early experimental subjects - and Dr. Martin Wutke, a clinical physiologist using some of these techniques to treat addiction and depression. When I was doing therapy, I worked with Dr. Joan Essic of the Bowman-Gray Medical School's MPD clinic and Dr. Jean Templeton who inherited my techniques when I gave it up."

Aside from the fact that the above is written in a very slippery way, so that it is difficult to infer whether Mr. Bridges is the patient or the therapist, so far we have not been able to verify any of Mr. Bridges claims. We cannot confirm that Mr. Bridges is a certified hypotherapist. Searches on North Carolina websites listing such have come up negative, though this may show up in the North and South Carolina Public records searches that are underway. The same holds with his possible certifications in TA and advanced NLP. We will keep you informed. We have received an email from an individual who claims to have known Mr. Bridges for a long time, and who asserts that Bridges was a patient in a psychiatric hospital for a lengthy period.

UPDATE! Regarding the above claims about his training as a therapist, Mr. Bridges has stated the following subsequent to the publishing of this report:

Bridges writes: Other quick points on that front include: The MPD clinic was an informal group of psychologist and psychiatrists that met at the Rose and Thistle Cafe in W-S twice a month to discuss their Disassociative Disorder and MPD clients.

Mr. Bridges has here stretched our credulity to the breaking point again. Keep in mind that his clear statement was:

"When I was doing therapy, I worked with Dr. Joan Essic of the Bowman-Gray Medical School's MPD clinic..."

The question we would like to ask is "who is trying to confuse and mislead whom?"

Bridges writes: Dr. Joan Essic, Wake Forest 1988 I believe, was a friend first who, because of our work together on hypnosis - she introduced me to Ericsonnian - recommended that the group try me out on a few of their incorrigibles. When I got results that they couldn't explain, they started to send me more clients. I was never asked to the meetings, and so don't remember their names. All of that is in another collection of boxes and files yet to go through.

We have found a Dr. Ellyn Joan Essic, who obtained her Ph.D. in 1999 from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. At this point, we are unable to connect her with the Bowman-Gray Medical School but will keep trying. We have sent written inquiries, including the entire transcripts of all Mr. Bridges claims to a selection of individuals at Wake Forest/Bowman Gray. We will update them with the further information about the psychologists and psychiatrists meeting at the cafe who were sending Mr. Bridges their clients so that they can investigate this matter.

“…Dr. Joan Essic of the Bowman-Gray Medical School's MPD clinic and Dr. Jean Templeton who inherited my techniques when I gave it up…”


"I was gaining credibility with the Bowman Gray Med School's MPD clinic..."

What we did find that the Bowman-Gray Medical School DOES have an MPD clinic. However, this MPD Clinic has nothing to do with psychology – clinical, behavioral, or otherwise. As it happens, "MPD" as used by Bowman Gray refers to Hematology research, a branch of which includes the study of "Myeloproliferative Disorders"… "Myeloproliferative - Concerning abnormal proliferation of bone marrow elements either in the bone marrow or extramedullary."

This would not appear to have anything to do with counseling. Nevertheless, an "MPD Clinic" of such a large and prestigious Medical School would be just the ticket to attach to a list of credits for someone claiming to be an authority on the subject of Multiple Personality Disorder. He just didn't check far enough to find out what the clinic really did.

Bridges writes: My former therapy partner, Dr Jean Templeton, (who blew Laura's crap off as clearly delusional - everyone please note that not a word of that exchange has been mentioned) claims me as her hypnosis teacher on her own hypnotherapy certification application.

Regarding the above: There has not been an "exchange" between any of the Perseus Foundation researchers and Dr. Jean Templeton. Three inquiries to Dr. Templeton have resulted in no response. If Dr. Templeton has responded to Vincent Bridges himself, why hasn't he published her verifiable confirmation of his claims? Vincent Bridges has also told us:

From: Vincent Bridges
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:58:25 -0500

I went and checked my appointment book for 1996. I was still practicing then, and practically every moment of every day is recorded. On Wednesday, April 24th, 1996 I was in Tampa, the book says University of Tampa, but all I remember is a large and funky 1890's hotel deep in downtown, doing a seminar with my partner Dr. Jean Templeton for a group of therapists and psychs on early childhood abuse and our light and sound entrainment procedures for treating it.

Strangely enough, that was my last seminar with Jean. She went off to Masters and Johnson that summer and became famous for our technique. I manned the store while she was gone and then that fall I decided I had had enough. I started pulling back on clients, keeping only those that were willing to do the work. By early'97 I was officially retired. I kept my Tyler Texas family because I had two sisters and a mother with serious problems and a history of involvement with the Program with going back to the 1930's. Their family connections, including William Bailey III, an oil man who was a friend of Prescott Bush's and the first person J. Edgar Hoover called after he was notified of the assassination, led me to the core of the whole JFK thing. That's how I know that the Cs interpretation is correct. They were just not telling you the whole story. So, while it's fine for me to dig the story out of other people's unconsciousness, it's too dangerous just to spill the whole thing out to you through the Ouiji board.

Again, despite our REPEATED efforts to obtain a recommendation for Mr. Bridges from his "former partner," Dr. Jean Templeton, giving every opportunity to her to offer him support in his claims. the silence is deafening. Even if, as Mr. Bridges claims, Dr. Templeton "blew Laura's crap off as clearly delusional - everyone please note that not a word of that exchange has been mentioned," the fact is that she has made not a single effort to respond to our requests to verify his claims. And more than one member of the research group have contacted her. But, there is one claim that we do have a return on. Vincent Bridges makes the claim:

“I am one of the pioneers of psycho-acoustic brain entrainment trauma abreaction, having worked with both Tom Kenyon - I was one of Acoustic Brain Research’s early experimental subjects - and Dr. Martin Wutke …”

From: office@...
Subject: Vincent Bridges
Date sent: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 07:08:56 +0000

In response to your inquiry, I am afraid I cannot be of much assistance. I do not recall this name, though I cannot say that he was never a client of mine, as I practicied psychotheraphy for many years and his statement saying that he was a "subject" sounds more like a client than a fellow researcher.

Acoustic Brain Research was an independent research organization that I operated from 1983 until 1993, though my tapes and CDs from that period are still in production and are utilized by individuals and clinics around the world. These were produced and conceived by me, without assistance. They were sent to independent labs at Universities and locations for verification of brain shifts.

I cannot say this man did not work for one of those labs but he certainly wasn't a principal at any as I recall.

But I have no recollection of this name, certainly not as a collaborator or researcher during that time.

Tom Kenyon

An inquiry to Dr. Wuttke (misspelled in the above quote) has not come back yet.

UPDATE: I would like to bring some other important matters to the reader's attention. The reader may wish to read and listen to the "Mirror Session," which includes the following information, which we felt needed to be included in this official report, so it is repeated here.

As even the most casual observer will note, when listening to the sound clips from the hypnosis/mirror session conducted by Mr. Vincent Bridges, his lapses of professional demeanor in relation to a subject in a state of hypnosis induced and controlled by him, are not merely reprehensible, they are legally actionable.

Nevertheless, in his usual style of diverting attention from his lies by attacking his victims rather than producing any requested documentation of his own claims, Mr. Bridges, has recently written and posted on a public message board, the following:

*Note on the practice of hypnosis in Florida - The state of Florida has strict laws concerning hypnosis. Florida Statute 456 outlines who can practice, and who cannot: Florida Statute 456 on the Practice of Hypnosis, LIMITS this therapy to LICENSED practitioners of the healing arts, including physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and optometrists "within the perview of the statutes applicable to his respective profession." A patient may be referred to a "qualified practitioner" by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts, but that "qualified practitioner" must employ hypnotic techniques under the SUPERVISION, DIRECTION, 'PRESCRIPTION', and RESPONSIBILITY of such referring practitioner. (66) FLORIDA STATUTE 456 Practice of Hypnosis 456.005 Penalities: Misdemeanor of the second degree: (456).

Laura writes: Mr. Bridges is quite correct. However, what he has failed to mention is the fact that hypnosis - or other counseling modalities - performed under the aegis of religious practice, are not being described in the above paragraph. Perhaps Mr. Bridges might have checked out the above statute before traveling to the State of Florida to perform therapeutic hypnosis on me - which I ought to add was taped and the tapes are in our possession and will be produced when the situation warrants. After all, Mr. Bridges is the one claiming to be a "psychotherapist," not me. And thus far, we have been unable to discover a single piece of evidence or validation for his training and claims.

Mr. Bridges goes on to say:

"In the second volume of her voluminous and on-going autobiography, Adventures with the Cassiopaeans, Ms. Knight-Jadczyk informs us that she has no training in hypnotherapy, or any other kind of therapy. 'I admit that I have none freely. Well, that's not entirely true. I have certification in hypnosis; until I quit in 1996, I was listed in the directories of The American Counselors Society and The National Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, neither of which is any kind of major endorsement.'"

What Mr. Bridges fails to note is that the above quoted remark from me (Laura) is a footnote to the following statement:

"So, on the one hand, we have six respectable people, none of whom has ever even "fudged" their credentials..."

The reference was to "credentials" in terms of degrees and other claims, including publishing credits, such as those falsely made by Mr. Vincent Bridges. It made no reference whatsoever to any lack of training in hypnotherapy or any other kind of therapy. In fact, I described quite clearly the training I received in those areas through the years in Amazing Grace. What we are seeing is another example of the semantic aphasia of the psychopath who, as one expert put it: "knows many words, but not the meanings."

Bridges writes: Indeed, since the first organization no longer exists, and seems to have had a very small and completely non-professional membership, and the second has no record of a Laura Knight or a Laura Martin ever taking any sort of training or receiving any kind of certification, then we must ask just what does this certification consist of?

This is a case of deliberate falsification since I have on my desk the directory which includes many professional members in all 50 states.

Bridges writes: A Laura Martin was indeed a member of the Society in 1994 and 1995, but simple membership and directory listing explicitly carries with it no certification or even a recommendation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bridges is incorrect again. The societies named above, are composed of members who have graduated from the training programs of St. John's University, an accredited institution formed long after I received my training from its founder, Dr. Arthur Winkler. As it happens, over the many years since I took the courses, I had lost my certificates and wrote to Dr. Winkler to ask if it could be replaced. He remembered me and my certificates were replaced though, again, they are "lost" in the house somewhere, packed in a box in storage. Nevertheless, I have copies of the correspondence in my files, as well as the brochure for St. John's. (See brochure and letters)

Bridges writes: If therefore Ms. Knight-Jadczyk has any type of certification in hypnosis, which is doubtful as no positive evidence of such certification has been presented or can be found in the records of the institutions cited by her, it does not in the state of Florida entitle her to practice Hypnotherapy without the direct supervision of a licensed practitioner of the healing arts, as listed above. If she has been practicing such hypnotherapy without any supervision, then it is a violation of Florida law, and is a second-degree misdemeanor as noted above.

Since we have dealt with the issue of MY certification, perhaps Mr. Bridges ought to apply these standards to himself since, as noted, I have never claimed to be a "psychotherapist" as he has done, repeatedly. A psychotherapist is a counselor or support person who helps people with their emotional/social/mental processes. Usually, a psychotherapist has a Masters level degree either in social work or psychology and is generally licensed or certified by their state licensing board.

We have already determined that Mr. Bridges has no such degrees, nor have we been able to discover any license or certification in the state of North Carolina in which he claims to have practiced as a "psychotherapist."

And again, hypnosis practiced as religious counseling is entirely legal in the State of Florida, and in fact, that is the aegis under which nearly all hypnotists who are not psychologists or psychiatrists or other medical personnel, practice.

Furthermore, Spirit Release Therapy and Past Life Therapy, and exorcism, are not accepted as "therapeutic modalities" by standard psychological therapy and are not even covered under the above statute. However, therapeutic hypnosis that deals with child abuse issues, including sexual abuse, as Mr. Bridges claims is his speciality, is indeed covered under the above statute. Mr. Bridges wrote to a member of our group:

Dear S***,

Well, it sounds like you are a classical client of mine. My specialty was early childhood trauma abreaction, and I mainly focused on incest, sexual abuse, etc. [...] In the course of all that, I've come across many "Greenbaum" cases. Corey's lecture, quoted by Laura in the Wave I think, is partly taken from my research. I talked at length to him a few months before the conference where he gave the lecture and my then partner was in the audience.

[...] I am Dr. Mack and Bud Hopkins' worst enemies. Hopkins refused to speak at the same Fortean convention a few years ago, because I had attacked his work so strongly the night before at the party. So it goes. . . These guys are shameful. [...] I studied with Milton Ericson years ago, and he stressed the value of conscious participation in the trance state as the only way to insure the value of the trance's contents. [...] I had a semi-famous abductee, one of the above's "clients," whose experience turned about to be, with enough carefully unfoldment, her father masturbating at her bedside. [...] Feel like visiting the beautiful piedmont one weekend? I can do a simple evaluation, and see if there is work we can profitably do together. It is possible to do it in one day, I've a few other semi-detached clients in Asheville who do occasionally, so. . . Are you game? Anyway, let me know what you feel,


Now, notice that in his other statement at the beginning of this section of the report, Vincent Bridges has said:

"As for therapy and being a therapist, that started with three years of therapy with Dr. Margaret McCoy, a Transactional Analysis psychologist. She turned me on to hypnosis, an old fascination, and I soon went from Ericsonian to NLP to holotropic breathwork and so on."

And then he says: "Dr. Joan Essic, Wake Forest 1988 I believe, was a friend first who, because of our work together on hypnosis - she introduced me to Ericsonnian..."

Yet, in an email to an individual that Bridges was trying to "drum up" as a possible paying client, he has said plainly:

"I studied with Milton Ericson years ago..."

Well, which one is it, Mr. Bridges? Was it Templeton, Essic, or Dr. Ericson himself?

What seems to be true is that Vincent Bridges learned how to fake being a therapist by being in therapy. In other words, Vincent Bridges doing "therapy" is the equivalent of the lunatic taking over the asylum!

Perhaps that explains all those "blank years" in his bio, and the lack of public records in his life?

Getting back to his "practice of psychotherapy." What are the statutes regarding such practice in North Carolina?

A more interesting question, however, is when, precisely, did Vincent Bridges study with Milton Ericson? After all, the good doctor died in 1980 at the age of 79. We already have a pretty full schedule for those years according to Bridges own account. Nevertheless, we have sent inquiries to the related institutes to discover if anyone who did actually study with Ericson remembers Mr. Bridges. When we receive the information, we will update this page.

In any event, I do hope that Vincent Bridges clearly remembers every word spoken in the several sessions in which he hypnotized me "therapeutically," as he most certainly is in violation of the law in Florida he has cited. I do thank him for researching this matter for me since it now adds to the list of frauds he has perpetrated on me and others which can be submitted for review to the State Attorney of Florida.

UPDATE - June 6, 2002: At this point, we wish to go in another direction in our report. A certain item was included in the Weidner Correspondence as follows:

[This email was forwarded to Jay Weidner in response to his requests for information about Vincent Bridges' activities.]

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk laura@cassiopaea
Subject: Major attack on Group Member

Date sent: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 21:16:46 -0500

Hi All,

There has been a situation going on for several weeks that we have waited to talk about until certain details could be handled. One of our group members is really getting hit HARD. She has asked me to ask for some protective energies around her, and you will soon see why it is necessary.

To better explain what has been going on, I will paste in my email to FDLE and her email to the North Carolina department of Justice, State Bureau of Investigation, and Bellsouth, her internet provider.

We kept this under wraps until she could get her password and username changed so that our discussion would not be read by whoever is doing this, which we already suspect.

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk laura@cassiopaea
To: "Breeden, Bob" <BobBreeden@fdle...
Subject: Vincent Bridges IP numbers

Date sent: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 16:07:49 -0500

Dear Special Agent Breeden,

It seems that Mr. Bridges has the capability to "tap into" and utilize IP numbers that are not his own. In the list of the following IP numbers that have been logged by our server just in the past week on the occasions when he attempts to post his filth on our site discussion page, please note that the sixth number resolves to Asheville N.C. where a member of our group lives who has an iMac account with Bellsouth. She has recently noticed charges on her internet account that reflect "out of area access." She naturally inquired of Bellsouth what this could mean since she hasn't even left town in months.

At the time that the sixth IP number was loggged, we blocked future access from the server. A few hours later, this group member wrote to us asking why she could not access our site. It was only then, put together with her "out of area" charges, that we realized that Mr. Bridges might be using her account for his activities. She has reported this possibility to Bellsouth as well as the Asheville police.

We can't say anything about the other IP numbers except that we have members in our group in each of the states that they resolve to, but in no case can it be resolved further than the server which handles many individual accounts.

This may be the tip of an iceberg of something more widespread and serious. The fact that this individual has the ability to do this, may indicate something more serious, if only identity theft on a massive scale.

If looking into this is not within your purview, please suggest to us whose it is. At this point, we can only continue to forward documentation to our local police, though we have also received the suggestion that we ought to forward all the information to the State Attorney's of both Florida and NC.

Thank you, (and the list of recent IP use is pasted in below.)

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

A collectiion of IPs used recently by Vincent Bridges to access our site: - 02/03/02 09:18:40 MST - 02/03/02 06:30:09 MST - 02/02/02 09:53:31 MST - 02/02/02 09:49:48 MST - 02/01/02 10:06:30 MST - 01/30/02 15:35:46 MST - 01/27/02 09:34:55 MST - 01/24/02 08:42:32 MST

all using the same

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Mac_PowerPC)


[Mr. Bridges has responded to the above in on several public message boards saying:

V: It would be laughable if it weren't so lame... The IP are all addresses. I had an account there just to monitor their libels when they banned my IP. My user name was hruor@e...

We note that Vincent Bridges has admitted that the the postings were made by him. But, again, he lies about the activity itself with no shame and unfortunately, most people don't bother to check for themselves. Here is the identification of the Internet Service Providers as rendered by standard internet tools: Level 3 communications, Tampa EarthLink EarthLink UUNET Sprint, Tarboro NC UUNET EarthLink UUNET
Probably a more detailed localization is possible with advanced tools.]

Extracts from the entries identifying the poster: [complete text available from the server]

From: (U. Noah Hoo)
Subject: Entry to Guestbook
Date sent: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 09:18:42 -0700

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02/03/02 09:18:40 MST


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02/03/02 06:30:09 MST

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02/02/02 09:53:31 MST

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02/02/02 09:49:48 MST

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02/01/02 10:06:30 MST

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Date sent: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 15:35:48 -0700

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01/30/02 15:35:46 MST

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Date sent: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 09:34:55 -0700

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01/27/02 09:34:55 MST

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||| bin/guestbookl.cgi||Mozill a/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Mac_PowerPC)|

01/24/02 08:42:32 MST

[The above only represent a small selection of the many dozens of attempts - often made several times a day - Mr. Bridges made to post his lies on our site.]

The story behind the above excerpt of exchanges consists in the following:

As the reader knows, our report on Vincent Bridges was published on Thanksgiving Day of 2001. That was at the end of November, and only after a considerable period of time of observation of his public libel and defamation to which we initially did not wish to respond, based on the assumption that it would go away.

It wasn't until January of 2002 that we became fully aware of the fact that Mr. Bridges was exerting himself in ways that were way beyond just simply libeling us in public. It was at that point that we became aware of the fact that he had attempted to file false police reports with our local police department and with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It was also then that we became aware of the fact that he had been "conducting his own investigation."

However, Mr. Bridges' idea of an "investigation" does not consist in asking questions to verify claims made by another party. His idea of an investigation seems to consist of contacting people and trying to manipulate their perceptions and beliefs with lies and innuendo. Fortunately, most individuals who are real journalists or law enforcement officials DO take the time to check out claims and Mr. Bridges was told that he didn't have a leg to stand on and that if he had problems with what we were saying, he needed to get a lawyer and sue us in civil court because, since we had not posted any lies about him, we had committed no crimes. The exact words quoted to us that were told to Mr. Bridges by one law enforcement official who checked out his claims were: "Ms. Knight-Jadczyk has crossed all her "T's" and dotted all her "I's." It looks, Mr. Bridges, like you thought you were going to step on a worm and discovered that the worm wasn't a worm after all."

So it was that when it was discovered through Jay Weidner, that Mr. Bridges was in contact with "Frank Scott" and what was behind his threat to "expose Laura," which literally consisted in an attempt at blackmail/extortion, we understood that Mr. Bridges was truly behaving as a psychopath. It was at that point that we decided that a more proactive stance was necessary and the decision was made that the only answer to Mr. Bridges lies was to simply present the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, WITH the documentation.

Mr. Bridges reacted to this public exposure of his activities with literally a barrage of attempts to post more of his lies and defamation - WITHOUT any documentation - on our website.

Using standard site management tools, we simply blocked his access. And it was as a result of this blocking at the time of the "Tallahassee" article that some very disturbing things became evident as will be revealed by the following series of email discussions several of the discussion group were having.

To: S**, M***, B***, L***, etc
From: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk"
Date sent: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 14:10:22 -0500

Meanwhile, VB is out there trying like crazy to post his flame attacks on our site, in the guestbook, etc. He got around the fact that he was blocked by some means of tapping into the library computer in New Port Richey and routing from there. Since it came from a MAC, we know it was not one of the library computers, so it wasn't Frank going down and doing it... and the only other explanation is that he did some sort of "re-route" trick.

He is simply not going to post his lies on our site. That's the bottom line. But he keeps trying. He wants access to our readership because he knows that his own audience is only about 100 people, if that.

Meanwhile, he is also cruising the net, looking for message boards and sites to post his lies.


To: S**, M***, B***, L***, etc
From: Athought
Date sent: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 21:01:13 -0500

This may or may not be related, but the question continues to nag me. Does anyone else remember when Vincent sent a very short post, asking who had mac computers? I answered his email that I had an iMac and the subject never came up again. Does anyone remember this, or know why he would ask this question to the group?

Laura... your paragraph above brought this to mind once again. On the same subject, my Bellsouth bill this month came in with an additional $26.00 for GSP POP Access Usage at $2.75 per hour. When I called to inquire, they explained that this is what they charge when I travel out of state and use a toll free number that they provide to access my internet account. I explained that this has never happened and they said they would investigate and get back to me. Well, they called back and said that it seemed to be an error, although they could not explain how it happened because my account clearly reflected access only from my home phone and my office number (both local Asheville numbers) and they would credit my account. This troubles me.


Go HERE to see the actual bill (with names and identifying numbers removed.) This is the bill dated Nov. 1 thru Dec. 31.

To: S**, M***, B***, L***, etc
From: "L D"
Date sent: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 18:25:09 -0800

Hi, S***,

I do remember VB posting something like that. If I get some time later tonight, I'll see if I can find it. Did your Bellsouth rep tell you where the calls came from? You might try calling them back and see if they can tell you which state. Interesting. You might ask if any of the others (who were on the list at the same VB was) have a Mac and if so, did they notice anything odd about their bills this month.


To: S**, M***, B***, L***, etc
From: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Date sent: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 22:59:09 -0500

Here is one event of today that I do not understand. Vincent today accessed our web site using his Mac, but using uunet account located in New Port Richey. There is little chance that he is really in New Port Richey, because shortly before he did the same from NC - same post - same computer tracks.


To: S**, M***, B***, L***, etc
From: Athought
Date sent: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 07:18:46 -0500


I spoke to two different Bellsouth Reps. The first was a general troubleshooter type. The second one that called me back, had actually done the investigation. She said that she found nothing that would explain the error in billing. She said that she expected to find that I had accessed my email account from out of state and did not find this. She said that Bellsouth does not give out the out of state toll free access number unless a member specifically asks for it. There was no record of a request from me for this phone number. She said that my account clearly reflects access to my email account through my home phone number and that from August 2001 to the present, I have accessed my email twice from my office number. No explanation for the error. The charge was for 8.7 hours of of GSP POP Access. I am going to email Bellsouth and request more details. I have also written to a Florida friend who is sort of a mac super expert to ask for his opinion. I have asked him if someone can hack into a library system and then hack into another computer, etc.


The exchange went back and forth for awhile, all of the group members involved being rather confused about the issue. It was shortly after this that we informed Special Agent Breeden about the matter, hoping that the more powerful investigative tools of a law enforcement agency could ferret out the problem since the events indicated that S** F**'s billing problem was very likely directly related to Vincent Bridges sudden access to innumerable IP numbers - and all of them most decidedly NOT "earthlink" as he has claimed.

Special Agent Breeden responded saying that the FDLE needed evidence that would stand up in court. Well, since we were looking to his agency to obtain that evidence, and since we only had partial evidence, we became acutely aware of how psychopaths manage to get away with their crimes. They are "boderline" crimes. They are serious offenses against individuals, create misery and suffering for other human beings, including material losses, but they are generally so "small potatoes" that law enforcement agencies generally see them as just "nuisances."

But, getting back to the narrative, since S** F*** was told that it was obviously an error, and she would be credited for the error, the subject was dropped.

It wasn't until S** F*** received her phone bill the following month that the issue became something to be concerned about. On this bill, dated Dec. 1 thru Jan 31st, which was not received until AFTER the above discussion, there was a charge of $295.03 for 107.283 hours of GSP POP Access Usage @ $2.75 per hour.

That's a lot of web cruising!

The "hacker" had apparently discovered that Ms. F*** was a working person who was seldom online and he had a "free ride," so to say, and had decided to really take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, the attempts to access our website from numerous, varied IP addresses, clearly identifiable as the work of Mr. Bridges, continued.

At this point, Ms. F*** was advised that this was a matter of theft and that she ought to report it as such to the police.

Well, she did. Only once again, just as FDLE had passed the buck, the Asheville head of Computer Crimes did also. It began to look like law enforcement agencies were simply going to look the other way. Again and again Ms. F and others hear "It's on the internet, it's not my jurisdiction." So, we find another reason why the successful psychopath continues to function in society. The garden variety rarely commit big crimes. They are just "nuisances." That's actually quite fitting. Not only is Bridges a hack writer, he's a "hack criminal!"

A really good psychopath can make a living stealing a few hundred bux here and a few hundred there. A really good psychopath who is computer literate, can literally make a "killing" on the internet by stealing from many different people, but keeping the theft under a certain figure. The general rule of thumb about them is that whatever is uncovered about their behavior is only the tip of an iceberg of what they are really up to.

After trying repeatedly to get action from both Bellsouth and the Asheville Police department, S** F*** finally wrote to the Attorney General of North Carolina. Here is S***'s letter:

Ms. S*** F***
Asheville, NC 28...

North Carolina Office of the Attorney General
North Carolina Department of Justice
Mr. Roy Cooper, Attorney General

Dear Mr. Cooper:

Within your press release of October 4, 2001, you stated, "Now we will be able to use technology--the same tools that criminals have used to commit crimes--to bring them to justice."

Last Monday morning, on the North Carolina Now television program, you said, the State Bureau of Investigation's Computer Forensics Lab was "a real priority for me".

To my knowledge, you are the only public servant in the state, that is seriously concerned about the victimization of North Carolina residents through the use of computers.

I am a victim of a computer crime. I have contacted, my ISP, as well as the Asheville Police Department to report this crime. I have found the existing resources lacking in their ability to address computer crimes. My hope, is that you will help me to bring this criminal to justice.

I have copied and pasted my letter to into the body of this email, as it covers the information I have available at present regarding this crime committed against me.


To: <>
Subject: Internet fraud

Ms. S*** F***
** ******
Asheville, NC 2*****

Dear Sir or Ma'am:

On January 9, 2002, I contacted Bellsouth with an inquiry regarding internet charges on my bill for $75.72 due January 20, 2002. Of the total amount due of $75.72, two items were new and unfamiliar.

A. 8.700 Hours GSP POP Access Usage @2.75 an hour........ $23.92

B. 8.700 Hours GSP POP Access Usage @ $0.25 an hour... 2.17

The Bellsouth representative advised me that she was fairly certain that these internet charges reflected charges for the access of my email account from out of state, or out of my access area. When I explained to the representative that the only place I access my email from is my home in Asheville through the use of my home telephone line she asked if I would please hold while she consulted with the internet department. When the representative came back on the line, she explained that these charges were in fact for out of service area access of my internet account and that the charges were an error and I would be credited with this erroneous charge.

I explained to the representative that I was very concerned about these erroneous charges as I had noticed that on occasion I was unable to access my email account and a window would appear that read:

Error Could not retrieve mail from the account "athought email"

Explanation The file name is already in use.

Error - 3216

I told the representative that I had previously contacted the technical department to report this problem and that the technical representative had urged me to wait a few hours and log on once again.

I told the representative that I suspected internet fraud and that these erroneous charges had now increased my suspicions. The representative explained that she was from the Billing Department and suggested that I speak to someone from the Internet Division.

The occasional inability to access my email, as well as the window advising me that MY FILE NAME was already in use continued.

On January 18, 2002 I once again contacted the Technical Support Department and reported that I was continuing to experience the inability to access my email and once again explained about the window stating that the file name was already in use. The representative gave me Case# 1**** and said that it was either that my modem was "sticking" and not letting me disconnect (I have no understanding of what this means), or that SOMEONE ELSE, SOMEWHERE ELSE, WAS USING MY EMAIL ACCOUNT. I told her that I suspected internet fraud and I wanted this matter investigated immediately. The representative said she would pass it on to her supervisor and I would be contacted by them. I have not heard from by email or by telephone regarding this matter.

My next Bellsouth bill arrived with no credit for the erroneous charges mentioned above.

The new bill reflects new charges for:

A. 107.283 Hours GSP POP Access Usage @ 2.75 an hour... $295.03

B. 107.283 Hours GSP POP Access Usage @ $0.25 an hour.. 26.82

I called and spoke to a representative named Mike who gave me Case #1**** when I reported the internet fraud.

I called the Asheville Police Department at (828) 252-1110 and advised them that I wanted to report a computer crime. The police officer told me that Detective Michael Downing handled computer crimes and gave me his telephone number. He told me to call Detective Downing the next day after 8:30 AM. It took me four days to finally get Detecive Downing on the phone. He told me that this matter must begin with an investigation by Bellsouth's Fraud Investigators. The Detective told me that when the Fraud Investigators have the data regarding the fraud, the information will be provided to me and then I can call him back and if a crime has been committed in Asheville, he will pursue the matter. He urged me to insist that I speak to a Fraud Investigator and that he will ask me for the name of the investigator when I call him back. He explained in a clear and concise manner that Bellsouth DOES have the capability of investigating exactly and precisely WHO IT IS that is fraudulently hacking into my system and FROM WHERE.

I called Technical Support again and spoke to a representative by the name of John. I related the above to him and he gave me Case #1****. He placed me on hold while he spoke to his supervisor. John came back on the line only to refer me to the email address: John said that there were no fraud investigators as Detective Downing had stated there were. John said that if I write a detailed email to the above email address, my problem will be investigated and I will receive a response.

Last week, I attempted to access a website and received a message that read: "Forbidden", indicating that access was blocked by the site owner. I contacted the site owner by email requesting an explanation. I was advised by Dr. and Mrs. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, the site owners, that a Mr. Vincent Bridges, of North Carolina has repeatedly attempted to hack their website. As a result of this activity, they have been tracking his IP use. It seems that this Mr. Bridges has the capability to tap into and utilize IP numbers that are not his own. The tracking data indicates that one of the IP numbers resolves to ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA. At the time that this Asheville IP number was logged, the Jadczyk's blocked future access from their server. A few hours later, I wrote to the Jadczyk's asking why I could not access their site. It was only then, that the Jadczyk's put together the details I have outlined above with the apparent probability that this Mr. Bridges might be using my account for his activities.

I am writing to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation as well as the North Carolina Attorney General regarding this matter. Monday morning, the North Carolina Attorney General was interviewed on the television program North Carolina Now. He spoke with pride of the new Computer Forensics Lab that has very recently been established and stated that these crimes were "a real priority for me". I trust that within this state, I will find one public servant that is willing to assist me with this crime that has been committed. Obviously, I could just cancel my account with Bellsouth and give up. However, as one of your customers that pays most of my bills online, I trust that your corporation views internet fraud with the same level of seriousness as I do.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

S*** F***, LPN



I do not have a firewall, and consequently, do not have a log of all the instances where I was unable to access my email account due to the fact that someone else had hacked into my computer and was illegally using my file name. I'm certain that you will agree that 116 hours of illegal use of my account warrants an investigation.

Dr. and Mrs. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, have kindly consented to cooperate with any law enforcement authority that is willing to investigate this crime. The Jadczyk's do have computer security software and have been tracking this criminal. The Jadczyk's have already caught this criminal using my IP number and the conclusion is almost unavoidable that it is this one individual, Vincent Bridges of North Carolina. the Jadczyk's have given me their consent to provide you with their name, address and telephone number.

Dr. and Mrs. Arkadiusz Jadczyk
New Port Richey, FL 34...

If I can provide any additional information regarding this crime, please do not hesitate to contact me. [...]

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

S*** F***


Date sent: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 19:59:21 -0500
From: S** F****
To: Laura


Just an update. I finally got Bellsouth to credit me for the fraudulent access. Are you ready for this? My internet dial up number had been changed. Who changed it, is of course a mystery. My local dial up number had been changed to a North Carolina number in (they think) Wilmington, North Carolina. It was not a dial up number. It is 251-1626. The Asheville dial up number is 654-8224. No one seems to know exactly how I was able to connect to the internet, when the 251 number is not a "residential" dial up number. I called the number twice, to see who would answer and heard only the electrical sounds that you hear when you dial into the internet. The "theory" is, that someone hacked into my computer, and changed my dial up number to a BUSINESS DIAL UP NUMBER IN WILMINGTON! It's taken me a week to get the bellsouth people to reverse the fraudulent charges. I have not heard back from anyone regarding my letters to, nor the attorney general, etc.

I have a slew of unanswered questions and problems related to my finances that I have to investigate. Someone authorized three mortgage payments instead of the one per month that I make online every month. My payment to the company I buy oil from bounced! Etc. Etc. I am closing all accounts tomorrow. My checking account, etc. Cause I suspect the hacker may have attempted to mess with the payments I make online.


Well, the letter to the Atty. General apparently resulted in a little bit of action, but as is usual with bureaucrats, they somehow never managed to address the real problem and it seems that they were more interested in the CYA principle. Meanwhile, a THIRD Bill with the charges made by the hacker was received by S** F***. This bill include149.267 hours of GSP POP Access at $2.75 per hour.

Date sent: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:12:52 -0500
Subject: Update
From: S** F***
To: Laura

As an update on responses from the authorities:

I received a photocopy of a letter that the State of North Carolina, Department of Justice, Division of Consumer Protection mailed to Bellsouth.

[Copy of letter inserted]

When I received this copy, I realized it was probable that the phone call I received two days ago from the Bellsouth Abuse Team was in direct response to this letter and not to my own email to I have no way of knowing the actual facts regarding this.

Check this out:

This lady, Jane Hitchcock presented a lecture last night at Purdue, where my son J*** is a student. He attended the lecture and called me as soon as he returned to the dorm to tell me about it. His opinion is that through her own cyberstalking experience she became an almost unwilling expert on the subject.

She had quite a lot to say about AOL. She also said in her lecture that AOL was without question the worst ISP for EVERYTHING, except for the instant message service they offer. She gave numerous examples of how AOL's Abuse Department is totally bogus and how they literally do absolutely NOTHING when a customer is hacked or stalked. She shared one Particular instance where a woman was being stalked and her life was being threatened and the case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Apparently, the FBI contacted AOL and pressured AOL to cooperate with the investigation. Jane Hitchcock claimed in her lecture that the AOL Abuse Department's response to the FBI was: By law we have 10 days before we must respond, so we will respond in 10 days.

However, Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call at work from a lady that identified herself as a member of the Bellsouth Abuse Team. I spoke at length to this lady and she sounded qenuinely concerned, but, I've been fooled before, so who knows!

Basically, she said that there was no question I had been hacked. She said that it was probable that I was the victim of a trojan also. She said that the hacker is extremely shrewd. The hacker used a "roaming" number, which is a Bellsouth "roaming" number only given out to Bellsouth customers when they advise Bellsouth they will be travelling and will need to access their Email from outside of their access area. She said that by utilizing this roaming number, the hacking activities are untraceable as it appears that I had the number and I used it. She said there was nothing that Bellsouth could do to help me track, identify, or "catch" this hacker due to the roaming number. She said she would make some kind of adjustment to the Charges so that it would not take the normal 60 to 90 days to actually see The reversal of these charges on my bill. My next bill would reflect the reversal. She "claimed" that she had been working on the investigation of my case for a full week and was convinced that this hacker could not be traced. She said that if there was any information available regarding this Case where the hacker had hacked another customer, then, Perhaps this would lead to additional information.

I encourage you and Ark to continue your work. Yes, it is difficult and challenging beyond the comprehension of most and yet it is valuable to us all. Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of us "others"...


A Mr. Thomas Meece, Investigator for the NC Department of Justice, finally wrote to Ms. F*** and included in his correspondence a copy of a letter he had written to Bellsouth as well as Bellsouth's reply. Go HERE to see the letter from Mr. Meece to Ms. F***. Go HERE to see the letter from Mr. Meece to Bellsouth. Go HERE and HERE to see the letter from Bellsouth to Mr. Meece.

The reader will note that the letter from Bellsouth states that the "hacking" began on November 28, which was six days following the publication of the "Bridges Report." Do we think that this is coincidental?

The total figure of charges that the hacker racked up on Ms. F***'s account was $795.74. That's a significant crime against a single mother who works as a nurse at a clinic for the indigent. And, all the while that this was going on, Vincent Bridges and his gang were posting all over the net suggestions that WE were hacking into THEIR computers! It's a classic psychopathic operation! Blame the victims for what you are doing yourselves.

But, again, this always gives a clue to what is going on with the psychopath themselves. All you have to do is read what they write or listen to what they say about others, and you know what they are doing or planning themselves. Also, when they describe their opinions of others, you can be sure that this description applies to them.

The astute reader will also note that Ms. Mary Lib Parker, of Bellsouth, managed to get the whole thing mixed up regarding Mr. Bridges' relationship with Ark and Laura and that she assured Mr. Meece that Ms. F*** was satisfied and a happy camper all the way.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Date sent: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 18:43:51 -0500
Subject: Another update
From: S** F***
To: Laura


Came home to find this letter today, which I will retype for your information: [see copies of letters linked above.]

Well !!! ...................
Needless to say, although the above letter from BellSouth does contain a small amount of truth, it is mostly bulls__t! There is no satisfied Ms. F*** (I did not say nor imply that I was satisfied in any way, shape, or form) and BellSouth is just wiping their hands clean of any and all responsibility!

I am, of course, going to respond to this letter, sentence by sentence. I will clarify my own position as I not only resent BellSouth misrepresenting my position, but I am offended by their outright lies!

If there is any information that you can provide regarding the incident where I was blocked from the website and the IP numbers etc. that might prove useful to include in my response, I would appreciate receiving it, along with an explanation that is not in computer language. One of the most frustrating aspects of this experience is my great level of ignorance regarding all these matters.

Thanks once again for your support throughout this experience. My nerves have been strained lately.


The above is all we are able to report about this situation at the present time since - as a result of further action and input - it is still being investigated. Now, let's go back to a continuation of Mr. Bridges response to the above matter, which he has posted in on numerous public message boards:

"...And of course the filth they refer to is my feeble attempts to respond to their lies and innuendoes. So much for open-ness and free speech...

Regarding Mr. Bridges' above remark, his ongoing insistence that he is only making "feeble attempts" to respond and that this is related to "openness and free speech," it seems that Mr. Bridges again knows a lot of words but not the meaning thereof.

An unfortunate byproduct of the explosive growth of the Internet is the rapid rise of "cybersmearing" - the anonymous or pseudonymous defamation on the Interned of individuals, companies, and company executives. Those individuals who are engaged in this kind of activity generally rant about "free speech" being violated when their libelous and defamatory rants are deleted or blocked. They argue that the right to publish anonymously on the internet, without fear of liability, is part of a long and honorable tradition of anonymous communictaion, both in politics and in literature.

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with anonymous posting on the internet. Everyone does it. But when it is used to promote lies, libel, defamation, and in terms of COINTELPRO, it is something else altogether. The general rule of thumb is, however, if the exact same words, if printed or spoken in a traditionally nonanonymous medium, (i.e., most legitimate newspapers, magazines, and most broadcast media) would clearly be actionable as libel (i.e. false, lies, untrue). In short, anonymous posters are not immune from liability for defamation or other action when the posters would be held liable if they attached their real names to their statements.

A webmaster Vincent Bridges recently contacted in an attempt to force removal of links to this series of articles responded to Mr. Bridges in words that cannot be improved upon, as follows, forwarding a copy to us:

Mr Bridges,

I have taken time from my busy schedule to take a deeper look into Jay Weidner's, Terri Burns', and your claims concerning Ms Knight and her article. I have also further reviewed Ms Knight's material at, and have now come to some conclusions regarding this matter, but still have a few questions.

Bridges writes:
>She has presented absolutely no evidence that I am a
>cointellpro agent, unless she privately shared something with you. If that
>is the case, I would very much like to see that "evidence."

Could you please show me where in her article, posted at the Universal Seduction site, does it specifically label you as a COINTELPRO agent? I've read her article "COINTELPRO" several times, and although it deals with the COINTELPRO subject, it does not label you an agent. If you are referring to something she said in an article at, that's between you and Ms Knight, as the article we have from her does not state anything of the sort and we must dismiss your argument against such a nonexistent statement.

To be fair, I did look into where this accusation of you being a COINTELPRO agent originated, and your associate Jay Weidner seems to be the source.

Perhaps you are aware of this?

In addition to the article/letter you attached called "Laura Knight Jadczyk, Jay Weidner, And the Cassiopaeans," written by Mr Weidner, we have also received a few emails from him urging us to take down Ms Knight's article. To do this, as I have stated to you before, we need some proof that what she is saying is false, or at least documentation backing your claims, documentation that is better in quality and greater in quantity that that which she has on her site.

So far your rebuttals have employed plenty of ethos and pathos, but only meager amounts of logos. If the Universal Seduction team were a fickle group of people easily swayed by emotional arguments and reluctant to do research themselves, you might have won your case the first couple tries, but as stated before, we value truth over self-proclaimed credentials and infantile objections.

While we thank Mr Weidner for his theatrical input on the subject and respect his opinion, we do not find it coherent, logical, or convincing.

Bridges writes:
>And just how does one prove a
>negative anyway? If Ms Knight-Jadczyk has evidence that she has shared
> >with you privately, since there is none in her public postings, then I would
>request the opportunity to review that material for comment. The so-called
>evidence of any of her claims of my involvement with anything remotely
>resembling a "cointellpro" type operation is simply non-existent as far
>as I can tell. Again, how do you refute non-existent evidence? Perhaps she is
> >now channeling Joe McCarthy?

Of course no one can refute non-existent evidence, but you're asking a faulty question based on the assumption that her evidence is non-existent. We're asking you to show that it is indeed non-existent, not to refute non-existent evidence. Please untangle your logic before objecting with faulty questions...sometimes such twisted one-sided argumentation has the logical geometry of a mobius strip.

You asked how anyone could prove a negative. This is another misleading question, as all you have to do is disprove a positive via counter example. Also be reminded that as far as I can determine, Ms Knight has not claimed you to be a cointelpro agent, but has instead made many other 'positive' statements concerning your past actions, backed with convincing documentation, statements you have avoided addressing. Disprove her statements via counter examples, for this is what we mean by 'documented proof' we have repeatedly asked of you. Her documentation is on her site, and I do not need to show it to you because you can view it at her site -- if you are blocked from viewing it, there are archived copies available on the web, or else some of your associates who are not blocked could send you the necessary documents. Just because you claim her evidence is non-existent does not mean it is just because you say it is. Logos, Mr Bridges, not ethos.

The Universal Seduction is indeed committed to truth. After having made considerable sacrifices of time (due to our fairness) to investigate your claims, we must conclude that the scant counter-examples and documented evidence you have provided, the contradictory and childishly sarcastic tone of Mr Weidner's emails and letter, and the solidity of Ms Knight's material in its entirety make it clear that the best course of action is to leave Ms Knight's article up. You may post whatever rebuttals you wish on your site, but by our standards the one you have sent to us does not have sufficient counter-examples and documented proof to be considered 'the other half of the story' -- fairness is about truth, not about 50/50 equal time, the latter concept being faulty when equal consideration is given to two sides, one of which may tell 90% truth and the other 10%, for example. It's simple logic, really.

If, in the future, we do come across more evidence backing your claims, enough so to make it clear that Ms Knight is indeed the character you have painted her to be, we would gladly take her article down. Also, if she is legally forced to retract her statements and remove her articles, we would then remove it from ours as well. Truth reveals itself in time.

As it stands now, however, it is clear to us that her article deserves to stay up, and posting your weak rebuttal would be unnecessary to our site, and unfair to the truth.

Ed Ghan
Universal Seduction

Bridges has further written in his public response to the information showing him to be a hacker and a thief:

Since we now know, thanks to the L'arkster's timely posting of Jay Weidner's confidential letters, that everything said about her here goes directly to her, let me address Laura directly: Why not post the rest of the story? Why not post Det. Breeden's reply where he informs you in no uncertain terms that none of those IP match Ms [F***'s] IP?

Now, please note that in the above response from Mr. Bridges, he actually named the individual who was the victim of hacking and theft. However, I have removed this information, and it never appeared in the Weidner postings that Bridges refers to above. At least not in public. Of course, Mr. Weidner could have shared that information with Bridges. But we do think that it is significant that Bridges definitely knew who the victim was.

Also, we will gladly post Special Agent Breeden's reply which was not precisely as Mr. Bridges claimed it to be in his above remarks. It was not stated that none of the IP numbers matched Ms. F***'s, but that definite proof was needed that could stand up in court that it was Bridges DOING the hacking. The hacking was clearly established, the trace route was clearly Ms. F***'s IP number range:

From: "Breeden, Bob"
To: laura@cassiopaea
Subject: RE: Vincent Bridges IP numbers
Date sent: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 12:13:27 -0500

It is not illegal for him to post to a public guestbook on the web. I am missing how you have connected these contacts directly to him beyond reasonable doubt, which is what a jury requires. We investigate cases everyday where the suspect goes through other servers that have been left "open" which in effect masks their IP and allows them some degree of anonymity. So, that may be what he is doing, or it could be someone else who wants you to think it is him. I will be glad to talk to you again, but I still do not see the crime in this matter that FDLE would investigate.

And, it is in the fact that Mr. Bridges has, above, admitted that those posts were his, even though he lied about them all coming from his "earthlink" account, that we have more to provide as evidence. Also, the many posts that Mr. Bridges has made from other IP numbers as Special Agent Breeden describes above, can be compared to the times he might have been using Ms. F**'s internet access via a roaming number.

Further, it turns out that it is not true that the access of a roaming number cannot be traced. Stay tuned.

Bridges writes: Why did all this happen in February and you are just now getting around to making an issue of it? Could it be that the FDLE discovered that it was all a mistake, in fact a fabrication, on your part and told you to cool it?

As it happens, it is because determining jurisdiction and coordinating investigative activities and moving through the machinery of the legal system always takes time as most people know. Apparently, Mr. Bridges is unaware of these facts.

Bridges writes: What has happened on the case since February?

Sorry, but we are unable to say more at this time. All in good time, Mr. Bridges, all in good time.

Bridges writes: You know Laura, the more crap like this you pull, the more support you are giving my central thesis, that channelers have a kind of mental illness. But you really can stop anytime, I have all the evidence I need and you truly need serious professional help. So give it a break, nobody cares, nobody is listening. Go find some other researcher to grace with your dysfunction, please...

We notice, finally, that Mr. Bridges has done nothing but blame the victim and distract attention away from his lies and the fact that, again, he has produced no evidence to support a single one of his statements.

We come back again to Vincent Bridges statements quoted at the beginning of this article:

"As for therapy and being a therapist, that started with three years of therapy with Dr. Margaret McCoy, a Transactional Analysis psychologist. She turned me on to hypnosis, an old fascination, and I soon went from Ericsonian to NLP to holotropic breathwork and so on. [...] "Dr. Joan Essic ... because of our work together on hypnosis... introduced me to Ericsonnian..." [...] "I studied with Milton Ericson years ago..."

What seems to be true is that Vincent Bridges learned to be a therapist because he was in psychiatric therapy. In other words, the lunatic has taken over the asylum!

Perhaps that explains all those "blank years" in his bio, and the lack of public records in his life? And, since we also know that the psychopath always accuses others of what he is guilty himself, perhaps Mr. Bridges is telling us something about himself when he says "you truly need serious professional help."

So where are we in our search for the truth on Mr. Bridges? At this point, we have found no corroborative evidence for a single one of his claims. That does not mean we won’t, and we will continually update this article as information comes back to us. The people we have contacted have been people that Mr. Bridges claims to have worked with or known over the years. We have sent them direct quotations from Mr. Bridges and asked for their responses. Thus, they responded to the information we had, which came directly from Mr. Bridges. If Mr. Bridges would care to provide us with further information which would help to clarify matters, we would be happy to pass it on to the same individuals we have contacted.

At this point, we are drawing no subjective conclusions on what the above indicates and will wait for all requests for information to come in. Further inquiries are on the way. Each person who has worked on this project, however, has been surprised at the results thus far. We all expected to find at least verification on some of the claims and do not know what to make of the complete lack of it.

This situation also raises questions about the personality and judgement of the individual in question. How rational is it for someone with apparently so much to hide and so much to lose from public exposure of this nature to engage in "attack" tactics and criminal activities against others, given the inevitable consequences? One can only surmise it is extreme "wishful thinking" that blinds such a one so that they dismiss real risks and consequences in favor of the wished-for outcome. Or is this a case where the individual in question is not fully cognizant of "consensus reality" as most of us perceive it? It gives new meaning to the idea of creating your own reality. The only question is: do you earn points based on how many other people you can get to believe it?

If anyone can confirm or deny any of Mr. Bridges whereabouts or claims, please contact the owners of this website.

Continue with the Vincent Bridges Case Study

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