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The common problem with psychopaths... “Is they don’t see a problem with their behavior.”
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“Non-victims can’t understand this, but the psychopath really does suck the life out of a caring person. I try to think of them now as a slimy suckerfish right out of the swamp, vacuum-lips out and prowling for someone vibrant and attractive to con and eviscerate.”

If you are a good person you will meet many evil people in your life, you need to recognize them and their actions. More importantly you need to recognize which evil behaviors you have been conned into accepting as reasonable and to reject those behaviors - both in yourself and in others - as unacceptable.

The English language has a variety of terms for psychopaths, of which "bastard" is perhaps the most polite. They have always been with us, and despite their corrosiveness and rejection of social mores, they show no signs of going away.

Think you can spot one? Think again. In general, psychopaths aren’t the product of broken homes or the casualties of a materialistic society. Rather they come from all walks of life and there is little evidence that their upbringing affects them.
Most of the two million psychopaths in North America aren’t murderers. They’re our friends, lovers and co-workers. They’re outgoing and persuasive, dazzling you with charm and flattery. Often you aren’t even aware they’ve taken you for a ride – until it’s too late.
The problem of plausible lies is the most serious problem facing humanity today....Most good people are only aware of the least intelligent part of the evil distribution; those are the people who are obviously evil: criminals. The normal and intelligent ends of the evil distribution totally escape most good people's understanding.

Only as of late, with all the Enron scandals and related crimes, people are waking up to the fact that the most dangerous psychopath of all is the educated, socially adept psychopath, in fact, Dr. Hare recently said that he would probably be able to find many psychopaths involved in the stockmarket. It is time for American to "wake up" says Dr. Wolman, because we are being threatened by a serious epidemic of psychopathy.

The Psychopathic or Sociopathic Personality

Based on twenty-five years of groundbreaking research, WITHOUT CONSCIENCE is a fascinating journey into the minds of these dangerous individuals. Are they born unable to feel empathy, or are they created by circumstance? How and why do they get away with cheating, conning, and murdering? Are they mad or simply bad? In what Dr. Hare calls our "camouflage society," how can we recognize and steer clear of these predatory people?

WITHOUT CONSCIENCE explores their shocking patterns- and exposes one of the most frightening, often-hidden social problems affecting our lives today.


The Psychopath is much more successful than you and I because he is not hemmed in by all sorts of impediments or worries.

A discussion with Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig & James Hillman

“We fall prey to the seduction, it is irresistible. Then the nightmare of horror begins. The shabby treatment, the avoidance. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. He had been so sincere, so kind. It was Jekyl and Hyde.”
“They go for the strongest and the best, but preferably those who are something of rebels within the group...the LEAST controllable. Because if they can crush them, they crush most of the rest at the same time. If they start at the bottom, with the weakest, it’s a long way to work their way up…The ideal target is therefore, strong, smart, rebellious and vulnerable through previous abuse.”
“A favored technique is to debilitate your identity [personally, I hate the term self-esteem] by levelling false accusations and/or questioning your honesty, fidelity, trustworthiness, your “true” motivations, your “real” character, your sanity and judgement.”
“They are absolutely the world’s best manipulators, liars, and fabricators of truth. They do so convincingly because they believe their own lies. After all their life is nothing but a lie, a sham, how can we possibly assume they know anything different.”
“Others around me would get so tired of the whole thing and insinuate that I was perpetuating things. All I wanted was for him to leave me alone. Part of the hurt and damage was done because others could but would not see what was actually happening. He would always try to ingratiate himself to others it was sickening. Usually psychopaths put on the nicest act, and you look like the harpy and bitch, and so everyone takes their side, it is a horror story, a psychopath can be very charming, and manipulative and manipulate the smartest of people.”
“My biggest frustration and source of anger, is at those who have refused to take a stand when they see the abuse . No matter how outrageous his behavior others often stood by and inadvertently fuelled his grandiosity and denial... although denial is too mild a word for it.
“If a psychopath throws the “bad childhood” stuff at you, keep in mind he might be trying to get sympathy and make an excuse for his atrocious behavior towards you and/or others. If we let these people make us feel sorry for them, we ultimately end up in the submissive position again...just what they want. I can “pity” them yes...but I refuse to shed another tear over the tragedies suffered by who is now, only a shell of a person.”

Regarding a psychopath: Considering a longitudinal section of his life is hard to avoid the conclusion that here is the product of true madness - of madness in a sense quite as real as that conveyed to the imaginative layman by the terrible word lunatic.

With the further consideration that all this skein of apparent madness has been woven by a person of (technically) unimpaired and superior intellectual powers and universally regarded as sane, the surmise intrudes that we are confronted by a serious and unusual type of genuine abnormality.

Not merely a surmise but a strong conviction may arise that this apparent sanity is, in some important respects, a sanity in name only. We find instead a spectacle that suggests madness in excelsis, despite the absence of all those symptoms that enable us, in some degree, to account for irrational conduct in the psychotic.

Only very slowly and by a complex estimation or judgment based on multitudinous small impressions does the conviction come upon us that, despite these intact rational processes, these normal emotional affirmations, and their consistent application in all directions, we are dealing here not with a complete man at all but with something that suggests a subtly constructed reflex machine which can mimic the human personality perfectly.

So perfect is this reproduction of a whole and normal man that no one who examines him in a clinical setting can point out in scientific or objective terms why, or how, he is not real. And yet we eventually come to know or feel we know that reality, in the sense of full, healthy experiencing of life, is not here.


“Leaving is hard because of all that goes along with the going. It is not just the person you have to give up but your hopes and dreams and fantasies. It only happened for me in increments and I cried UNCLE often thinking if I gave it one more go I’d break through. It wasn’t until I really knew that no matter what I said or did or didn’t do this person could never love me or anyone.”
“The fantasy was exactly that, a FANTASY, that he created for himself, and presented to me as reality. My head said the fantasy wasn’t valid. I kept reminding myself: if the fantasy was real, I wouldn’t be treated like dirt, and feel like shit!”
“I have finally come to the conclusion that they cannot change, so all we can do is to refuse to participate in their sick drama and leave the stage.”

Cleckley: [T]he familiar tendency to disintegrate, against which life evolves, may be regarded as fundamental and comparable to gravity. The climbing man or animal must use force and purpose to ascend or to maintain himself at a given height. [...] Whether regression occurs primarily through something like gravity or through impulses more self-contained, the backward movement (or ebbing) is likely to prompt many sorts of secondary reactions, including behavior not adapted for ordinary human purposes but instead, for functioning in the other direction. The modes of such reactivity may vary, may fall into complex patterns, and may seek elaborate expression. [...] People with all the outer mechanisms of adaptation intact might, one would think, regress more complexly. [...] In a movement (or gravitational drift) from levels where life is vigorous and full to those where it is less so, the tactics of withdrawal predominate. [...] The psychopath as we conceive of him in such an interpretation seems to justify the high estimate of his technical abilities as we see them expressed in reverse movement.

Organic Portals: The Answer to Psychopathy?

"Alien reaction machines" in human form describes individuals with Anti-Social Personality Disorder (APD), Sociopaths, and Psychopaths.
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The Bridges - Jadczyk Correspondence


From:                    Laura Knight-Jadczyk <>

To:                        Vincent & Darlene <>

Subject:                Re: A couple of comments

Send reply to:

Date sent:             Tue, 11 May 1999 21:51:56 -0400


On 11 May 99, at 18:18, Vincent & Darlene wrote:


> Wow, keeping up with you is a full time job! :)


That's what my husband says.  He works pretty hard to keep me out of trouble!


> OK, I'll admit it. You have me fascinated with your approach. I don't as a

> rule have much use for channeled material. For the obvious reasons. 


Yeah.  Me too.  But in my research on the literature, I became convinced that  there were sufficient instances of "sublime" connection to warrant some  experimenting with particular effort designed to avoid the corrupting factors  of ego and all that.  As a human being, I have an ego... but I use this in  the Sufi way when channeling to "filter."  It's like I can feel with my skin  anything that is "icky."




> the transcripts I have seen have been very rewarding, and you have a good

> handle on what I call ritual hygene. 


Hey, as a hypnotherapist, I have done a couple of chrome peeling exorcisms!   Not my idea of a Sunday drive!


>If you have read "Sharing the

> Secrets" then you have some idea of my opinions around the whole subject.


Yes.  I have remarks written in the margins... but not too many...


> But that is my bias, and even within my own magickal and spiritual work I

> insist on controls. 




>If that distances me from some sources of information,

> fine. It also distances me from the pernicious effects of the lower

> astral.


My sentiments exactly!  


> So far, the free-will party has had no trouble communicating with

> me. It just forces both sides to be more creative.


Well, I guess I was just sort of designed to do what I have done and what I am  doing and I have stopped apologizing for being that way.  The "other  channelers" can't abide me because I am so picky that the source, for God's  sake, be able to at least spell and use grammar correctly!  I have gotten some  funny hate mail from followers of Sheldon Nidle and others because of things on  my site.


> But I am envious of the guidance. 


I share!  In fact, Ark is presently upset with me for getting attacked by the  AW folks for the material which I should not have sent out... even though I  EXPLAINED that it WAS asked for - sort of... I'm an Aquarian for goodness sake!  Save the world and all that.


>When my partner Jay and I started this

> two years ago, we agreed that other than the contacts and experiences that

> I already had among the occult community, we would accept no help or

> guidance that wasn't first discovered by us. We wanted no helpful spooks,

> incarnate or discarnate, muddying the waters. In many ways, this rule has

> been invaluable. 


I agree.  And you will notice that the C's really make us work... there is NO  free lunch!


>At one point we were averageing one wacko a week with

> obscure suggestions and strange travel plans. God knows what we turned

> down, but we know that our information is solid, reliable and well

> documented, while the Priory has a very poor track record. Look what has

> happened to everyone researching in the field who has been taken in by one

> informative group or the other. EVB and Martha Neyman are good examples,

> as are the authors of HBHG.


That's a BIG Ten Four!



> But if the Cs or the free-will party mean what they say, then they can,

> and have, seen the value of our approach. 


Not only that, but they insist on it as far as the word "insist" applies.

The following was given just after Ark contacted me...


Q: (L) Would you care to comment, or shall we just ask our


A: Ask specific questions, as always.

Q: (L) Then let's start with some basic things.  First of

   all, I have had some contact with a physicist who is

   interested in the material.  And, because of this, I was

   motivated to pick up a book I had read many years ago

   about the German occupation of Poland, and there were some

   very strange things said in this book, and some funny

   synchronous numbers... It just seemed to be a prototype of

   the present reality in global terms.  My question is: is

   there some synchronous implication between this contact,

   the reading of this book when I was 11 years old, and the

   material we have received through this source?

A: Open.

Q: (L) You have said that the Holocaust was basically a

   'practice run' for the ultimate space invasion.  Is this

   invasion supposed to take place as an actual 'aliens

   invading the planet' scenario, or...

A: Too many thought patterns at once.  Step by step, please.

Q: (L) Let's boil it down.  Was Hitler's agenda a practice

   run for a future scenario?

A: Close.  Was a "testing" of the will.

Q: (L) Whose will was being tested?

A: Yours.

Q: (L) Me specifically,  or the planet?

A: Latter.

Q: (L) In terms of this scenario, is there some lesson that

   we can learn about what may or may not occur through this

   book I have mentioned?

A: Maybe, but suggest you learn to blend mosaic


Q: (L) What is mosaic consciousness?

A: Thinking in internally spherical terms, rather than using

   linear "point blank" approach.  The whole picture is seen

   by seeing the whole scene.

Q: (L) Well, I guess that is why I guess I get into so many

   thought patterns...

A: Picture yourself as being at the center of a mosaic.

Q:  (L) Okay, I know what you are saying,

   but I just don't think that there is any way I can DO


A: Yes you can!

Q: (L) Okay.  Okay.  This whole situation, this Polish

   connection, this German connection, the American and alien

   things, the soldier/Nephilim thing, these are all

   manifestations of a Realm Border Crossing, am I correct?

A: Close.

Q: (L) And some of the manifestations of a Realm Border

   Crossing are that some people graduate or transition to

   4th density, that their awareness changes, everything

   changes, the playing field is leveled.  So, what happened

   in Germany was a 'practice run' but what is going to

   happen is that the 'playing field' is going to be leveled,

   so it will not be exactly the same scenario, is this a

   correct assessment?

A: Maybe.  Alright, my dear, you want the facts, so we will

   give them to you, and hopefully you will comprehend.  If

   not now, then when necessary maybe...  Fact number one:

   All there is is lessons.  Fact two: this is one big

   school.  Fact three: Timing as you perceive it, is never,

   NEVER definite.  Fact four: What is to happen, as you

   state it, is a ways off, and will not occur until you have

   reached that point on the learning cycle, and you are not

   close yet.  Now ponder before more facts are given!!

Q: (L) Okay, this being one infinite school, and we all seem

   to be wandering around in the darkness...

A: Fact five: The learning cycle is variable, and progress

   along it is determined by events and circumstances as they


Q: (L) So, the events and circumstances of our lives,

   individually and collectively, can indicate where we are

   on this learning cycle?  And we are asking to have things

   told to us, or revealed to us about things which are, in

   themselves, the necessary lessons?  And it would be

   virtually useless to be told about them since they must be


A: Partly correct.  If you want hints, then hints shall we

   give.  But, if you are looking for a "road map?,"


Q: (L) Okay, we want some hints.  And Ark wants some hints,

   too!  He wants to know if we can invent a tool that

   enhances free will?

A: No tool is needed because of facts 3, 4, and 5.

Q: (L) Ummm... So, when a person is being hypnotized and

   controlled from outside, because that is the matter of

   concern we were discussing earlier, they are hypnotized

   and controlled until they learn to stop it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, using the analogy of the pig stye, they just have

   to wallow in it and suffer until they have had enough?

A: Using your analogy of the bicycle: Is there a tool which

   makes it unnecessary for the child to learn how to ride

   the bicycle in order to know how to ride it?!?

Q: (MM) Don't you get more free will by assimilating


A: Yes!!  Yes!!

Q: (L) So, in other words, knowledge and awareness makes you

   aware that you have free will, and also makes you aware of

   what actions actually ARE acts of free will, and

   therefore, when you know or suspect the difference between

   the lies and deception and truth, then you are in a

   position to be in control of your life?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Ark also wants to ask... well, his problem is faith,

   as he said it to me.

A: Faith comes also from knowledge, and as we have stated

   before... False knowledge is worse than no knowledge at


Q: (L) So, it is important to take each and every thing that

   is being learned or analyzed, and take it completely apart

   and dig in every direction around it, and even in related

   directions, to FULLY ascertain that it is true?  As C.S.

   Lewis said, knowledge is like a rope... as long as you are

   using it to tie up a box, it doesn't matter whether it is

   perfect or not, but if you have to use it to hang over a

   precipice, then it behooves you to make absolutely certain

   that it is strong enough to support your weight.

A: Yes.


>What I think is truly of

> interest is that they have also used a rough and ready channeling approach

> with some very subtle backstopping and reality checking. I am more and

> more impressed with the degree of guidance.


Well, I have sent some of the private excerpts... there is a LOT of this  material... I was like a kid in a candy store in the beginning, when I finally  realized that "Egads!  This makes sense!"  But, it took TWO YEARS of sitting  with "intent" and regular "cleansings" of various types before the C's came  through... with a "bang" I might add.  The house actually shook as though  struck by a sonic boom.


> Brotherhood of Light might publish one or both versions of our book. They

> have been getting things ready for an influx of interest in Fulcanelli for

> over a year now. Dwellings is in print now, in a large deluxe edition, and

> I thought they had some backcopies of Mystery left but apparently we have

> been generating some interest.


Well, if you have an "inside line," perhaps you will ask about this "Dwellings"  book because I did not see it on the site.  I want it.  I haven't used up my  book budget for this month so I am told I can have it.


> This time time last year they had almost a

> thousands copies left of the 1986 printing. Kevin Townley, the publisher,

> is also the author of a great book, The Cube of Space, which describes the

> basic ideas of Bahiric astronomy. He's also a friend and co-conspirator of

> sorts, as is John Major Jenkins, whose book Mayan Cosmogenesis 20012 is a

> classic connection to a culture who still remembered the secret. Robert

> Lawlor joked last summer that we were starting a "mileu" of sorts. Try

> those while waiting for Fulcanelli.


Will do.  Seem to be "clue based."


> Yes, I do believe you do. We just have to work out the recipe. I'm game.


One of my major concerns is the "little pitchers have big ears" syndrome.  Yes,  I know that "walls have ears," and that there is very little that is private,  but it does seem that care is necessary and that one must not leave one's  shoelaces untied!



> Yes, yes, sweet Jesus how true! I enjoyed your husband's website as much

> as I did yours. Very solid and impressive work. 


Thank you most kindly.  He did win the Humboldt Prize in 1995 and we are  looking for a Nobel... not for it's own sake, but for the freedom it can  provide.  The politics of science can get VERY tedious!


>As for Dan, well the

> politest way to put it is that his ideas run away with him. 


I think he could use a good exorcism.


> Now about that alchemical paragraph. . .I would dearly love to read it!


> Here's my version of the techno approach:


 All those terms are "Green language," if you will, IMHO.


The first thing you need to think about to understand what I am going to say is  this:

Extensive research by myself and MANY who have gone before, more qualified than  myself, shows that so called "paranormal" abilities are genetic.  Cases of  poltergeist activity, PK, manifestation, healing, bilocation, etc can all be  tracked to either an "inherited" tendency that is active, or an ability that is  "turned on" by some sort of trauma, particularly electrical shock, a blow to  the head, illness etc.  


So called "supernormal" abilities seem to have no direct relation to  "spirituality"  as a necessary causative agent.  A man can heal with the touch  of his hands and go home, get drunk, and beat his wife.


Our bodies only utilize 2% of our DNA to code for all the proteins that make  us... and a similar figure is the 5 % of our brain we use.  Can these figures  be related?


The other 98 % of DNA is called junk - simply because nobody knows what it is  there for.


However, the fact that "paranormal" abilities can be linked to genetics makes  us think that there is a LOT of DNA that could be related to such things... the  question is: how to unlock it?


I believe that the presence of suppressor genes is the key.  Suppressor genes  "lock" DNA so that it is not active.  Suppressor genes can be "baited" away so  that more DNA unlocks.  This can be accomplished in one of two ways:  electrically stimulated changes in neurotransmitters, or hormonally stimulated  changes in neurotransmitters combined with hormonal changes in membrane  permeability.


So, I think the key is to find the method to generate a powerful internal  electrical charge (read Reich) that is continuous for a sufficient length of  time to cause an alteration in the fluids of the body - hormones which then  demand variations of neurotransmitters - and to maintain this for a sufficient  length of time for a "feedback loop" to be set up.  (This gets technical and I  can't find my notes on it.)


This is the "slow, low heat" of the alchemical work.


The whole thing is Tantra.   The technique may be variable depending on the  configuration of the practitioner.  



> <<Thing is, the results are dependent upon the bloodline.>>


Yup.  I suspect those nasty guys back then were busy finding "Merovingian" gals  for their "work."



> This one line tells me that you have indeed caught the right track! The

> question lingers around the edge of all these issues. Why were so many of

> the "Priory" involved in alchemy if it was all just about a royal

> bloodline, Christ's or not? Well, I think I have an answer, and I await

> yours.


See above.



> As for EVB, well, she isn't talking to us at the moment. We do have

> indirect sources and are checking at the moment on what has happened to

> her. She wasn't answering her phone when we were in RLC in March. I'll

> keep you informed. She hasn't talked to us since we came up with the

> hypothesis that Fulcanelli and Schwaller de Lubiz are the same person. Her

> anger makes suspect we are close. See Vanderbroek's biography of

> Schwaller, Alchemie.








From:                    Laura Knight-Jadczyk <>

To:                        Vincent & Darlene <>

Subject:                Re:hendaye, etc,

Send reply to:

Date sent:             Wed, 12 May 1999 19:00:10 -0400


On 11 May 99, at 9:54, Vincent & Darlene wrote:

> There are only three places in France with the old word "Luz" or light in

> their names. One is a small village between Carcassone and Couiza near

> RLC, the other is the beach town St. John-de-Luz near Hendaye and the

> third is in the Pyrenees near Lourdes. That one, Luz St Savior, was the

> logical choice for Soltane, but until we got there we had no idea if there

> was anything left to find, even if we were right.


Have been going over these notes a time or two to see what lightbulbs light up

(pun intended - and, by the way, the C's use puns a LOT)

and this was brought to mind:



Q: Well, that is out of my depth tonight!  In a previous

   session I asked a question about the 'sons of Belial' and

   the 'sons of the law of One,' as explicated by Edgar

   Cayce, and whether these were philosophial or racial

   divisions.  You said that they were initially racial, and

   then philosophical and religious.  Now, from putting the

   information about religions together throughout the

   centuries, I am coming to a rather difficult realization

   that the whole monothiestic idea, which is obviously the

   basic concept of the 'sons of the law of One,' is the most

   clever and devious and cunning means of control I have

   ever encountered in my life.  No matter where it comes

   from, the religionists say "we have the ONE god, WE are

   his agents, you pay us your money, and we'll tell him to

   be nice to you in the next world!"

A: Clever if one is deceived.  Silly truffle if one is not.

Q: Well, I know!  But, uncovering this decption, this lie

   that the 'power' is 'out there' is unbelievable.  So, the

   Kantekkians were the 'Sons of Belial,' which is not the

   negative thing that I interpreted it as at the time.  So,

   the 'Sons of the Law of One,' was perverted to the

   monotheistic Judaism, which then was then transformed into

   the Christian religious mythos, and has been an ongoing

   theme since Atlantean times.

A: Woven of those who portray the lights.

Q: And that is always the way it has been.  They appear as

   'angels of light.'  And, essentially, everything in

   history has been rewritten by this group.

A: Under the influence of others.  And whom do you suppose?

Q: Well, the Orion STS.

A: Sending pillars of light and chariots of fire to deliver

   the message.

Q: Well, I found some connections between some tombs in Rome,

   Nicolas Poussin, and some tombs in England, the

   processions of 'angels' on the Canary Islands.  The

   connection seems to be these funny lights, or Candles,

   with 'peculiar wicks,' as they are described, which are

   'eternal flames.'  I am wondering if this is what you

   meant by connecting them by the frequency of light?

A: "Eternal flame" adorns the tomb of JFK.  Connection?

Q: Yes.  I also found the Solloi priesthood and the

   priestesses called Peleiades.  They seem to be involved

   with urns, birds, tinkling bells, urns that can be struck

   and which then set up a particular resonance in other

   urns, oak trees, and some other peculiar references that

   relate to laurel trees...

A: Siren song.

Q: What about the siren song?

A: Greek mythology.

Q: I know that.  What about it?  What do the sirens


A: Laura, my dear, if you really want to reveal "many

   beautiful and amazing things," all you need to do is

   remember the triad, the trilogy, the trinity, and look

   always for the triplicative connecting clue profile.

   Connect the threes... do not rest until you have found

   three beautifully balancing meanings!!

Q: So, in everything there are three aspects?

A: And why?  Because it is the realm of the three that you

   occupy.  In order to possess the keys to the next level,

   just master the Third Man Theme, then move on with grace

   and anticipation.

Q: In a previous session you also said that the Guanches were

   confused by a trauma, which was why they did not have a

   clear story about their origins.  So, I was thinking about

   it and wondering if they were actual Atlanteans, and that

   the Canary Islands were an intact part of Atlantis, and

   that the Guanches did not actually travel from anywhere...

   they were there all along.  That the Canaries is an actual

   area of Atlantis that survived and that the Guanches

   survived with it.

A: Close.

Q: Is there some mystery or secret about how they got there?

A: In what context?

Q: I asked before, and you said 'guess,' and I guessed the

   flood of Noah, and you said 'close.' You said they were

   traumatized.  I just wanted to know where they came from.

   They have a tradition that 60 of them arrived...

A: You are close enough to lay the foundations of your


Q: Okay.  Change gears: Why is the rooster, or the crowing of

   the rooster, associated with the idea of underground

   cities, civilizations, or bases as well as alchemy and secret


A: What causes the rooster to crow?

Q: Light.  But, how is light related to an underground city?

A: Tis not just light, but the emergence of light from the

   depths of the darkness.


Just a funny little bit.




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Subject:                Re:hendaye, etc,

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Date sent:             Wed, 12 May 1999 19:14:25 -0400


On 11 May 99, at 9:54, Vincent & Darlene wrote:


> This would appear to be reference to the 'eastern' cross,

> maltese or equal armed, of the Catherite Templars would fled with the

> Grail family into the Bearn in 1244.




Q: Why does the bee symbol appear repeatedly in the ancient

   literature as a symbol of royalty?

A: Pollen.

Q: What about the pollen?

A: Is alchemical compound.

Q: Okay, I get the connection.  In the studies of the Triple

   Goddess, I came across some interesting things.  You

   suggested that I should research the Third Man Theme.  I

   have discovered that the origin of the word 'man' meant a

   female - the goddess.  The oldest word for the male of the

   species was 'wer' as in 'werewolf.'  So, the Third Man

   Theme could mean actually, the Triple Goddess.  Am I


A: Close, if viewed through "sheets of rain."

Q: Okay.  Tracking the Triple Goddess back to the oldest

   references, we get to KaliMa.  There are all kinds of

   derivations of this name, but the thing that strikes me is

   the relationship to the goddess Kell, or Kella, as well as

   to the word kell, Celts, and how this might be transformed

   into the word 'Cassiopaea.'  Can you comment on this?

A: Do not the Celts like "kelly" green?!?

Q: Yes.  So.  What does 'green' have to do with it?

A: Keep searching... learning is accomplished thusly, and

   learning is fun!

Q: Yes.  I know.  Okay, if that is related to Celts, then it

   must also relate to the Goddess 'Car' which would make the

   'philosophers of Damcar' the philosophers of the Goddess

   Car, the equine term for 'mother' being 'dam'  not to mention the relation

   to the Goddess Danae...

A: Need now to turn you research to Malta.

Q: Oh God!  Alright.  The three aspects of the goddess: in

   the story of Perseus, there was Cassiopaea, Andromeda, and

   Medusa... the three aspects, the mother, the virgin, and

   the crone.  But, in this story, Perseus manages to cut the

   head off the crone.  In other stories, the crone always

   manages to win.  Is there any particular reason why

   Perseus cuts off the head of Medusa?  Was this transposed?

   Was the Medusa merely another aspect?

A: Serpentine.

Q: What about serpentine?  Representative of the serpent race

   or the Lizzies?

A: Eden.

Q: Was the story of Perseus the story of Eden?  Was Medusa

   the representative of the serpent of Eden?

A: Not quite.

Q: What are you alluding to that I am not getting?  I feel

   that I am out of sync with this conversation.

A: Out of sync only occurs when presupposition reigns


Q: Well, it is not reigning supreme.  The problem is: in the

   oldest religions, it is the Goddess, the Mother, the

   endless sea of potential of unassumed experience that was

   the Goddess.  There was unconditional love in the

   beginning.  But then, the patriarchal view twisted it and

   it became violent and ugly and restrictive.  And, from the

   patriarchal view came the 'redeeming son' when before, it

   was the redemption of the Goddess' blood.  So, what I want

   to know is: what happened to create the patriarchal

   system?  How was the Goddess suppressed?

A: All has been distorted and suppressed, so why not this?

Q: You once mentioned 'Greek Enforcers' who wrote the New

   Testament.  Where did these Greek Enforcers come from?

A: Order of Thelon.

Q: Never heard of it.  On another occasion you called the

   Nephilim 'enforcers.'  Is there any relation between this

   order of Thelon and the Nephilim?

A: Maybe...

Q: Where is the headquarters of this group?

A: Sicinthos.

Q: Is that a place?  Never heard of it.

A: Yes.

Q: Okay.  Next question: the White Mare Goddess image that

   prefigured the Omega symbol, what is this related to?

A: Transcends.

Q: The White Mare transcends something?

A: Transcendental.

Q: What is the relationship of the White Mare to the

   symbolism of the knight?  The knight on the horse is

   repeatedly used in alchemical symbolism.

A: Rites.

Q: One of the rites in question is that the making of the

   knight involves touching both shoulders with the end of a

   sword which is actually a symbolic beheading.  Why is the

   knight symbolically beheaded?

A: Blast open limitations of encasing spirit in body.




Q: Was this figure the fertility god of the Hoggar region?

A: Better study more material relating to Mediterranean

   region, particularly Malta.

Q: Okay, that is at least the third time you have brought up

   Malta.  I will look for something on Malta.




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Subject:                Where is Arcadia? Thru the Labyrinth by the Lake?

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Date sent:             Thu, 13 May 1999 09:35:00 -0400



I was reading over the "cut and paste" segments and found an error in

transcription.  Had to check back to find out WHY I made such an error... and

my only excuse is that, after all these years of sitting there with headphones

on and typing, my mind tends to wander and I just typed in part of what I was

thinking and NOT what I was hearing.


So, the segment was sent thus:

Correction will follow.


Q: (L) Okay, meanwhile back at Rennes-le-Chateau, there are these three priests

 and a bishop who have more money than they ought to have.  Clearly, there is 

something going on there.  My thought is, after analyzing it is, the purported 

'parchments' found in the column of the altar in the church there, were never 

really found, that they and the purported code were both made up as a clever 

fraud; the whole thing was made up, yet there IS a mystery there.  I also think

 that the connecting of the Shepherds of Arcadia painting to that church, that 

area of France, is fraudulent also.  The smokescreen is being focused there to 

keep it from being directed elsewhere.  Am I on the right track here?

A: Well, quite simply we would say, where is Arcadia?

Q: (L) Arcadia was Turkey.  You have made many references to Turkey, to Troy, 

which was located in what is not Turkey.  A lot of funny stuff tracks back 

there.    And, Troy means 'three.'  Interesting.

A: Tis a clue for you, not a destination!



Q: (L) Arcadia was in Greece. [leap in thought] You have made many references

to Turkey, to Troy,  which was located in what is now Turkey.  A lot of funny

stuff tracks back  there.    And, Troy means 'three.'  Interesting.

A: Tis a clue for you, not a destination!


The "leap in thought" connection that was not explicated is the fact that

Arcadia was, in legend, the "creation" of the Perseid Dynasty which was usurped

by Agamenon, the husband of Helen.  Legends say that a remnant of the Perseid

family fled to Troy.  Other legends say they just "disappeared" or were



Mycenaea, the traditional "Arcadia," was "the place of the mushroom,"

supposedly named so because the hilt of Perseus sword fell off there and it was

taken as a omen of the location to build the city.  This "cap" had the

appearance of a mushroom.


I don't believe that story for a minute, but it is the "going explanation."


However, the Canary Islands search that I was directed to by the C's produced

most interesting results....

These are just pastes of notes and relevant session material.  No special

order, but I think you will get a "handl" on it!


Says here:  "The story, according to my well-read

informant, was something of a badly kept secret, but all

the documentation was available for anyone with patience

enough to page through reams of late 15th century

documents, all handwritten in stylized, archaic Castillian

and church Latin, at the Barcelona archives.  In any case,

the account concerns Christopher Columbus and his stay at

the governor's mansion in Gran Canaria.


"Being a true Renaissance scholar, the Genoese navigator

studied all available information about the possibility of

a transoceanic expedition.  Some of that information

included the traditions of earlier seafaring peoples, such

as the Vikings, who sailed into the distant West.  Most

historians believe he knew of the sea routs taken by Leif

Ericson,  Thorfinn Karlsefni and other Scandinavian seamen,

but he rejected a northern crossing when he found a

dolonial report made shortly after the Spanish subjugation

of Gran Canaria.


"In the military report, a Buanche chief named Tirajana

claimed that his ancestors were far greater sailors than

the Spaniards, because they traveled regularly to the end

of the ocean, over the horizon of the sunset to a great

land.  Although the Spanish officer who wrote the report

dismissed the Guanche chief's statment as the defiant boast

of a defeated man, Columbus felt the old native's claim

merited further investigation, and he set sail for Gran

Canaria.  At the Governor's hous, arrangements were made

for a trip to the mountainous interior of the island with

an interpreter.  In a few days, he reached the former

native kingdom of Tirajana, where he met with one of the

last surviving members of the Guanche royal family. 

Through a Spanish translator, he repeated to Columbus the

same tradition of transatlantic voyages made by his

ancestors and told him additionally of a great underwater

stream that carried their ships directly from their island

home across the sea to the great land in the Weest.  The

guanch survivor also provided stellar navigation, as

preserved in the oral tradition of a tribal song about his

ancestors, with particular reference to the Pleiades, to

the far country beyond the evening twilight.


"Convinced he had heard the truth, Columbus sailed away

with the old Guanche's information.  The rest is history. 

Or almost.  The Tirajana contribution to his discovery was

subsequently repressed by either the Church authorities of

by Columbus himself, because he did not want to share the

glory of 1492 with anyone else.


"The jealousy with which he protected his achievements is

wll known, but the motivation of the Church is far more

credible.  To admit that a heathen and a member of an

inferior race just conquered by Catholic Spain had provided

invaluable sailing directions to a Christian admiral would

have been ideologically unacceptable in the extreme. 

Enterline askes quite correctly, 'What Renaissance Spanish

scholar having any political sense would give a second

thought to publshing anything detrimental to his

sovereign's claims?'

[...] "The conspiracy of silence has been maintained by the

Spanish authorities to the present day, because of the

disruptive independence movement still active in the Canary

Islands, whose radical leaders could use the story of

Tirajana as political propaganda for their separatist

cause.  Such propaganda might also prove especially

effective during the 500th anniversary of Spain's discovery

of the New World, an event of poerful significance

throughout Iberis, Latin America and, indeed, the whole

civilized world.


"In any case, the story does not lack for disquieting

details that tend to confirm a Canary Island role in the

Columbus enigma that still intrigues investigators after

half a millennium.  For example, the 'great underwater

stream' the native said went straight to the other side of

the ocean does indeed exist.  It is the Canary Island

Current that runs from Gran Canaria to the shores of

Central America and the Bahamas, where Columbus made his

landfall.  In fact his ships rode the Canary Island Current

across the Atlantic, just as the old Guanche said his

ancestors used to do long ago.


"The man sho supposedly translated for Columbus was called

De Aranya.  Interestingly, a Diego de Aranya DID sail on

the Santa Maria to 'New Spain,' where he was employed with

success as an interpreter and eventually promoted to

Alguazil of the Fleet.  Today, the colonial town of De

Aranya lies within the former Guanche kingdom of Tirajana.


"Born in Cordoba, Diego de Aranya settled on land purchased

in Gran Canaria, where he mastered the native language and

translated the deposed native chief's transatlantic sailing

instructions for Columbus.  Diego died in a massacre of

about 40 other Spaniards on the island of Espanola.  He was

survived by his cousin, Pedro, who captained a ship on the

third voyage from Spain to the New World and retired to

Gran Canaria's Tirajana.


"Columbus' wife, Beatrix Enriquez' maiden name was de



"The logbook of the admiral's first voyage to 'New Spain'

is full or cryptic references to the Canary Islands. 


"Evidence for pre-Columbian visits from bearded white men

is not confined to native accounts.  Significantly, some of

that evidence identifies a distinct Canary Island presence

throughout Middle America.  Among the most revealing and

convincing comparisons appears on a Chac-mool, or stature

of the Mayas' preeminent deity, Chac, the RAIN God.  His

stone effigy found at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, portrays the

god wearing peculiarly designed sandals that are 'exact

representations of those found on the feet of the



"A highly civilized people who controlled Ecuador before

the Incas called themselves the 'Canari.'


An eminent historian of the Renaissance, Stefanson, argues

the Alexander VI Borgia, the new and intensely politically

active pope, connived with the Madrid governmental

authorities to conceal all collected information about the

opposite continent previous to the Columbus voyage in order

to secure Catholic Spain's title to the new territories. 

It was this RIGHT OF TITLE that was their chief motivation

in heralding the discovery as a purely Catholic



Now, when I had tried to find info on the Canary Islands

before, all I could come up with in the libraries and the

internet was travel guides and touristy stuff... it wasn't

until Ark found the little book written in 1590 by an

Augustine Monk and published by the Hakluyt Society after

being found and translated in the latter part of the last

century, that I even had a CLUE that there was SOMETHING

very mysterious going on there and that it MIGHT have

something to do with the Rosicrucians, Templars, Masons,

and all this Grail business.


There was one remark made in this little book that the Ark

of the Covenant was concealed on Tenerife.


So, I was pretty blown away when Graham Hancock mentioned

another little book published by - you guessed it - the

Hakluyt Society - ALSO written by an Augustinian friar -

stating that there were witnesses to the presence of the

Ark in Ethiopia.


This "Canary" business has been a big issue here because

the C's brought it up once and kept urging that I study the

history of these islands for BIG clues as to "who's on

first," so to speak.


Well, I couldn't find anything other than travelogues in

the library and about the same on the web, and I was

getting pretty frustrated.


Then Ark had to be in Germany for several months two

summers ago at his affiliated uni and he was poking around

in the library there for me.  He found a funny little book

in English, published by the Hakluyt Society, about the

history of the Canary Islands and its people, written by

"The Friar Alonso De Espinosa of The Order of Preachers" in

1594 and he photocopied the whole thing for me and mailed



Well, this book REALLY raised the hair on my head when you

think of some of the funny "word connections."  For

example: Tenerife -> Teniers -> Tenebris (darkness, as in

"Lux et Tenebris") -> tenier (meaning "hand" and the

repeated images of "hands" in alchemical literature as well

as the "red hand" of Owen Llawgoch); not to mention the

connection of the word "Canary" to "Canaris" or Sirius ->

Isis ->  and THEN, as if that isn't enough, the Order of

Preachers was an Augustinian offshoot; Augustine replaced

St. Anthony on January 17th; the purported "Roswell UFO

crash" actually happened on the "Plains of San Augustin";

think about the word "Roswell" and "RosTau"; on the Island

of Tenerife there is a Socorro and a Santa Cruz...  near

Roswell there is a Socorro and the relation of Socorro to



Then, near Roswell there is also Magdalena, and the

Magdalene issue of Rennes-le-Chateau and Socorro is derived

from "Succor" and that word is used in the RLC business in

relation to Magdalene...


THEN there is the discovery of the mysterious statue of

"Our Lady of Candelaria" on the beach of the Canaries at

the exact time that de Troyes is writing his Grail Opus...


Well, if that isn't enough, there is what this funny friar

recorded about the Canaries:

"Among the seven islands commonly called the Canaries, the

largest [...] is Tenerife.  The ancients gave it the name

of Nivaria, froma a lofty mountain in its centre called

Teyde (translated: Mt. Ida!!!) 


"Tenerife is in 28 degrees 30 minutes North latitude (one

degree away from the Great Pyramid approx and just a few

minutes away from yours truly)  [...} It is generally

believed that this island is the "Elysian Fields" of which

Homer sings (i.e. Arcadia)


"[...] There is another special thing connected with the

island.  It is that no poisonous animal whatever is bred in

it, such as snakes, lizards, scorpions, but only certain

SPIDERS which do harm when they bite.


"In former times this island was inhabited by the natives

of it, whom we call Guanches.


"It has not been possible to ascertain their origin or

whence they caame, for as the natives had no letters, they

had no account of their origin or descent, although some

tradion may have come down from father to son.  There have

been many opinions on the subject.  Some say they are

descended from the Romans, although it does not appear

whence they came, nor on what authority the opinion is

founded.  Others say that they are descended from certain

tribes in Africa...


"The Guanches themselves say that they have an immemorial

tradition that sixty people came to this island but they

know not whence they came.  They united and fformed their

settlement near Icod, which is a place on this island, and

they gave it this name, which is a word in their language:

Alzanxiquian abacanabac xerax, which means "The place of

union of the son of the great one."


"This people had very good and perfect features, and well-

shaped bodies.  They were of tall stature, with

proportionate limbs.  There were GIANTS among them of

incredible size; and that it may not appear fabulous, I

will not repeat what is said on the subject." (DRAT!)


"They ate the flesh of sheep, goats, and pigs, and they fed

on it by itself, without any other relish whatever, and

without gofio (a grain: early food combining?)  The flesh

had to be half roasted because, as they said, it contained

more 'substance' in that way than if it was well roasted.

(Standard Celtic practice)


"It is wonderful that men so valiant and with such

strengthe and agility, and with such fine faculties as they

possessed, should have been brought up on such rough and

coarse food.


"They were wonderfully clever in counting.  Although a

flock was very numerous and came out of the yard or fold at

a rush, they counted the sheep without opening their mouths

or noting with their hands, and never made a mistake.


Regarding the "miraculous appearance of the Virgin of

Candelaria" (remember the woman in the grail stories

carrying the candles)

"In this island and among the people I have described, God

was served that one of the greatest relics in the world,

and the one that has worked most miracles, should appear

many years BEFORE the light of faith or the news of the

evangel reached them.  Though the ancients called this

island and its neighbours the 'Fortunate Isles," for the

fertility of the soil and the fine climate, as well as for

the docility of its people, and the abundance of men of

genius it has produced, there is no stronger reason for

giving it this title of fortunate than that they possess a

gift so supernatural, a favour so unusual, a benefit so

immense, a peice of good fortune so great, as the most holy

image of Candelaria which appeared on the island.


"It would be very difficult to fix the time when this holy

image appeared; for as it has come down from one to

another, the memorial was gradually lost.  Nevertheless,

taking advantage of their ancient pictures that refer to it

and serve as writing, and of the computation by moons which

the former inhabitants used


"The year 1400 of our redemption was 105 years BEFORE the

island belonged to Christians and there was no knowledge of

the evangel.  (This is the friar's approximation, though he

admits that it is really only guesswork)  Our Lord was

served that this should be the time when the holy image of

Candelaria appeared to begin the enlightenment of this

fortunate people.


"It appeared in a very dry desert place, near the sea-

shore, and close to a sandy beach a league in length at the

mouth of a ravine.  It was ON a stone where, as a memorial

of its appearance, the Christians afterwards set up a

cross, which is now standing.


To make a long story short, this statue just appeared on

the beach one day and was found by two shepherds.  The

sheep were frightened and turned back and the shepherds

went to check out what was frightening them.  They saw this

statue, standing upright, on a large rock.  One of the

shepherds was going to throw a stone at it after they

figured out it wasn't real and was not going to speak, and

his arm was frozen in the upright posture... the first

miracle of the statue was the healing of his arm.


So, we skip over the details of the finding and then

carrying the statue to a cave to give it a holy

environment, because they decided it was the image of a



The friar then goes on to relate the story of the Ark of

the Covenant and how it had "powers" and that the powers of

this statue turned out to be pretty similar and he gives

some examples.


He then says:

"It is excusable to wish to investigate the origin of this

holy relic, and whence it came to this island; for all

concerning it should be a subject of enquiry.  In the year

which the image appeared, although the navigation of this

sea was known, and there was information respecting these

islands, yet the sea was not then navigated freely, nor did

it lead anywhere until Cape Verd was discovered and the

route to the Indies.  Therefore, to say that some ship of

Christians brought it, and when they brought it that they

left it to be dashed about among rocks and stones, is not

credible.  For the image is the most beautiful and the best

finished piece of work that can be seen. (there is an

illustration of the statue which is covered with letters

that have never been decoded.)


So, he goes on with his story until he gets to this most


"For more than thirty or forty years the holy relic was in

possession of the infidels.  For the people only knew and

believed that it was something supernatural.  They were

certified of this, because they heard much angelic music,

smelt delicious odours, and saw MANY LIGHTS AT NIGHT.  All

these things confirmed them in their opinion. 


"[...] While the holy image of Candelaria was at Chinguaro

in the house of the Lord of Buimar, or in the small cave

near it, where it remaine for many years, the native

Guanches often heard celestial sounds and saw many burning

lights in form of a procession.  They were not so frequent

at first as they became when the holy image was removed to

the cave of San Blas.


"The processions formed by the angels, as well on the beach

where the holy image was, as on that of SOCORRO where she

first appeared, became very frequent, both by night and

day, with solemnity and harmony, music from softest voices,

a great company in perfect order with lighted candles.  So

they made their processions from the hermitage they now

call Santiago to the cave of San Blas, there being a wide

beach all the way.  These processions were so frequent that

the natives ceased to be surprised.


"On the beach they call Aboan, which is some four leagues

from that of Candelaria towards the Punta Roja, these

processions were also seen, generally on the eve of the

Assumption of our Lady.  This is so perfectly true, that

now, in these times, persons who have seen it go to the

beach and find candles with the wax burnt out,.  They have

even found some lighted and fixed to rocks.  They pointed

out the place to me, and I saw them.  I speak of what I

have seen and heard, and keep the wax in my power.  I have

heard the same from many others.  The candles they find on

these beaches are not very white, and  it is not known of

what the wicks consist.  They are not cotton nor tow, but

look more like twisted white silk. 


"There appeared also on this island, twenty years before it

was conquered, a great quantiy of whit wax in loaves, in an

adjacent port, which for this reason was called the Port of

Wax.  [...] The  witness said that it was public and

notorious in this island that a miracle is worked each

year, a certain quantity of dry wax in loaves appearing for

the last twenty years in a certain place in this island. 

This wax always appeared four of five days before the feast

of Candelaria, which is the Purification, that these might

be the means of making candles for the celebration."


Q: Ummm, in reading this funny book I just finished, I

   discovered that there is the tradition of the Ark of the

   Covenant being in Ethiopia.  This guy did a bunch of

   research on it, and it seems possible that it is there,

   and that it may even be active.  Is it, in fact, in the

   church of St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia?

A: No.

Q: Where is it?

A: If we were to reveal this to you, it would be akin to

   giving a hand grenade to a baby!!

Q: Well, I just thought I would ask!  What I found out was

   that this wonderful Hakluyt Society that chronicled the

   funny business in the Canary Islands also kept track of

   the goings on in Ethiopia.  One of the things they told

   about was the carrying of the Ark in procession by red


   blond headed guys.  And there was the Croix Patte of the

   Templars on a number of objects in Ethiopia.  The Rose

   Croix.  Did we have Templars there, or what was going


   Was the Ark there and was it then taken somewhere else?

A: The Ark of the Covenant is not what you think it is.

Q: You guys said that it was a power cell.  I don't have


   sort of romantic idea of it.  I can accept that.  But

   there are all these stories about it and a lot of people

   have mythologized it.  What do you mean by saying such a

   thing.  What is the Ark?

A: See Oak Island.

Q: It seems that the Templars were in charge of building


   Cathedral at Chartres, and there is a tableaux on one of

   the porches of Melchizedek and the Queen of Sheba.

   Equidistant between them is the Ark of the Covenant in a

   cart.  Melchizedek is holding a cup that is supposed to


   the Holy Grail.  Inside this cup is a cylindrical object

   of stone.  What is this?

A: Greater sight.

Q: What?! (A) Is it a symbol or a device?

A: Why cannot it be both?

Q: (A) It can be both, but is it both?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) So, it is a device for greater sight like a crystal

   ball, yes?

A: Only when utilized exactly precisely.



Q: (L) Okay, now: I would like to know if there was a real

   historic person behind the legend of King Arthur?

A: Close.  Sorcerer's Coven.  Secret pact of coven is


Q: (L) Was this the Nordic Covenant behind the legend of



A: Not really.

Q: (L) I think that implies that there might be a


A: Maybe there is something more like an offshoot.

Q: (L) The Nordic Covenant is an offshoot of the Arthurian

   Covenant or vice versa?

A: King Arthur story based on an offshoot of Nordic



Q: (L) Okay, now you say that the Nordic Covenant can be

   positive or negative.  Would the Arthurian Cycle be of


   Positive Offshoot?

A: Both.

Q: (L) What period of time did this Sorcerer's Coven...

A: During the "Dark Ages.

Q: (L) Can you get me closer to a year, or period of years?

A: We will let you do that.

Q: (L) The chief thing I noticed about this period of the

   Dark Ages is that from the time of the 'birth of


   for about 1300 years, there is an incredible lack of

   documentation.  Now, there were some manuscripts written

   by Monks, such as Gregory of Tours and so forth, but in

   general, the only things that have survived from this

   period are things put out by Monks under the control of

   the church.  It is as though the whole world became

   illiterate.  Is this, in fact, the case?  Was it that

   nobody was writing anything down during this period?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Was any part of this because of the control of the

   Catholic Church over writing and education, and that


   opposed everything that did not support their views?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, what we have to work with is what we have to


   with.  And, I guess that's as close as we can get.  It

   isn't a whole heck of a lot.  How many people were in



A: Look for answers, trees will lead you to it.

Q: (L) What literary source could I go to to find the least

   distorted or corrupted information?

A: Trees.

Q: (L) How long has this Nordic Covenant been in existence?

A: Look for it.

Q: (L) You said that you were in regular contact with the

   Kantekkians on Kantek before they were airlifted to


   80 thousand years ago or thereabouts.  Now, was the

   destruction of this planet a result of Orion


   of the people such as is taking place on our planet at


   present time?

A: Maybe somewhat, but not all.

Q: (L) I have tried to imagine a plane full of people of


   Aryan types, or purified Celtics, and it is difficult to

   imagine what such a culture would be like.  Is there

   anything that we can look at, literary or otherwise,


   would give me a concept of what this culture or society

   could have been like?

A: Search Japan and the Bahamas.

Q: (L) What?! What do Japan and the Bahamas have in common?

A: See for yourself.  Remember, learning is fun and

   energizes.  Spoonfeeding sessions do little for you.

Q: (L) When you were in regular contact with the


   what was the nature of this contact?

A: Educational.

Q: (L) Was it coming through a board, or coming to the


   or through transducing it like through StoneHenge, or

   something altogether different?

A: Seek those most in tune who ask, then enter data when




Now, I have found something VERY interesting about our

Rennes le Chateau business.... Actually, I think it has

nothing to do with RLC... but a LOT to do with the

Shepherds of Arcadia painting.


The article I found on the net about the "Venusberg" quoted

from a book "Curious Myths of the Middle Ages" by S. Baring-

Gould.  Well, I got it through Amazon, though it comes from

a "rare mystical reprints" publisher.  It came yesterday. 

Meanwhile, the day the knee collapsed on me, we had been to

the book store (Books a Million) and I picked up another

"Holy Grail" book, this time by a gal named Norma Lorre

Goodrich.  At the same time, I was going through the St.

Germain sections in the "Gods of Eden" by Bramley as

suggested by Bob, and reading some history on the Kings of

the Franks from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica. 


So, what do we find out?  Seems that this King Clovis was a

contemporary of King Arthur.  Is King Arthur mythical? 

Well, Norma Lorre Goodrich has done some serious research

on him and concludes, and several other scholars agree with

her, that he was, in fact, a real personage and that the

"Isle of Avalon" was really the Isle of Man.  This caught

my eye because of what the C's had said about this some

time in the past:



Q: (L) Why was astrology absent from the myths of ancient

Greece?  A: Not absent, "Stalinized."

Q: (L) What does that mean?

A: Soviets removed Stalin from the history books when he


   from popularity. So, Greeks, Astrology...


Q: (L) Why?

A: Deadly secrets would be revealed.

Q: (L) Revealed to whom?

A: You.

Q: (L) If we could find the pieces and put them together,

   they would show us the drama and the connection between

   3rd and 4th density?

A: You would have to use the original astrology, before

   cosmic changes of a planetary nature; there was no


   for one example, and earth was oriented differently

   axially speaking.

Q: (L) And the destruction of Kantek.  This was the last

   whitewash, the writings of Homer and so forth were put

   place... is there any source where we can get closer to

   these myths that will help us to figure out who is


   on first?

A: Check the Isle of Man.


Well, until NOW, there had not been anything particularly

interesting about this Isle of Man.  I have a book by Rhys

on Manx folklore, and I had read about the "Moon Rites" in

Walker's book but really, no cigar!


So, this "Holy Grail" by Goodrich has some very fascinating

research even if she is the most awful writer since Snoopy

doing his "dark and stormy night..." 


One thing she does is set up a partial chronology.   Her

chronology is confusing, but, with a little care, it can be

useful.  (Actually, after reading a few pages, I tossed the

book aside and almost refused to finish reading it, except

that my Virgo Moon wouldn't let me NOT finish something I



She pretty much establishes satisfactorily that Geoffrey of

Monmouth WAS drawing on an original source when he was

writing about the "History of the Kings of Britain" and

that this source is no longer extant, but bits and pieces

of it can be found in other later works.


She also demolishes the whole Joseph of Arimathea -

Glastonbury connection and puts Arthur and his court along

the Scotland-England border. 


And, of course, the Celts of Scotland and Ireland were

originally refugees from Gaul... i.e. France... chased

there by Julius Caesar...


So, she says: The Holy Grail may therefore be considered

primarily a French subject.


Well, I don't exactly agree except for the connection

between the Celts and the Arabs... and the mutual link from

ancient Troy/Arcadia.


Now, she sees the Grail stories as issuing from the turmoil

and horror of the crusades, which she compares to the

Holocaust, with good reason. 


But, I see the Grail stories as issuing from the contact

with the Arabs.


She says:

"Not only were these major Grail works commissioned during

the Middle Ages, while Europeans fought Arabs in the Middle

East for hundreds of years, but also while the Angevin

Dynasty ruling England, southern France, and parts of Spain

and Portugal met in combat to the death, again over

hundreds of years, the Capetian Dynasty ruling Paris,

northern France and parts of Italy."


(See what I mean about her AWFUL writing?)



"Each major text, as written by the best authors of the

twelfth and thirteenth centuries, as composed and ordered

by the best brains at work in those days, constitutes a

record of FACTS written for the purpose of analysis and

conclusion BY THE READER."


"The Grail ecstasy is also sought today in an Antioch

chalice, or on its OLDES SITE BESIDE THE ISLE OF MAN."


And she mentions Montsegur and the Languedoc... and the

Oriental Pyrenees....


She says:

"...we shall return again to the King Arthurs, for there

wer two: the warrior king who won twelve victories in

defense of Scotland, and his second self, who was the sixth

and only supreme initiate at the Grail Castle in Britain. 

There before the year 542 he personally saw the Grail lying

"open and dis-covered" before him alone.  His first

Commander in Chief, the royal Knight Gawain, had come very

close to this sighting.  Call it "revelation" or

"apocalypse," as you will.  King Arthur's fame and

reputation lie equally upon bother persons, the head of

state and the head ecclesiastical initiate.  After his

death in 542, claim the "annals of Wales, the Grail surely,

rightfully, returned to "Sarras."


"By the sixth century when King Arthur died, Clovis had already established his

empire in northern  France, and the


their captial at Toulouse.


So, Goodrich says that the "Grail" was returned to

"Sarras."  She goes on to work through the myths and

legends to come up with Sarras as being Marseilles.


Now, one VERY interesting thing is that she calls

Marseille, based upon some interesting stuff, the "Head of

Gaul" or "Galle."  And she talks about this head quite a

bit and mixes thing up terribly, but does record some very

useful stuff. 


One thing she misses altogether is the relationship between

"Saxon" and "Saracen."  Seems that the Celts of Britain

called the Saxons "Saracens" because they were "heathen"

folk... but, there could be a deeper meaning here, if the

"Head of Galle" is, in fact, Marseilles.


Now, Ark has a friend in Marseilles who once took him to

show him a cave where it was told that Mary Magdalene lived

and was buried, or something like that and that it is

common knowledge in Provence and surrounding regions.


But, in the legend, there is also the story of "Sara the

Egyptian" who came to Marseilles with the "Three Maries."


Now, when I dowsed the Shepherd's painting, the pendulum

moved like crazy over the head of the man.  So, maybe this

figure represents Gaul?


Q:  (L) I know... just an attempt at humor here!  Now, is

there ANY part of this Rennes-le-Chateau business that I

COULD ask about, that maybe I am not thinking of how to ask

the question?

A: You are progressing just fine.

Q: (L) So, if I am progressing 'just fine,' that must mean

that my assessment of the parchments, and related things,

is correct.  This whole thing is probably cooked up to lead

people completely astray from what is REALLY going on

there.  There probably isn't a 'treasure' there, as such...

is there something buried in that region of some

considerable import?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Does it have something to do with alien, or extra-

terrestrial, or ULTRA-terrestrial interference or

activities on our planet?

A: Probably.

Q:  (L) Did the three priests know that their interactions

may have been connected to an Ultra-terrestrial


A: No.

Q: (L) They were manipulated?

A: Sure.

Q: (L) Is that area a 'window' area similar to the area in

New York?

A: These truths are self-evident.

Q: (L)   Do buried minerals in the ground have something to

do with window areas?

A:  Ditto.

Q: (L)  Are there large caches of gold buried at different

places around the planet to enhance the 'window' effect?

A: Good possibility.

Q: (L) Is this the origin of the leged of the Rhinegold and

the bridge to Valhalla supposed to be located there?

A: No more clues for tonight.

Q: (A) One last thing: if I splice this picture, the

Arcadian Shepherds, vertically, and try to align the two

halves, what should I look for?

A: That which is seen.

Q: (L)  Good try, Dear!  (F) Is this the party to whom I am

speaking?  [Laughter.]  (L) Try again!  Hmmm.... a

Quinotaur... a 'five pointed' being... I would say that

Quinotaur is a being who manifests in 3rd density from 4th

density by virtue of the relationship of the word

'quinotaur' to pentagon.  Comment?

A: No.

Q: (L) Do the properties of alfalfa tend to enhance the non-

physical effect, or vice versa?

A: Maybe it enhances that "psychic effects."  And, on that

note, good night.


So, we know that the Horselloch has nothing to do with

Rennes le Chateau, and we know that Rennes le Chateau is a

"template" or a "map" or that it can draw our attention TO

a map.  And, I had that funny dream that the Shepherds

painting was, literally, a map... that the forms and

figures were both symbolic and a literal map as well. 


In this book "Curious Myths of the Middle Ages," the

original piece about the Venusberg is found.  It says:


"Ragged, bald, and desolate, as though a curse rested upon

it, rises the Horselberg out of the rich and populous land

between Eisenach and Gotha, looking, from a distance, LIKE

A HUGE STONE SARCOPHAGUS. - a sarcophagus in which rests in

magical slumber, till the end of all things, a mysterious

world of wonders. 


"in 1398, at Midday, there appeared suddenly three great

fires in the air, which presently ran together into one

globe of flame, parted again, and finally sank into the

Horselbert, says the Thuringian Chronicle."


So, the guy interprets some of this idea after pointing out

that there are SEVERAL Venusbergs in Germany where a

similar story is told in relation to them.  And, there is

also one in Italy, and we know Poussin spent nearly all his

adult life in Italy and probably NEVER went to Rennes le



"The forms which this remarkable myth assumed in other

countries [are similar.]  Every popular tale has its root,

a root which may be traced among the different countries,

and thought the accidents of the story may vary, yet the

substance remains unaltered.  It has been said that the

common people never invent new story-radicals any more than

we invent new word-roots; and this is perfectly true.  The

same story-root remains, but it is varied according to the

temperament of the narrator of the exigencies of

localization.  The story root of the Venusberg is this:

1. There are underground folk who seek union with human


2.  Humans can be enticed into their abode, where they

unite sexually.

3.  The human desires to revisit the earth and escapes.

4. But, he finds some inability to rejoin normal humans

again and returns to the region below.


"Now, there is scarcely a collection of flok-lore which

does not contain a story founded on this root.  It appears

in every branch of the Aryan family.


"The classic legend of Ulysses, held captive for eight

years by the nymph Calypso in the Island of Obybia, and

again for one year by the enchantress Circe, contains the

root of the same story of the Tannhauser.


"What may have been the significance of the primeval story-

radical it is impossible for us now to ascertain; but the

legend, as it shaped itself in the middle ages, is

certainly indicative of the struggle between the new and

the old faith.

"We see thinly veiled in Tannhauser the story of a man, a

Christian by profession, but a heathen at heart, allured by

the attractions of paganism, which satisfy his poetic

instincts.  But, he is frightened by the threat of Hell

propagated by the Church.  He turns again to Christianity,

and at first it seems to promise all that he requires.  But

alas!  he is repelled by its ministers and its false

doctrines.  On all sides he is met by practice widely at

variance with the claims."


Now, that is Baring-Gould's interpretation...


But, we have what Bramley was writing about when he segues

from the "Return of St. Germain" to the Nazi involvement

with the "ultraterrestrials of the inner Earth," so to



Bramley talks about a guy who met some dude on Mt. Shasta

back in the 1930s.  Now, this fellow, Guy Warren Ballard,

was a MINING engineer... So, he meets this guy on the

Mountain who says he is St. Germain.  This St. Germain

tells him all sorts of stuff (read the chapter) about gold

and treasures, and the destruction of ancient records and

all of that... as well as the "controlling" hidden

superiors in the "underground" cities.  One thing struck me

over and above all of this:


Bramley says: "Mankind's 'lack of spiritual growth' has

been caused by the very organizations to which these

alleged 'Ascended Masters' belong.  It was the Brotherhood

that turned spiritual knowledge into incomprehensible

symbols, unfathomable mysteries, superstitious rites,

savage apocalypticisms, and all of the other ills which

ensue therefrom."


I don't agree.  Over and over and over again I have

experienced the FACT that most people DO NOT WANT TRUTH! 

They prefer to wallow in the pigstye.  You cannot teach

anyone any thing!  You can give only to those who TRULY

ASK, and this is something that rarely happens.  People do

not really ask a question to LISTEN to an answer... they

ask questions to get confirmations of their own

assumptions.  And, what they really want is a free lunch.


Now, I am not saying that I condone any of this "negative"

Brotherhood behavior, but I fully understand WHY such

things are SECRET.  I used to think that EVERYTHING ought

to be put right out there in the open... I'm an Aquarian,

for goodness sake!  A blabber mouth!  But, little by

little, I have come to the realization that, if it is NOT

earned or worked for or struggled for... it is NOT

assimilated or even accepted.  And, sometimes, this can

take many lifetimes.  Ya gotta dig through a LOT of mud to



Anyway, Bramley takes a VERY negative view of all of this

and attributes the rise of Nazism to this "secret

brotherhood" activity.  Well, we KNOW that Hitler made a

pact with the 4th density STS and was controlled by them

completely, and what Bramley recounts only confirms what

the C's have said about this.


But, we can't be throwing the baby out with the bathwater! 

Just as lies can be made palatable by sandwiching them

between two truths, so can truth be buried in the muck and

slime of lies...



Q: (L) What is the "philosophers stone?"

A: Idea center.

Q: (L) How can this idea center be accessed?

A: Many ways: meditation is the best.

Q: (L) Is there any visual image of the philosopher's stone

   that one could use to access it in meditation?

A: Yes.  Diamond or prism.

Q: (L) Was there or is there such a thing as a literal,

   physical, philosopher's stone that can transmute lead



A: No.

Q: (L) Was anybody ever able to transmute lead into gold by

   any means?

A: Everybody is able.

Q: (L) How?

A: You must discover this yourself.

Q: (L) Is this knowledge written down somewhere on the

planet?  A: Yes, but it will be easier in 4th level.

Q: (L) Comte St.Germain claimed to be able to transmute


   into gold.  Was this true?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) He also claimed to have discovered the secret of

   eternal youth, was this true?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did he die like everybody else at the regular age?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is Elizabeth Clare Prophet channelling St. Germaine?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who does she channel?

A: Imposter.


Q: (L) Why was astrology absent from the myths of ancient

Greece?  A: Not absent, "Stalinized."

Q: (L) What does that mean?

A: Soviets removed Stalin from the history books when he

fell    from popularity. So, Greeks, Astrology...


Q: (L) Why?

A: Deadly secrets would be revealed.

Q: (L) Revealed to whom?

A: You.

Q: (L) If we could find the pieces and put them together,

   they would show us the drama and the connection between

   3rd and 4th density?

A: You would have to use the original astrology, before

   cosmic changes of a planetary nature; there was no

Venus,    for one example, and earth was oriented

differently  axially speaking.

Q: (L) And the destruction of Kantek.  This was the last

   whitewash, the writings of Homer and so forth were put

   place... is there any source where we can get closer to

   these myths that will help us to figure out who is

REALLY on first?

A: Check the Isle of Man.

[And this Goodrich book is FULL of references to the Isle

of Man]


Q: (L) You once said that the Bible was written by Greek

   enforcers, and now you have just said that the myths

were  Stalinized.  It also struck me that there were no

ghosts or spirits in the Greek texts.  These texts portray

the Greeks as worshippers of the physical world.  They were

   astonished at Pythagoras' belief in reincarnation...

A: You have been reading altered texts.

Q: (L) Well, I know that.  I have copies of some of the

   oldest known documents on the planet.  Where am I going

to  get something that is remotely accurate?

A: The Hague.


So, I had bought John Gribben's "The Search for the Double

Helix" and Dozier's "Codes of Evolution."  My hair REALLY

started standing up as I was reading these books and

realizing what the C's were trying to convey about

genetics, reconnecting, "cell phones" and all that... the

role of neurotransmitters, and hormones in "unlocking" DNA,

and "Dwellings of the Mystics," and so forth.  It was

completely mindblowing! 


For some time I had been thinking about so-called "psychic

abilities" and phenomena... I went back and hit the books

on a lot of famous cases... the thing that had always

bothered me was that such things have no apparent relation

to "spirituality" at all.  One's religion or level of

"development" seem to have NOTHING at all to do with

psychic abilities or phenomena.  A sinner as well as a

saint can levitate or heal.  A man can stop the flow of

blood with his hand and beat his wife before dinner. 


I DID notice the constant repetition of the phrase: "my

aunt- grandmother - mother - father -or whoever was psychic

and I INHERITED it..." or similar things.  Then, there were

the psychics who had trauma... a blow to the head (Peter

Hurkos and others) an electrical shock (Yuri Geller and

Dannion Brinkley) and the connection of pubescence and/or

sexual frustration (hormone activation) and poltergeist



And, of course, there is the fact that 2 % of our DNA does

everything we need... the other 98 % is considered "junk." 

Lot of bizarre theories about THAT!


So, the issue of DNA and BLOODLINES became important!


I will skip all the intermediate stuff and get more quickly

to the point...


Curiously, at this particular point in time, an old friend

who I had not seen or heard from got in touch with me and

we exchanged some e-mails.  She told me that her "passion"

was genealogy.  This was not terribly thrilling to me, but

I WAS interested in words and names, having found them to be significant





So, this gave me the idea to do some research on Ark's last

name... I drew a complete blank... BUT, I did research some

other names which led to some really bizarre OTHER things

at that particular moment.


A woman named Sue Brana had been in touch with Ark trying

to get him to sign a contract for some research... I was

very suspicious of this woman... so, I stopped what I was

doing to look up HER name... well, the name "Brana" brought

up a HUGE amount of stuff about genetics research and also

Celtic legends about Bran the Blessed.


Well, I had to read about Bran the Blessed and realized

that HERE was the prototype for the Grail stories.  I was

REALLY proud of this discovery (not realizing that other

people had commented on it a LONG time ago!) 


In the Celtic legends, it was said that Bran was urged to

marry and reproduce so that he would have a "bloodline" to

reincarnate into and I learned that this was standard

belief among the Celts....  AND that the C's had said that the soul and

genetics had a definite "correspondence."




Then, there were all the stories about Arthur and the "Cave

of Sleeping Warriors" waiting to come back and "save the

world..."  and the Isle of Avalon and all that...


Well, the words for Cave and Arcadia are related...


I was doing word root searches right and left and

discovering all sorts of clues... my brain was exploding.


So, as I have said, I discovered along this time my own

connection to the Percy family... that I am descended on

two lines from Henry "Hotspur" and Elizibeth Mortimer...

and Mortimer carried the last of the Welsh Royal Bloodline

which came through Maud de St. Valery who was starved to

death by King John... and all this was happening around the

time of the propagation of the grail stories...


So, I went off into the study of the Cathars... you name

it, if it was connected,  I studied it!


BUT, as you have noticed, I come up with some pretty

strange "burning questions."


On the subject of the Grail, the burning question became:



I had, of course, noted the funny similarity of the name to

the name Percy, which became Pearce in my own family, and

also that Perceval was the "desired knight," and I was a

Knight by birth, and that my Knight family carried not only

the Percy line, but also the De Ferriers (Iron) and

Peverals, and Frankish royal lines, as well as having this

through my maternal side from the De Moselles.


I was beginning to feel REALLY strange!


But, not to digress. 



And the related question became Why is the Percy family

named Percy?  I had dug into the ideas of being from "here

or there" and Persia and "the Persian" and all that, and

this was interesting because it connected to the Assassini

and the Ishmaelis and Magi and all that... but, that didn't

really take me back far enough...


I was sitting there one day and thinking about this - it

was pouring rain and thundering and all that, so I couldn't

turn on the computer... and then the dog started barking

crazily because he is TERRIFIED of thunder... and I thought

to myself "Poor Percy..."  for THAT is the dog's name! 

(Anna named him)  And I realized with a shock that his REAL

name is PERSEUS.


And, of course, the objective in all this is to figure out

"Who's on First?"


I mean, am I descended from a horde of agents of the BAD

guys?  Am I DOOMED by my bloodlines?  All sorts of horrible



Then, of course, RoseAnne comes along and asks the "burning

question" about the "Nordic Covenant." 


And there is the "covenant of Rosteem." and all sorts of

other funny mentions of this bunch of "secret guys" who run



And this brings me to this book I read last week:

"Three Kings and Three Ships."


I picked it up from the used book store because of the

title and not other reason.


So, I was looking for something trashy to read and I pick

this one up...


The blurb reads:

The isles of Greece, where gods have walked, shine forth

with legendary splendor in this remarkable novel of a

golden age.  Intertwining myth and history, it tells the

story of a triune hero - Hippolochus, Bellerphron, and

Perseus - of  voyages to magic realms, or wars, of quests,

or prophecies, of doom, of kingdoms overthrown by pride and

love triumphant throughout time.  ... Here is a work of

impeccable scholarship... etc..."


Well, I had previously had the dream of the priest or

priestess wearing seven tiered skirts with the different

zodiacal "tales" written on it and I realized that I had to

"turn" each layer until I made the right correlation in

order to see "behind" the story.


Well, this is what this gal has done with this book...


Anyway, she says that the Medusa was purported to be living

or "from" a Lake Tritonis in Northern Africa... This is

close to Casa blanca... remember...


And the Perseus story DOES include a FLYING HORSE that

emerges from the blood of the Medusa...


And we have talked about a DEVICE that records and can

informs... and how to connect this to the Templars...


And the differences between the Rosicrucians and the White

Sect, and all the bearded guys running around all over the



Anyway, Medusa was connected in the legends to Stonehenge

(Hyperborea) and Perseus was said to have turned a number

of personages to stone with the "head" after stealing it...

and there are standing stones that are pointed to today as

evidence of this...


We have a "head" connected to "antigravity," (flying)

horses, Danae (Tuatha de Danaan) Megaliths, and which CAME



Well, something funny I had noted some weeks ago when I got

the Pyramid Texts was a repeated phrase:  "Beware of the

LAKE!"  This was so curious that Ark and I pondered it and

really wondered WHAT lake?


And, the funny similarity of Tritonis to Tritium.... of

recent times as all will recall...


So, reading this book about the journeys of these heros, I

realized that it was almost exactly the "travels" of the

alfalfa of recent discussion and what is alfalfa most

closely related to?  HORSES.  And in what house of the

zodiac do we find Pegasus?   The 11th.


Anyway, that is not the most interesting thing because,

after reading this book I decided that I ought to read

another non-fiction one I had picked up recently:  "The

Secret of Crete."  By Hans Georg Wunderlich.... (Yeah,

German, NOT Germaine!)  Translated from the German, by the

way... a rather scientific thing...  The reason for wanting

to read it was because the "disappearance" of the Perseid

family from their citadel of Mycenae and their replacement

by the Atried dynasty which was part Cretan or "Minoan,"

has NEVER been adequately explained.   And, remember, the

citadel of Mycenae was IN ARCADIA, that is, the

Pelopponesian mountains. 


And, STRANGELY enough, Mycenae means "Place of the



Anyway, this Cretan connection made me pick up this book.

And what do we find in this book?  Well, hold on to your

hats here folks... I think we have hit "paydirt!"


Book blurb says:

When in 1900 the great English archaeologist Arthur Evans

began his excavations of the Palace of King Minos at

Knossos in Crete, his discoveries astonished the world:

evidence of a splendid, flourishing culture in the Bronze

Age!  Evan's theories have been accepted as dogma by

scholars and archaeologists and have been the basis for

what has been taught about pre-Cretan history in schools

and universities for the past seventy years.  ... Hans

Georg Wunderlich demolishes Evan's theories and proves them

to be completely false.  He shows, with irrefutable logic,

that the Palace of King Minos was not the bustling center

of gay, courtly life but was, instead, a necropolis - a

city of the dead!...


Now, in this book (Wunderlich is, by the way, a professor

of Geology and Paleontology at Stuttgart) the author points

out the connections between the "Minoans," and the

Egyptians and the Etruscans...


And tells us that:  "The Greek legned tells us that

Daedalus, the builder of the Knossan labyrinth, modeled his

structure on a then famous Egyptian building, the labyrinth

of Amenemhet III.  This pharoah, also known by the name of

Ammenemes, reigned during the Middle Kingdom as the sixth

ruler of the twelfth dynasty (about 1800 BC)  He is

considered the colonizer of the Fayum, a fertile region

within the Libyan Desert, southwest of Memphis, the capital

of Lower Egypt.  His labyrinth, a temple of the dead where

funerals and memorial services were conducted, was situated

in the vicinity of his pyramid tomb at Hawara, 8 kilometers

east of Medinet el Fayum.  Describing the labyrinth of

Fayum, I.E.S. Edwards has written in "The Pyramids of

Egypt," (1947, 1961):

"Ammenemes III had been immortalized by the classical

historians as the constructor of Lake Moeris in the Faiyum

and as the builder of a labyrinth in the neighborhood of

the lake....  Ammenemes III's connection withthe labyrinth

has been proved... as Petrie was able to show in 1888-89

when he excavated this king's second pyramid at Hawara and

discovered that its mortuary temple was, in fact, designed

as a kind of labyrinth.  It was a large construction,

covering an area of 1,000 by 800 feet in lenght and

breadth.  In plan, it differed from every other known

mortuary temple.... Few architectural details could,

however, be recognized by Petrie, SO COMPLETE HAD BEEN ITS



Okay, we have a lake and a labyrinth...


And, this labyrinth was discovered, so to speak, in 1888 by

Petrie.  How did he know to look for it?


Well, seems that it was mentioned by others... Strabo, the

ancient Geographer wrote at about 18 BC...


"We have here also in the labyrinth, a work equal to the

pyramids, and adjoining to it the tomb of the king who

constructed the labyrinth....  There are long an numerous

covered ways, with winding passages communicating with each

other, so that no stranger would find his way into the

aulae or out of them without a guide.  The surprising

circumstance is that the roofs of these dwellings CONSIST

OF A SINGLE STONE EACH, and that the covered ways through

their whole range were roofed in the same manner with

single slabs of stone of extraordinary size, without the

intermixture of timber or of any other material.  On

ascending the roof - which is not of great height, for it

consists only of a single storey - there may be seen a

stone-field, thus composed of stones.  Descending again and

looking into the aulae, these may be seen in a line

supported by twenty-seven pillars, each consisting of a

single stone... They built, it is said, this number of

aulae, because it was the custom for all the nomes to

assemble there together according to their rank, with their

own priests and priestesses, for the purpose of performing

sacrifices and making offerings to the gods, and of

administering justice in matters of great importance."


Strabo found much of the structure in a tumble-down

condition at the beginning of the Christian era...


"Barely half a millennium earlier, another Greek had

traveled in the land of the Nile:  Herodotus, the Father of

History, whose description of immigration into Crete we

have cited earlier.  We have no precise dates for the life

of this famous man.  It is said he was born around 484 BC

in the city of Halicarnassus in Asia Minor and died soon

after the beginning of the Peloponnesian War in 430 BC. 

... In the second book of "The Hisotires"  Herodotus

describes how he visited the labyrinth of Hawara.  In his

introductory remarks he speaks of the builders as TWELVE

KINGS.  These twelve kings wer UNITED BY INTERMARRIAGE and

"governed in mutual friendliness," on the understanding

that none of them should attempt to oust any of the others.

 Herodotus writes:  "To strengthen the bond between them,

they decided to leave a common memorial of their reigns,

and for this purpose constructed a labyrinth a little above

Lake Moeris, near the place called 'The City of

Crocodiles.'    I have seen this building, and it is beyond

my poer to describe; it must have cost more in labor and


TOGETHER - though no one would deny that the temples at

Ephesus and Samos are remarkable buildings.  They pyramids,

too, are astonishing structures, EACH ONE OF THEM EQUAL TO


LABYRINTH SURPASSES THEM.  .... Inside the building is of

two storeys and contains three thousand rooms of which half

are underground, and the other half directly above them.  I

was taken through the rooms in the upper storey, so what I

shall say of them is from my own observation, but the

underground ones I can speak of only from report, because

the Egyptians in charge refused to let me see them, as they

containt the tombs of the kinds who built the labyrinth,


believe they are the work of men;  the baffling and

intricate passages from room to room and from court to

court were an endless wonder to me."


November 4, 1994

Q: (L) And could you tell us what the Lizzies look like?

A: Upright alligators with some humanoid features in face.


Okay.  About a thousand ideas poured into my head when I

read this... aside from the question: "Who destroyed this

labyrinth and why..."


From this book about the pyramids in Rock Lake, Wisconsin:


"Someone took an awful lot of raw copper from North America

a very long time ago.  Who was responsible for this and

what they did with it represent an enigma of vast

proportions that investigators have been puzzling over for

more than a century, although most Americans are unaware of

the story.


"Beginning around 3,000 B.C.  (That's right, 5,000 years

ago!), in excess of 500,000 tons of copper were mined in

Michigan's Upper Peninsula, with most activity taking place

at Isle Royale, an island in Lake Superior on the Canadian

border. [I am hearing Gordon Lightfoot in my head: 'The

legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the great lake

they call Gitchee Gumi...']  The mines abruptly and

inexplicably shut down in 1200 BC, reopening no less

mysteriously 2,300 years later.  Until 1320 AD, some

additional 2,000 tons were removed, destination unknown. 

As before, operations were suddenly suspended for no

apparent cause.  Tools - mauls, picks, hammers, shovels and

levers - were left by their owners in place.  Octave

Du'Temple, a foremost authority on early Michigan, asks,

'Why did these miners leave their operations and implements

as though planning on taking up their labors the next day,

and yet mysteriously never returned.


"William P.F. Ferguson writes, 'The work is of a colossal

nature, ' and 'amounted to the turning over of the whole

formation to their depth and moving many cubic acres - it

would NOT be extravagant to say cubic MILES - of rock.'


The prehistoric mines were NOT crude holes in the ground,

but incredibly efficacious operations to extract staggering

masses of raw material as quickly as possible.  An average

of 1,000 to 1,200 tons of ore were excavated per pit,

yielding about 100,000 pounds of copper each.  To achieve

such prodigious yields, the miners employed simple

techniques that enabled them to work with speed and

efficiency.  They created intense fires atop a copper

bearing vein, heated the rock to very high temperatures,

then doused it with water.  The rock fractured and the

copper was extracted.  Deep in the pits, a vinegar mixture

was used to speed spalling and reduce smoke.


"The ancient enterprise was a mind-boggling affair,

including about 5,000 mines mostly along the Keweenaw

Peninsula and the eastern end of Lake Superior above the

St. Mary's river.  On the northern shore, the diggings

extended 150 miles, varying in width from four to seven

miles... The pits ran in practically a contiguous line for

30 miles through the Rockland regions...


"Estimates of 10,000 men working the mines for 1,000 years

seem credible, as does the conclusion that they were not

slaves, because the miners carried away their dead.  No

ancient graves nor evidence of cremations have been found

in the Upper Peninsula.  Indeed, virtually all they left

behind were their tools, literally millions of them.  As

far back as the 1840s, 10 wagonloads of stone hammers were

taken from a single location near Rockland.  The mauls

appeared to be mass produced in various sizes and types to

serve different tasks. 


"W.H. Holmes succinctly writes, 'It is unlikely, however,

that any considerable amount of the shaping work was

conducted on the island.  It seems to me more likely that

the pieces of metal obtained were carried away to distant

centers of population to be worked by skilled artisans and

we may justly assume that a considerable trade existed in

the raw material.'  Those 'distant cneters of population

were Rock Lake and Aztalan, which were connected to the

Great Lakes mining areas by a belt of similar mounds.  One

upper Peninsula temple-mound was 10 feet tall, 15 feet long

at the sides and virtually identical to Aztalna's Pyramid

of the Moon.  As we shall see, the ancient copper miners

and the inhabitants of Rock Lake-Aztalan were one and the

same people.


"America's ancient copper mines represent the key to

unlocking Rock Lake's deepest secrets.  The grandiose

mining enterprise began suddenly around 3,000 BC and

terminated just as abruptly 1,800 years later. 


"When prehistoric America's copper mining ceased all at

once in 1200 BC, the Michigan pits were abandoned for the

next 21 centuries.  They were suddenly opened in 900 AD, an

event that can only mean that, despite the virtual

abandoment of the Rock Lake area for thousands of years...

[somebody KNEW about it - and came back].


"Alliance with another mound building people at Spiro,

Oklahoma, near the Arkansas River, provided portage to

Mesoamerica Trade Centers.


"Roy Ward Drier writes, 'That the copper from which tools,

scattered over such a vast area of country, were

manufactured, came from the ancient mines of Lake Superior,

does not admit of doubt.  Although large and numerous

deposits of copper ore are scattered through Arizona, New

Mexico, Mexico and Central and South America, there is no

evidence that the aborigines had sufficient metallurgical

knowledge or skill to reduce the ores to refined copper. 

The shores of Lake Superior have the only known workable

deposits of native copper in the world.  The term virgin

copper is well used to denote its purity.  In this latter

day, it outranks all others in the markets of the world."


"Archaeological excavations in the 1930s at Aztalan

discovered the remains of a large rectangular building

containing an abundance of unworked copper, establishing

the site's identity as a mining town. 


"The original inhabitants of the Canary Islanders referred

to themselves as 'Canari' long before the Romans arrived. 

The name appears to have had a similar meaning in both

Latin and the native speech, which was a mixed Indo-

European language with at least several Latin cognates.

"Previous to the 1st cnetury AD, the Atlantic group was

known throughout the Mediterranean World as the Blessed

Isles, the Fortunate Isles, the Hesperides, or the Isles of

the Blessed.  [Arcadia???} Forgotten for all of classical

civilization, they were isolated from outside contact for

almost 1,000 years until their rediscovery by Portuguese

sailors in the 14th century.  The Canari more commonly

referred to themselves as Guanches (men) a once civilized

race that had sloly degenerated over millennia of

interbreeding, while their level of society slid back,

quite literally, into the caves...

"Before their virtual elimination, some studies were made



genetically debased condition, they preserved traditions

from long gone ages of civilized greatness and still

gathered at the ruined stone monuments of their ancestors

for special events.  Some of these cyclopean walls, called

tagora, survive as crumbling rectangular enclosures,

CIRCLES, and even pyramids.


"At Sant Cruz, captal of Tenerife, largest of the islands,

I was surprised to learn that regular, ancient contacts

between the Canaries and North America were generally

acknowledge by the academic community.  Talk of possible

pre-Columbian visitors from Europe is tabu throughout

professional circles in the United States, but Tenerife's

leading historical scholar, Professor Lopez Herrera, writes

'One fact about wheich we may be certain is that there

existed a relation in ancient times betwen the people of

Canarian origin and the inhabitants of America.'


'From Tenerife I took a ferry to Lanzarote, which is 125

miles closer to north Africa than any of the rest of the

seven islands.  After docking at the capital port of

Arrecefe and checking into my hotel, I walked through the

ocean-front park, intent only on some casual sightseeing,

when I was thunderstruck to confront the very object that

thad been soudght in the depths of Rock Lake for more than

50 years: a 20 foot conical pyramid.  It exactly matched

thes sunken structure seen in the lake in 1937.


"In all my travels throughout Europe and studies of

classical and preclassical societies, I had never found so

much as a reference to a conical stone pyramid such as this

one, and, as far as I knew, nothing of the kind existed

anywhere else except under the waters of Rock Lake,



Enough for one paste-up!






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