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The common problem with psychopaths... “Is they don’t see a problem with their behavior.”
Psychopath Support Group
“Non-victims can’t understand this, but the psychopath really does suck the life out of a caring person. I try to think of them now as a slimy suckerfish right out of the swamp, vacuum-lips out and prowling for someone vibrant and attractive to con and eviscerate.”

If you are a good person you will meet many evil people in your life, you need to recognize them and their actions. More importantly you need to recognize which evil behaviors you have been conned into accepting as reasonable and to reject those behaviors - both in yourself and in others - as unacceptable.

The English language has a variety of terms for psychopaths, of which "bastard" is perhaps the most polite. They have always been with us, and despite their corrosiveness and rejection of social mores, they show no signs of going away.

Think you can spot one? Think again. In general, psychopaths aren’t the product of broken homes or the casualties of a materialistic society. Rather they come from all walks of life and there is little evidence that their upbringing affects them.
Most of the two million psychopaths in North America aren’t murderers. They’re our friends, lovers and co-workers. They’re outgoing and persuasive, dazzling you with charm and flattery. Often you aren’t even aware they’ve taken you for a ride – until it’s too late.
The problem of plausible lies is the most serious problem facing humanity today....Most good people are only aware of the least intelligent part of the evil distribution; those are the people who are obviously evil: criminals. The normal and intelligent ends of the evil distribution totally escape most good people's understanding.

Only as of late, with all the Enron scandals and related crimes, people are waking up to the fact that the most dangerous psychopath of all is the educated, socially adept psychopath, in fact, Dr. Hare recently said that he would probably be able to find many psychopaths involved in the stockmarket. It is time for American to "wake up" says Dr. Wolman, because we are being threatened by a serious epidemic of psychopathy.

The Psychopathic or Sociopathic Personality

Based on twenty-five years of groundbreaking research, WITHOUT CONSCIENCE is a fascinating journey into the minds of these dangerous individuals. Are they born unable to feel empathy, or are they created by circumstance? How and why do they get away with cheating, conning, and murdering? Are they mad or simply bad? In what Dr. Hare calls our "camouflage society," how can we recognize and steer clear of these predatory people?

WITHOUT CONSCIENCE explores their shocking patterns- and exposes one of the most frightening, often-hidden social problems affecting our lives today.


The Psychopath is much more successful than you and I because he is not hemmed in by all sorts of impediments or worries.

A discussion with Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig & James Hillman

“We fall prey to the seduction, it is irresistible. Then the nightmare of horror begins. The shabby treatment, the avoidance. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. He had been so sincere, so kind. It was Jekyl and Hyde.”
“They go for the strongest and the best, but preferably those who are something of rebels within the group...the LEAST controllable. Because if they can crush them, they crush most of the rest at the same time. If they start at the bottom, with the weakest, it’s a long way to work their way up…The ideal target is therefore, strong, smart, rebellious and vulnerable through previous abuse.”
“A favored technique is to debilitate your identity [personally, I hate the term self-esteem] by levelling false accusations and/or questioning your honesty, fidelity, trustworthiness, your “true” motivations, your “real” character, your sanity and judgement.”
“They are absolutely the world’s best manipulators, liars, and fabricators of truth. They do so convincingly because they believe their own lies. After all their life is nothing but a lie, a sham, how can we possibly assume they know anything different.”
“Others around me would get so tired of the whole thing and insinuate that I was perpetuating things. All I wanted was for him to leave me alone. Part of the hurt and damage was done because others could but would not see what was actually happening. He would always try to ingratiate himself to others it was sickening. Usually psychopaths put on the nicest act, and you look like the harpy and bitch, and so everyone takes their side, it is a horror story, a psychopath can be very charming, and manipulative and manipulate the smartest of people.”
“My biggest frustration and source of anger, is at those who have refused to take a stand when they see the abuse . No matter how outrageous his behavior others often stood by and inadvertently fuelled his grandiosity and denial... although denial is too mild a word for it.
“If a psychopath throws the “bad childhood” stuff at you, keep in mind he might be trying to get sympathy and make an excuse for his atrocious behavior towards you and/or others. If we let these people make us feel sorry for them, we ultimately end up in the submissive position again...just what they want. I can “pity” them yes...but I refuse to shed another tear over the tragedies suffered by who is now, only a shell of a person.”

Regarding a psychopath: Considering a longitudinal section of his life is hard to avoid the conclusion that here is the product of true madness - of madness in a sense quite as real as that conveyed to the imaginative layman by the terrible word lunatic.

With the further consideration that all this skein of apparent madness has been woven by a person of (technically) unimpaired and superior intellectual powers and universally regarded as sane, the surmise intrudes that we are confronted by a serious and unusual type of genuine abnormality.

Not merely a surmise but a strong conviction may arise that this apparent sanity is, in some important respects, a sanity in name only. We find instead a spectacle that suggests madness in excelsis, despite the absence of all those symptoms that enable us, in some degree, to account for irrational conduct in the psychotic.

Only very slowly and by a complex estimation or judgment based on multitudinous small impressions does the conviction come upon us that, despite these intact rational processes, these normal emotional affirmations, and their consistent application in all directions, we are dealing here not with a complete man at all but with something that suggests a subtly constructed reflex machine which can mimic the human personality perfectly.

So perfect is this reproduction of a whole and normal man that no one who examines him in a clinical setting can point out in scientific or objective terms why, or how, he is not real. And yet we eventually come to know or feel we know that reality, in the sense of full, healthy experiencing of life, is not here.


“Leaving is hard because of all that goes along with the going. It is not just the person you have to give up but your hopes and dreams and fantasies. It only happened for me in increments and I cried UNCLE often thinking if I gave it one more go I’d break through. It wasn’t until I really knew that no matter what I said or did or didn’t do this person could never love me or anyone.”
“The fantasy was exactly that, a FANTASY, that he created for himself, and presented to me as reality. My head said the fantasy wasn’t valid. I kept reminding myself: if the fantasy was real, I wouldn’t be treated like dirt, and feel like shit!”
“I have finally come to the conclusion that they cannot change, so all we can do is to refuse to participate in their sick drama and leave the stage.”

Cleckley: [T]he familiar tendency to disintegrate, against which life evolves, may be regarded as fundamental and comparable to gravity. The climbing man or animal must use force and purpose to ascend or to maintain himself at a given height. [...] Whether regression occurs primarily through something like gravity or through impulses more self-contained, the backward movement (or ebbing) is likely to prompt many sorts of secondary reactions, including behavior not adapted for ordinary human purposes but instead, for functioning in the other direction. The modes of such reactivity may vary, may fall into complex patterns, and may seek elaborate expression. [...] People with all the outer mechanisms of adaptation intact might, one would think, regress more complexly. [...] In a movement (or gravitational drift) from levels where life is vigorous and full to those where it is less so, the tactics of withdrawal predominate. [...] The psychopath as we conceive of him in such an interpretation seems to justify the high estimate of his technical abilities as we see them expressed in reverse movement.

Organic Portals: The Answer to Psychopathy?

"Alien reaction machines" in human form describes individuals with Anti-Social Personality Disorder (APD), Sociopaths, and Psychopaths.
The material presented in the linked articles does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editors. Research on your own and if you can validate any of the articles, or if you discover deception and/or an obvious agenda, we will appreciate if you drop us a line! We often post such comments along with the article synopses for the benefit of other readers. As always, Caveat Lector!

Retreat from Zaca

V Replies to "Retreat from Zaca"
[Our comments in brackets]

From: V
Date sent: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 01:16:40 -0400
Subject: Rebutal to Retreat from Zaca

Retreat from Zaca Additional Commentary by Laura added 8/11/01 at the end of this report. A report by a member of the Cassiopaea E-group.

***V: Just who is this? Why the need for anonymity?

[There is no "need" for anonymity, merely the request of the writer. That request is honored.]

Some misconceptions have arisen concerning the Zaca Retreat planned in Santa Barbara for September 21-23, 200l. This report is to help readers of this website understand what has taken place in the past few weeks.

*** V: This piece creates more misconceptions than anything so far! Rather than helping the reader understand, it is forcing upon the reader a very skewed and one-sided view. ***

[The above is subjective- See Retreat from Zaca. for an account.]

Laura and Ark Jadczyk were invited to appear as speakers for the retreat and billed, on the magicjourney website of one of the organizers as follows: * Laura Knight Jadczyk, author of the forthcoming The Wave, and her physicist husband Ark Jadczyk prepares us for the coming shift to 4th density with the first ever conference presentation of the Cassiopeaen material.

*** V: Is there anything wrong with this presentation?

[There was no qualification as being "wrong." It was posted for information purposes..]

Ark and Laura tentatively accepted the invitation and announced the conference on their own webpage with a link to the conference details maintained by the owner and representative of Fifth Way Mystery School, one of the conference sponsors.

*** V: Tentative is a very disingenuous word here. If you promote and advertise the conference, as Laura and Ark did, for over three months, one might suppose that their agreement and involvement is far from "tentative."

[disingenuous=not straightforward; not candid or frank; insincere. The essential point here is the nature of conferences and public appearances in general. We seem to have a difference of perception as to what a conference is.

A Conference, in academic terms, is an event where one is invited to exchange knowledge and information with others who are interested in the same subjects, or the subject of the conference.

Conference: The act of conversing or consulting on a serious matter; a consultation; a meeting to reconcile differences.

Our acceptance of this invitation to a "conference" was based on certain data, and the perception of the reality available to us at that moment. With new data and consequent implications, i.e. when it was brought to our attention that the differences are irreconcilable, we were no longer willing to participate.

Remember: we are not "performers" at a rock concert designed to draw a crowd and make money.

We agree that, from V's perspective, we may have behaved unprofessionally. Indeed, such conferences are not our profession.]

It should be clearly understood from the outset that this was an invitation, not a contract.

***V: It was a verbal agreement, publicly promoted by Laura and Ark, and is therefore a tacit contract. Ark and Laura were only two of half a dozen or more scheduled presentations.

[Again: is it a "conference," or is it a money making "performance?"]

In the world of conferences, if an invited speaker cancels, for whatever reason, it is the responsibility of the organizers to find an acceptable replacement, if such is needed.

*** V: Yes indeed, but most speakers do not go out of their way to disrupt the conferences from which they have decided to abstain.

["Going out of our way" to "disrupt" would certainly entail a lot more than merely making our position regarding practices and teachings of the sponsors of the conference in a notice on our website in an attempt to answer the questions of our readers. ]

Laura and Ark have worked diligently to combine both science and mysticism in their writing. They are scrupulous in maintaining a professional, scientific standard of work which requires full documentation of all work quoted or sourced. As a result of a discussion on the Cassiopaea egroup, it was brought to their attention that Fifth Way Mystery School was not just interested in "Enochian Magick" as an intellectual and/or historical study, but that it is open towards teaching and advocating practice of same. Being alerted to this factor, Laura undertook to study the writings and presentations of the Fifth Way Mystery School more carefully. As a result, she became acutely aware that the organizers of the conference were publishing and advocating the very things that she and Ark had found to be barriers to a scientific approach to the mystical and paranormal.

*** V: The errors and misunderstandings in the above paragraph are significant. Laura has always been aware of my pursuits. Nothing has changed but her perspective, and one must wonder why. Simply saying that she didn¹t know is disingenuous at best.

[disingenuous=not straightforward; not candid or frank; insincere. V's interpretation above is subjective. Our acceptance of this invitation to a "conference" was based on certain data, and the perception of the reality available to us at that moment. With new data and consequent implications, i.e. when it was brought to our attention that the differences are irreconcilable, we were no longer willing to participate. ]

Laura and Ark realized that such an association was contrary to their personal philosophy, as well as the essence of their public work. It was thought that they could simply answer the questions of any readers by posting a disclaimer so that visitors to their site would have no question that there was any personal connection. The disclaimer read as follows: Please note that our agreement to appear at the conference in no way indicates our support or agreement with many of the practices of the Fifth Way Mystery School, or the San Graal School of Sacred Geometry and associates. Further, while we are students of scientific ancient gnosis, we are critical of the theories of "galactic alignment;" further, we are strongly critical of teachings of rituals of any form or sort as can be determined by reading the pages presented on this site. Knowledge Protects.

*** V: I must ask if they felt this way, why didn't they just pull out at that point? Why make it public? And without so much as emailing me to announce their decision?

[At that point, we were not aware that it was not a conference by our definition of the word. The necessity for making our position public is clear. We have thousands of readers, and some of them were providing us with their insights and writing with questions as to why we would be associated with practices that are contrary to what we promote on our website.]

Within two weeks of the posting of the disclaimer, Ark and Laura came to the personal decision that a disclaimer was not enough. They elected to cancel their appearance. This announcement was made to one of the organizers and the Cassiopaea E-group simultaneously.

In an email to this person, Laura remarked:

It is beyond the pale to be associated with ritual magic, enochian stuff that is connected (however you may protest that it is "intent" that counts) to Parsons, Crowley, and a host of negative and bizarre activities of those who were clearly either failures, or succeeded in instituting more mind control programs.

Following that, the organizers, took issue with the cancellation telling Ark and Laura that because of their disclaimer, all of the other speakers had canceled and the Fifth Way Mystery School was withdrawing their support from the conference. They received the following on August 6:

The other speakers began backing out soon after word spread about your defection. If you didn't want to attend, because you didn't like the sponsor or the program agenda, the thing to do would have been to withdraw then. NOT wait until you are the only one left and then withdraw.

And then later, on August 7:

Which means that the conference is all yours. I'll handle the folks who were interested in the other parts of the program, and it will be a weekend with Laura and the cassiopaeans, exclusively. I'm sure the folks from the group who have signed up would prefer that anyway. I'll take care of the zaca lake details for handling your reduced group, and your plane tickets out there. Anything over the expenses you are welcome to keep.

Which was followed by:

... your disclaimer, flame wars that you probably haven't even heard reports of yet, your posts and articles on the site, speakers dropping out of the conference and so on. And further:and you're the only speaker left, you decide not to do it.

So, the claim of the organizers is that the other conference speakers had canceled their appearances because of the disclaimer posted on the Cassiopaea web site and Laura and Ark were the only remaining speakers. Thus, the organizers were proposing that they turn the conference center over to Ark and Laura and their group and they could hold a private conference.

***V: Yes, at the point at which these emails were written, it did look as if the others would back out. That's why I was trying to come up with an alternative arrangement. At that point, Laura and Ark were the only viable speakers left. The reality of the conference is that most of the space was filled by Cassiopaean followers, hence the idea just to let Laura and Ark have the conference. This also meant that if the Cassiopaean folks pulled out, then there would in effect be no conference, no matter what anyone else thought about it.

[It's pretty hard to understand the above remark "It did look as if the others would back out," when clear and unequivocal statements were made as follows: "The other speakers began backing out soon after word spread about your are the only one left," and: "speakers dropping out of the conference, and you're the only speaker left..." posted not only to us, but to the list of attendees, as well as the egroup, and assorted others. Meanwhile, at least one of these "other speakers," was most definitely not aware that he had "cancelled." But, we find the clue to the why of the whole situation above: "The reality of the conference is that most of the space was filled by Cassiopaean followers." It is disrespectful to our readers and members of our research team and discussion group to call them "followers." That is another example of the interpretatitive differences that created the necessity for this series of comments in the first place.]

Of course this was not acceptable for the same reason given above.

*** V: OK, why wasn't it acceptable? The FWMS was no longer involved, there was no other questionable, in the view of Laura and Ark, speakers or sponsors involved, so why wasn¹t it acceptable.

[For the reasons given above. As new data and information became available to us, the decision became evident as unavoidable.]

Laura and Ark had announced their decision not to attend the conference to the Cassiopaea discussion list members so that those who had signed up to attend mainly to meet Ark and Laura would have time to decide whether to apply for refunds if they so wished.

*** V: But of course, they neglected to say anything about it to me before the post went up. If they had, they would have gotten the whole story, including the fact that I was doing my best to reach an agreement that would make, hopefully, everyone happy.

[V was notified simultaneously via a post to the egroup of which V was a member.]

However, one of the organizers wrote:

My contract with Zaca Lake Foundation reads: "Deposit is non-refundable 60 days prior to retreat." Sixty days was July 21. You guys canceled on August 5, barely giving even six weeks notice. [...] Since I am responsible for the conference, my name on the bottom line and all that, I will do what I can to get as much of the deposit returned as possible. And we will of course just eat the loss if we have to and return everyone's money.

*** V: I don¹t see how that could be any clearer. My name is on the contract, and as JWiedner, Director of the Zaca Lake Retreat, says below, the deposit was paid and was, at the point at Laura and Ark withdrew, non-refundable. Again, if they had withdrawn when they put the disclaimer up, none of these problems would have arisen.

[If there had not been an email from V to the attendees (but also to unrelated and unconcerned parties) that the conference was being cancelled, and the reason for it being our "defection," and our "trashing," none of these problems would have arisen.]

At this point, an email was received from another of the organizers who had been presented to Ark and Laura as the "manager" of the conference center. He wrote:

I cannot give him his [VB] money back without breaking serious ethical rules. I will not break those rules as I have given my word to follow them. All in all, it seems that the organizers are seeking excuses so as not to refund the money of those attendees who wish to cancel.

*** V: So just how is this "seeking excuses so as not to refund the money"? I said clearly that even if we couldn¹t get the deposit back, we would stand good for the money.

[Many people are waiting for it. Read further for the Consumer Laws.]

Additionally, one member wrote to one of the invited speakers to see just what was so distasteful to them in the disclaimer that they felt they had to pull out of the conference, as the organizers were claiming. This speaker/author said the following:
From what the coordinator told me, the Cassiopaea group was invited to participate and while promoting the event to their contacts via their website they denounced or "trashed" the aspects of the conference related to precession and galactic alignments. Very unprofessional, and look at the result. As a speaker I had nothing to do with any of this and didn't even know about it until now.
This statement explicitly contradicts the claims made by the organizers: The other speakers began backing out soon after word spread about your defection. [...] you are the only one left ...We will of course just eat the loss if we have to and return everyone's money. And, that¹s where it stands at present.

*** V: All of this is very deceptive. The person who wrote to [name deleted] failed to say anything about her motive or intent. Here's her email:

I understood that you were going to give a presentation at the Zaca Retreat Center in September. I was considering attending this conference, but was told that you had now canceled. I was wondering if this was true.

[Seems to be a pretty straightforward question to us. We see nothing deceptive whatsoever.]

***And of course, [name deleted] emailed me immediately. However, [name deleted] was the one person completely out of the loop, as he's going to be in southern CA anyway. He's going to be there even if there isn¹t any conference. However from his response above, you can see how he feels about the situation.

[Again we quote from V's posts, both private and public: "The other speakers began backing out soon after word spread about your are the only one left," and: "speakers dropping out of the conference, and you're the only speaker left..."]

Laura's Comments Added on 8/11/01 First I want to thank all of you who have written letters of support and encouragement. As we have said to those of you who were disappointed that we would not be at Zaca Lake, we will be setting up a conference or symposium of our own in the very near future. So, those of you who want to save your money to attend the planned meeting here in Florida, do need to take whatever actions are necessary to obtain your refunds from the organizers of the Zaca Lake conference. Several people have written to tell us that it is a simple matter of calling your credit card bank and asking for an immediate charge back. This may be what you wish to do.

*** V: As I have replied to those who have emailed me directly, we will make every effort to get everyone's money back to them. However, the conference is NOT cancelled. Here's what I said: For those of you primarily attending the conference to hear Laura and Ark, I am very sorry that this happened. However, I cannot refund your money before the event simply on those grounds. You are welcome to attend the conference anyway, as you have paid for it, and I am sure you will find it fascinating, entertaining and very informative, even without the channelled "wisdom" of the Cassiopaeans. I will keep a list of those who have paid but do not attend for the above reasons, and will make every effort to refund your money after the conference. I hope you accept, again, my apologies for the situation and realize that it was not of my making. As noted above: In the world of conferences, if an invited speaker cancels, for whatever reason, it is the responsibility of the organizers to find an acceptable replacement, if such is needed. And that is just what we have done.

[The federal government and many states have enacted legislation designed to give consumers the opportunity to change their minds and cancel an unwanted sale. Purchases made by phone or computer are governed by the federal mail and telephone order rule. The seller's principal obligation is to tell you about your cancellation rights at the time of sale.

When you are buying goods, (such as conference attendance), the law states that they must meet certain criteria. They must be: of satisfactory quality - they must meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as acceptable bearing in mind the way they were described, what they cost and any other relevant circumstances. If you are told that a shirt is 100% cotton, then it should not turn out to be cotton and polyester. These are your statutory rights. All goods bought or hired from a trader - whether from shops, street markets, mail order catalogues or door-to-door sellers, internet advertising, phone sales- are covered by these rights.

(This means that if the conference organizers cannot produce what they advertise, i.e. Ark and Laura, the attendees have a right to ask for a refund.)

The Federal Trade commission and consumer lawyers say: If there is something wrong with what you buy, tell the seller as soon as possible. As long as you have not legally accepted the goods you can still reject them - that is, refuse to accept them. One of the ways you accept goods is by keeping them, without complaint, after you have had a reasonable time to examine them. What is reasonable is not fixed; it depends on all the circumstances. If, however, you delay in examining what you have bought, or in telling the seller about a fault, then you may lose your right to reject.

(This means that you should immediately send a certified letter asking for a refund of your conference payment if you are not planning to attend. To delay, is to tacitly "accept" the conference as it is. Note the legal language above: "If you delay in examining or TELLING, you may lose your right to reject.)

Do not be put off by traders trying to talk their way out of their responsibilities. The law says it is up to the seller to comply with your statutory rights. So do not accept the excuse that "it's the manufacturer's fault." (Or that it is Ark and Laura's fault.)

Merchants who do not give cash refunds for non-defective, unused merchandise must conspicuously post a sign at the cash register, at the store entrance or at the point where the goods are displayed, disclosing their refund policy, credit or exchange policy and the conditions under which it applies. If there is no sign, consumer has 20 days to get a refund. (In some states, the seller is required to give a refund within 7 days of receiving request for same.)

The Federal Trade Commission ( provides fact sheets, buying tips, and a complaint form online. A consumer using credit cards is protected by the Federal Consumer Protection Act, which includes the Truth in Lending Act.]

The report above, put together by a member of our E-group, was our attempt to answer the questions of the readers. Our only concern was that those who wanted refunds should know that they had been promised by said organizer. We also wanted to make clear that we had been informed by the organizer that the conference was cancelled in its entirety.

*** V: Why not just post a simple announcement? Why turn it into an attack?

[The reader may wish to refer to the original report page, Retreat from Zaca, for the sequence of events. We said nothing until it became necessary to do so in order to answer the questions of the readers..]

It was not our responsiblity to post an announcement of any kind. We are not the promotors or organizers of the conference. The organizers announced in an email to most of the attendees: "The other speakers began backing out soon after word spread about your are the only one left," and: "speakers dropping out of the conference, and you're the only speaker left..." Many people were asking for their money back and were being confused by the different responses. Many were asking us what should they do. Rather than suggest that they do anything one way or another, we endeavored only to inform them of the sequence of events so that they could make up their own minds. V had had his say and left everyone confused.

We repeat: The report is our attempt to answer the questions of the readers. Our only concern was that those who wanted refunds should know that they had been promised by said organizer. We also wanted to make clear that we had been informed by the organizer that the conference was cancelled in its entirety. ]

The morning after the posting of the above information, we received the following post from one of the organizers:

Date sent: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:53:29 -0700
From: Alvin Wiley
Subject: Channeled Lies

Why do you lie when you say that others have backed out of the conference. This is not true. Not one has backed out except you (thank God for that!!!) You are a liar which somehow doesn't surprise me. You are also lying about the entities no doubt. Thank you for all the great material you are giving me for my article that I am writing about you. Each one of your indescretions will be noted. I know what you are and I will tell the world who you are working for. All of your bullshit 6th and 7th density beings and you call yourself a Physicist. You couldn't get a job as a janitor. I am telling [Conference organizer] to do the right thing and sue your asses into the ground. He needs to let the boys who are running your show know that we will not be trifled with. You should be sued for slander and I am telling Jirka Rysavy to do it as your claims are without merit. You have shown yourselves to be the perfect dupes. And your information is so full of crap it hurts. That's why you don't lis! t your sessions chronologicaly. You are back dating material as you find out what is right and what isn't. You are a classic intelligence operation and I intend to wipe you out. I am not afraid of you at all. I know that the devil runs as fast as he can whenever he is confronted. It is time to lay to rest all of this alien BS, this channeled crap and all the other lies that the NWO wants us to believe. If you expect anyone to believe that using a Ouja board is not Satanism then you should be attempting to get that fool into your organization. I told [Conference organizer] who you were, I said that time would tell.
Alvin Wiley

***V: I apologize for J's rudeness. Take it as an indication of the ire your actions have aroused. However crudely he makes his point, he does in fact have one.

[Which of the above are justifiable "points?" Is it: "You are a liar" or is it: "All of your bullshit 6th and 7th density beings and you call yourself a Physicist. You couldn't get a job as a janitor." How about: "I am telling V to do the right thing and sue your asses into the ground." No, it can't be that, can it? Maybe it's: "You should be sued for slander and I am telling Jirka Rysavy to do it." or: "You are a classic intelligence operation and I intend to wipe you out."

Again I ask, what is there about our decision to cancel participation in a conference that arouses such "ire?" Does it relate, perhaps, to the fact stated above, that the majority of the attendees were readers of our site and members of our discussion group? Does it relate, perhaps, to the fact that our cancellation means that the "product advertised" cannot be delivered and therefore, the sellers are required by law to refund the monies?]

Now, the curious thing about this is the fact that it seems that these conference organizers do not seem to be communicating with one another. Because the fact is, we received an email from the other organizer telling us that, because of our "disclaimer," all the other participants had "backed out." Another email was then sent, by this same conference organizer, to a list of over 150 people, saying the same thing. Here is the first of these emails: Date sent: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 10:33:24 -0400
Subject: Re: conference cancellation
From: [Conference Organizer]
In reply to Ark's email of: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 16:31:24 -0400
wherin Ark wrote:
[Conference organizer]
I know something about organizing conferences. When I decide to organize a conference - I take a risk. When my speakers cancel - that is either my fault or the objective necessity that I must also deal with. In such a case I am trying to find a replacement. To replace the speakers. If I am unsuccessful - well that happens. That's my risk. I need to deal with it. As for the participants - 10 days is a standard for a cancellation time. [With expectation of FULL refund] Six weeks is much much more.
From: [Conference organizer] Well, if you know something about conferences, you know how rude it is to trash the basis of the conference in public beforehand. Sort of suggests you have a closed mind. Sorry, but the other speakers began backing out soon after word spread about your defection. If you didn't want to attend, because you didn't like the sponsor or the program agenda, the thing to do would have been to withdraw then. NOT wait until you are the only one left and then withdraw. Sort of suggests bad faith along with that closed mind. However, trying to be helpful, a failing of mine I'm sure, I set it up so that your non-refundable deposit will cover a much smaller conference completely devoted to the Cs and you guys. Since it is too late to get a refund on the deposit, this was the best I could do for you. If that's not good enough, then I suggest you take responsibility for why it isn't.
[Conference organizer]
This email to us was then followed by the email sent to a hundred and fifty or so other individuals culled from our egroup and mailing list, as well as individuals who had signed up to attend the conference for the exclusive reason that they wanted to meet us. This lengthy email was composed of a series of emails and comments, many of which were slanderous and libelous. More importantly, they included emails from the private, moderated Cassiopaea egroup. The list rules of this egroup include the following statment:
This list is a PRIVATE list, it is closed to the public view for a reason. The information being shared on this list does not leave the list without prior permission of the listowner. The privacy of the list members shall be respected. Of course, each group member can discuss any of the issues discussed on this list, PRIVATELY, with friends or family, provided there is good reason to believe that such individuals will not be using this information in not-so- private ways. Otherwise, we, Laura and me, ask you to inform us about possibile privacy leaks or possible use of this information outside. [...] Please note: Responding to this message shall be considered acceptance of the Privacy condition.
It should be noted that the above conference organizer "responded" to the message, by clicking the link to join the Egroup. He was, therefore, agreeing to this policy. So it was that this organizer of the conference, who shared emails that were part of the private egroup with non-members of the egroup, was in direct violation of the privacy policy of the group. He violated not only our personal privacy, he violated the group's privacy.

*** V: As I was no longer a member of said egroup, having been purged for not believing the same way as Laura and Ark, the privacy restrictions no longer applied. I would glad have settled the entire matter privately, but I was never given the chance. Censorship is a very STS activity. What is it that Laura and Ark are afraid of? Why not let me reply to their libelous accusations?

[The emails were available to V during the term of his membership in the group. When he withdrew from the group, they were no longer available to him for any reason whatsoever. The privacy clause relating to the posts of the group, which are property of the group, covers those posts explicitly under all circumstances. The privacy clause covering the emails posted within the group was never revoked.

It is also not true that no opportunity was given to settle the matter privately. Efforts were made to settle it privately. And the issue was not one of "belief," but of associations that were clearly and evidently detrimental to all we do and stand for. V was not being censored, he was being given time to discuss.

We have never said that V had no right to his own choices. The issue here is: we have a right to OUR choices and whom we associate with.

"It is said in the scriptures that water is a form of God. But some water is fit to be used for worship, some water for washing the face, and some only for washing plates or dirty linen. This last sort cannot be used for drinking or for worship. In like manner, God undoubtedly dwells in the hearts of all - holy and unholy, righteous and unrighteous; but a man should not have dealings with the unholy, the wicked, the impure. He must not be intimate with them. With some of them he may exchange words, but with others he shouldn't go even that far. He should keep aloof from such people." (The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

Membership in our egroup is a certain level of intimacy. It is a closed group for research from the platform of the Cassiopaean "working hypothesis." It is not an appropriate platform for magick and rituals.

Being associated in business with practitioners of magick, is another level of intimacy. Being associated in public with such practices, is to advertise acceptance and intimacy. For us, when we were given data that made the platform explicit, none of these were acceptable.

It does seem that V is suggesting that HIS rights are paramount, and we have none. What explanation can there be for what he describes as "ire" being felt against us when we made a decision to distance ourselves from what we neither practice nor promote? ]

Nevertheless, as a result of this email, some of the group members began to have serious questions about the background and motivations of the organizers of this conference. Some questions had already been discussed between some of them, and many speculations and personal interactions with one or the other of the organizers were being shared with the group. The picture that began to emerge was not a very favorable one, to say the least. First of all, in his slanderous and libelous email, which included posts and information that were violations of privacy and confidentiality at numerous levels, the organizer of Zaca lake conference made this claim about his credentials:

*** V: My lengthy post contained nothing slanderous or libelous directed toward Laura and Ark. However, I have been slandered extensively:

The issue is, and I will repeat it again, the sponsorship by Fifth Way and San Graal, and the fact that both are publicly associated with practices and teachings that can be connected to what is perceived as Satanism, and no amount of declaiming that you are not a Satanist will cure that fact.

***V So I have been branded with guilt by associations.

[On the contrary, we have said nothing slanderous or defamatory. We have merely distanced ourselves and presented the facts in our attempts to answer the questions of our readers. V violated our privacy and the privacy of the group.]

*** I have been initiated into five different traditions. I hold a 3rd degree in traditional Wicca, I am a Christian minister of a gnostic and non-demoninational variety, and I am one of the highest ranking initiates of anything that passes for the Golden Dawn, also I have the barakah of the founder of the Abu Al Hagagg Sufis of Luxor Egypt and I am part of the Medicine Buddha and Kalachakra lineage of Tibetan Buddhism as well as a terton or terma treasure holder, of the Nyngma-pa tradition.

*** V: Note that Laura neglects to relate the rest of that passage: I learned a great deal from all of them. I have been fortunate to meet several real adepts within living traditions who have corrected my mistakes and validated my attainments. For this, I am very grateful. My personal practices at the moment are Tibetan Buddhist and the last 'ritual' I did was to read the Bardo for the father of a former client who made his transition last Monday.

***As I said before, in the censored email to big group, any ritual or spiritual practice that is done without complete understanding and an STO framework is liable to attract unwanted 4d critters and worse. And believe me, that includes ouiji board channeling and mirror work. And of course, using "magick" to curtail anyone's free will, in any way, is very much STS black magic.

***What is so funny about all this, is that I have been thrown out of many occult groups because of my insistence on some of the things concerning "ritual" that Laura espouses. I do think that most Wiccan and ritual magick workings are useless and worse than useless, and have said so.

***I called up an old friend and long time FWMS member and read her some of Laura's rants about the GD, Dee and rituals in general. She thought it was mine and wanted to know what group I was about to get thrown out of. When I told her that it was directed at me, and that yes I was going to get thrown out, we both had a good laugh. So just to set the record straight, I am not a satanist, I do not do magick of a control oriented STS type, ever, and I have not been programmed to search out and destroy the Cs. Sort of feels like testifying at the anti-amercian hearings of McCarthy or facing the inquisition, doesn't it?

Regarding such "traditions," immediately after we announced our decision to not be a part of the Zaca lake conference, we received an email from the other organizer as follows:

From: [Conference organizer]
Date sent: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 10:38:09 EDT

I thank you for proving that my suspicions were correct. I told [Conference organizer] that you 2 weren't sophisitcated enough to understand what we were saying in our book, I told him that neither of you was coming from a tradition, therefore you had no training, I told him that channeling is an open door to evil and pernicious spirits. I told him that you 2 would take every thing he said, twist it all up and then throw it out to the public without a care for the ramifications. I told him that you weren't sensitive enough to understand Pythagorian geometry. I told him that Ark just another crack pot who calls himself (constantly I might add just in case we forget!!!) a 'Physicist'. Like that means anything. I told him that the 'C's' were the worst historians imaginable and that they had missed large and important, but secret, aspects of history. I told him that one could tell that she (Laura) was getting everything from books that she was reading and that not one, not one, original idea ever came from her material and that she had frankly gotten much very wrong. What can I say? I mean she's talking to spirits for crying out loud - how can we believe anything a bunch of spirits say?

But no he wouldn't listen. I told him who you really are and who you are really working for. He said 'no' you're wrong.

And I said to him 'then we will see by what happens. If they use your words against you publicly, if they say things that endanger your life, then we will know who is who.'

Thank you so much for proving me right. I asked God to help me with my BS radar and I called the shots on you 2 over a year ago. Jus ask Steve Oakly who also foolishly fell for your very intelligent operation.

[Conference organizer] is not lying when he says that he has lost $2000 on the Zaca deal. As Director of the lake I can confirm that his $2000 check has been cashed and deposited. (Please call Adina, the Zaca Lake Business Manager 805 688 5699.) I cannot give him his money back without breaking serious ethical rules. I will not break those rules as I have given my word to follow them. You owe him that money. This has nothing to do with me anymore. All I know is that you gave your word. If you break your word you should at least help him out financially. (I know you won't because destroying [Conference organizer] was the entire point of the operation. )

(Read Fastwalker by Jacques Vallee, you and all of the others are pawns of an operation to destroy the old Gods and replace them with aliens and channelled beings, now the NWO will have gods that they can control).

I warned [Conference organizer] and he didn't listen to me.

I know who you are. I know what you are doing. You will eventually get someone killed with your foolishness. If you have an ounce of mercy, or free will, please stop your irresponsible words and think about what you are saying. Every thought that you place in someone's head is now directly related to your karma. When one goes public they take on a lot of karmic responsibility. You are not using your public responsibility in a good way.

[Conference organizer]

PS - I need to say this because it is proof of how sloppy the 'C's' really are: Knowledge doesn't protect anything. Knowledge in the hands of fools is the most dangerous thing that there is. WISDOM protects. Wisdom is knowledge coupled with intuition. It is the intuitive part that protects, the knowledge part is actually the aspect of being that places us in great danger. Quit reading trashy conspiracy books and cheap psuedo science and try a little Rene Guenon. You will find out how wrong you are. Geez.

***V: [Name deleted] is being no more disrespectful than you have been toward me.

[On the contrary, we have said nothing slanderous or defamatory. We have merely distanced ourselves and presented the facts in our attempts to answer the questions of our readers. V violated our privacy and the privacy of the group. It does seem that V is suggesting that HIS rights are paramount, and we have none. What explanation can there be for what he describes as "ire" being felt against us when we made a decision to distance ourselves from what we neither practice nor promote?]

The question we need to ask here is: what kind of "tradition" produces "initiates" of this kind? Most definitely NOT any tradition that I would want to know or follow. What is even more bizarre about this than anything else is the fact that it stems purely and simply from the fact that we made a choice NOT to be associated with, and in fact distance ourselves from, certain practices in terms of sponsorship and business. It was that simple. Yet, this decision has generated such expressions of vicious and vile slander and libel as quoted above, that it is utterly incomprehensible. What is even more beyond our bviously limited understanding is how such people can make so many claims about their "initiatory status," on the one hand, and act and write as they do in the above examples on the other? Well, we come to that most interesting part of our account here. As I noted above, certain members of the E-group decided that this was a perfect opportunity to exercise the Cassiopaean principle that Knowledge protects, so they went looking for knowledge. And in the interests of that principle, we are sharing it with the reader. On the Laura Lee website, you will find a "bio" of one of the conference organizers as follows:
[Conference organizer] currently practices a form of psycho-acoustic therapy, a trauma abreaction technique using light and sound entrainment of brain frequencies, in the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina. His academic background includes (at the University of South Carolina and North Carolina) English, History and Classical Studies with graduate research into the Hermetic origins of the Renaissance; other fields of intensive research include: ancient cultures and their shamanic practices, the history of language, cultural anthropology, Egyptology with extensive research into the El-Amarna Era, comparative religion, mathematics and sacred geometry, brain physiology, psychology, theoretical physics and psycho-acoustic technology. He is also a consulting geomancer or earth grid engineer and the Director of the Fifth Way Mystery School, an international group of Ophanic researchers. [Conference organizer's] background includes stints as a small town journalist, for the North Charleston News and the North Davidson Dispatch; rock critic for magazines such as Rolling Stone, Cream, Downbeat, Seventeen, and High Times; fiction in Isaac AsimovÕs Science Fiction Magazine, Hustler, Crescent Review and a novel, Walpurgisnacht from DAW Books (1981). An initiate of many different spiritual traditions, including Voodoo, Sufism, Rosicrucianism and ceremonial magick, [Conference organizer] lives with his wife, the artist [name deleted], and their four cats in a haunted yellow Victorian house on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest.

Now, that all sounds very impressive, doesn't it? But is it true?

Fom a long series of emails telling his "life story," we glean the following:
In the winter of 1977 - 78, I was in grad school in History and Classical studies at UNC, working part time as a freelance writer, including books reviews, etc. for the Psychical Research Foundation at Duke, part of FRNM or the Rhine Foundation. [...] Suddenly, my proposed thesis on the origin of the Tarot cards looked academic and tame. [...] In a very weird way, I was sort of assigned to write a novel about Aleister Crowley, Hitler and the more unsavory aspects of WWII's black magick. I was paid for it, although it took until 1981 to see print, and then in a heavily bowlderized form. To do this, I was "given" access to every bizarre Nazi document in existence. One of my friends in the group even got me access to the archives in Washington to look up certain strange practices of the SS. [...] When my research was done and a rough version of the book was circulating to publishers...
The remainder of this very long and most interesting account we will withhold for the present, since our interest is primarily in facts that we can verify. And above, we have the presentation of a fact that [Conference organizer] claims to have been doing graduate work. Now, graduate work explicitly includes the idea of having graduated with a Bachelor's degree at the very least - to be doing work to obtain a higher degree, such as a Master's or a Ph.D. However, as it turns out, one of the members of our E-group, who is faculty at a university, undertook to consult various databases that would reveal if, in fact, [Conference organizer] ever did obtain any degrees or do any work at the claimed university. He had no dissertation listed. But, of course, he never claimed to have his Ph.D. Nevertheless, he was asked about this, and he said he had no degrees, and he had never said he had any degrees. Yet, in point of fact, from the email quoted above, he did say that he had a degree in the statement that he was doing "grad studies." And he is listed as doing "graduate" work on the Laura Lee site as well. That is pretty much a claim to at least an undergraduate degree. We await further verification in these matters.

. *** V: Yes, I have an interesting academy background, mostly on a free-lance level. I never claimed any degrees, and yes it is possible to do graduate level work without an undergraduate degree. Just unusual, but certainly not impossible. Depends on the university and the student.

["Graduate work" explicitly includes the idea of having graduated with a Bachelor's degree at the very least - to be doing work to obtain a higher degree, such as a Master's or a Ph.D. And he is listed as doing "graduate research," NOT "graduate level work", on the Laura Lee site as well. That is pretty much a claim to at least an undergraduate degree." We await further verification in these matters.]

What about the book he claims to have authored, both on the Laura Lee site as well as in the above email account of his life? The title of the book is claimed to be Walpurgisnacht. Published by DAW books. Numerous book databases and card catalogs of libraries were checked, and there was no reference. It also does not appear on DAW books list of publications. They have an online list of all the paperbacks they have ever published, and it just isn't there. Curiously, however, in 1981 a sci fi writer named Roger Zelazny did publish a short story called "Walpurgisnacht," which came out in a book of his called Rhapsody in Amber, then was reprinted in Terry Carr's "Best SF of the Year" series in 1982, and reprinted again in 1983 in an anthology of Zelazny's called "The Unicorn Variations." We await further verification. Searches of databases for the articles [Conference organizer] claims to have had published is underway. We will update you on these investigations. Regarding the associates of [Conference organizer], investigations into their backgrounds are underway as well. Expect a full report with citations of sources at some point in the future. Our final comment is this: if those things that are stated as fact, which can be checked, do not result in confirmation from the "real world," what are we to make of those things that cannot be checked, such as the claims to high initiatory status in the various "traditions" named? We await further verification from the named organizations. We welcome input and/or additional data from our readers. Knowledge Protects.

*** V: When someone goes to this much trouble to attack you, when all you have done is try to help them, then one must truly wonder at the sanity and stability of those doing the attacking. This does not speak well for the results of prolonged contact with the Cassiopaeans.

[These pages would not even exist if a highly subjective and confusing version of our cancellation of presentation at V's conference had not been posted to most of the attendees, which, we have been informed by V, were mostly readers of our site. How is that "helping" US? How was it helping us to involve us in a conference without letting us know that the other organizer and manager of the conference center was, as we now know from his emails, so disrespectful and full of vituperation towards us? "All of your bullshit 6th and 7th density beings and you call yourself a Physicist. You couldn't get a job as a janitor." were his words, we believe. Had we known his attitude from the beginning, there would not have been any question that we would refuse to accept an invitation to speak.

Moreover, V violated our privacy and the privacy of the group. How is that "helping" us?

It does seem that V is suggesting that HIS rights are paramount, and we have none.

We have chosen to distance ourselves from him and his practices. When we announced this decision to distance ourselves from what we neither practice nor promote, we became the recipients of numerous insulting emails. How is that "helping" us? We were also barraged with emails from potential attendees with many questions as a result of the email posted by V. How is that "helping" us? The initial, short and "just the facts" report resulted in another insulting post from V's partner containing threats of lawsuits and dire destruction. How is that "helping us?"

We are still somewhat in shock that our cancellation resulted in the series of bizarre actions by the organizers of the conference. Not only did V send around his confusing email saying that we were the only speakers left - which was contradicted the statements of the other organizar - he did not remove our names from the advertisement of presenters as we requested. He was delaying a formal announcement of our cancellation and a selection for a replacement as any ordinary conference organizer would have done. How is that "helping" us?

In the end, had the cancellation been handled by the organizers in a professional way, with refunds to all those who decided at that point not to attend, there would have been no necessity to write a single word. That would been truly helpful to all concerned.

We have only presented the facts in our attempts to answer the questions of our readers.

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