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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 3


The question that comes to mind is: what would the peoples of that time have considered a "vile superstition," when one is aware of what they considered normal religious practice? The only thing that seemed to fit the bill, so to say, is the possibility that whoever was the figure around which the Jesus legend was wrapped, was teaching that the "God of this world" was an "evil magician." Not only that, but that he probably suggested that man is the manifestation of God, in both his aspects of positive and negative, and all creation is the "body of God," part of it being physical and part of it being spirit, and that there was no point in praying to an "external god" at all. Now that would have set just about everybody back then on fire! To suggest that sacrifice to the gods, that appeasing the gods, that honoring the gods, that praying to the gods, that expecting to be saved by or cleansed from sin by any of the gods if we just learn to "make nice and get along" and suffer as nobly as possible, was a waste of time would have been absolute heresy to all of the many religions! For them, such an idea, and only such an idea, would have been most definitely a "vile superstition."

In fact, we have something of a parallel in some remarks about Pythagoras. He was accused of believing the "vile superstitions" of the barbarians, that a soul is born over and over again into different bodies.

At one point in the Gnostic gospel of Thomas, the disciples ask Thomas what Jesus told him when he withdrew with him and "told him three things." Thomas said to them: "If I tell you even one of the things he told me, you will pick up rocks and stone me. Then fire will come forth from the rocks and devour you."

What in the world was so controversial about what Jesus was saying in private that even some of his closest followers could not be told?

At another point, Jesus says to his disciples, following a rendition of the parable of the sower: "This is also how you can acquire the kingdom of heaven. If you do not acquire it through knowledge, you will not be able to find it."

Repeatedly throughout the Gnostic texts, the seeking of knowledge, as opposed to belief in salvation from a "god out there" was emphasized. That was truly heretical in those days. In fact, it is heretical now.

If "three day deaths and resurrections" of savior gods was so commonplace throughout the Middle East, why was Jesus saying:

"You miserable people! You unfortunate ones! You pretenders to truth! You falsifiers of knowledge! You sinners against the spirit! Why do you continue to listen when from the beginning you should have been speaking? Why do you sleep when from the beginning you should have been awake, that the kingdom of heaven might receive you? I tell you the truth: it is easier for a holy person to sink into filth, and for an enlightened person to sink into darkness, than for you to reign." [Gnostic Gospel of James.]

At one point, in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus makes a rather astounding comparison:

'They saw a Samaritan carrying a lamb and going to Judea. He said to his disciples, "Why is he carrying the lamb around?" They said to him, "So that he may kill it and eat it." He said to them, "He will not eat it while it is alive, but only after it has been killed and has become a carcass." They said, "it cannot happen any other way." He said to them, "So also with you: seek a place of rest for yourselves, that you may not become a carcass and be eaten."

That's a far cry from the accepted Christian image of the "Good Shepherd." The point is, the Gnostic gospels, obviously the "other Christianity" that was abolished and buried by the church had, as the centerpiece of their teachings, that the gods of the many religions down through the ages were merely different manifestations of the Evil Magician of Gurdjieff. But such an idea is extremely difficult to deal with when one has been inculcated for all of their life in a belief system that includes, (as a precaution), the idea that such ideas as this will come along as the "wiles of Satan" tempting a person to renounce their faith.

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