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Adventures with Cassiopaea









Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 12


Any reader who goes through the Cassiopaean Transcripts with care will come to the realization that, more than anything else, the dialogues represent a personal diary of my life. They will also realize the level of trust I placed in Frank at certain points to have him present during so many very personal discussions. The reader may also realize the reticence I felt about publishing the entire transcripts, considering these factors.

Aside from the very personal element of the transcripts, as I pointed out in chapter 10, there are many segments in there that the C's specifically instructed us NOT to publish - for particular reasons. Then, there are the people who specifically did not wish for their private affairs to be aired, at least not with their names revealed. And then, of course, there were particular segments that I was not publishing out of consideration for Frank. However, having been placed in a position where full publication was necessary, we realize that it was certainly the right thing to do especially in consideration of Frank's recent choices. Because, in point of fact, the transcripts themselves are the testimony of my life as I struggled against Frank's losing battle with the dark forces. And now that they are published, there is no longer any possibility of protecting Frank.

The reader will notice that throughout the transcripts, against all evidence to the contrary, I continued to have faith that Frank would win the battle that the C's had indicated was taking place in him, that he would undertake the necessary self-examination that would enable him to become free of these forces.

In addition to the fact that the majority of the over three million words of the transcripts being a personal diary of my external life, they are also a diary of my spiritual life and a record of my initiation. As the C's said themselves, Frank was "just the one who awakened your sense of recognition." That they were distinctly OTHER than Frank was made clear when they noted, "We have helped you build your staircase one step at a time. Because you asked for it. And you asked for it because it was your destiny. We have put you in contact with those of rare ability in order for you to be able to communicate with us. Again, because you desired it, in order to realize your path."

Frank's "ability" was, indeed "rare." At a later point in time, an individual asked if he might contact the C's himself. Frank's role was clarified:

Q: (BRH) Is there any way I can contact you guys directly?
A: Well, D**, only if you present yourself into the presence of these 3rd densities here. Remember, their request was hard earned, and one of them has been channeling throughout this incarnation, much to his detriment. Those neighborhood kids usually do not respond favorably to psychic awareness, now do they? Another one here has literally turned the world upside down in search of the greatest truths for all of humanity, much to her potential peril. And the third one here had to endure almost unimaginable hardships and tests of stamina in order to realize his destined path of bringing your 3rd density realm to the brink of 4th density transitional adjustment. So, the path is open to you. Wanna follow?!?

We notice immediately the curious way Frank's ability to channel was described as being "much to his detriment" because "neighborhood kids do not respond favorably to psychic awareness." Again we see a clue to the "well-pipe" analogy. Wherever he is, whoever he associates with, to a great extent, that is what Frank channels. It is undoubtedly true that he suffered the torments of the damned as a "channel."

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