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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 18


Coming back now to our narrative, I think I will mention that, at the same time that I was dealing with the near-death of my daughter, my year-old, super-duper, large capacity, top-of-the-line washing machine broke down and the Sears repairman delivered the unpleasant news that it would cost almost as much to fix it as to buy a new one. It was, in fact, only about a week past the end of the warranty, and I was absolutely devastated by the news. Fortunately, my neighbor who worked for the appliance department at Sears also agreed with me that a washer that was so completely dead within a week of warranty end, obviously ought to be replaced, and she made sure that Sears replaced it with a new one at no charge. But, even before that item had been accomplished, my hot-water heater also died - completely - and I was faced with having to have a new one installed.

The point of this is that when the Matrix begins to shift, all kinds of mechanical things also go kaflooey. My best guess about this factor is that when the "program" is changed, and the reality is "merged," any electronic or electrical devices within the sphere of the targeted individual that have a "weakness" simply cannot survive the reality bridge. The same conditions seem to apply to plumbing. Noting these things over time, I began to have a deeper understanding of what Gurdjieff, Sufis, Alchemists, and others meant about watching the environment for small clues and messages. Things can be lost or found; objects fall and break for no apparent reason, new batteries go dead; pets can suffer in various ways, even including death; and just a whole host of "signals" manifest to get our attention, which we normally sweep under the rug and say "oh, that's Murphy's Law."

At this point, I want to back up to the end of August. There was a very strange event at the time of the death of Princess Diana that taught me something about the Matrix even if there were many other "clues" emerging at that time that I missed or ignored. The reader who has perused the series of emails from our July exchanges, prior to the flood in Poland, will see that not only were we coming to some idea of the trans-millennial manipulation of our reality in our digging around the issues of Rennes-le-Chateau, but it was at this point that the Cassiopaean Website was actually born.

Prior to this period, we had a few pages - very condensed - that were posted on Ark's website hosted by the server at the University of Wroclaw. During the month of July, along with everything else, the internet service I had been using started to get greedy and objected to the fact that I was online so much of the time. So, they decided to change their "unlimited access" to very limited access, and I was constantly being cut off in the middle of transmissions. Of course, they swore they weren't doing anything, and maybe they weren't - maybe it was something else. But, the end result was that I cancelled that provider and signed up for internet service with the local phone company. As part of the sign-up package, we were notified that we had reserved webspace. Ark decided that it was time to put the Cassiopaean material on the web in a dedicated way. We hoped that it would help bring us into contact with others who also had "pieces of the puzzle."

It was ten days before we could come back to this idea, between the time Ark left Florence, and by degrees and a circuitous route, made his way back to Poland. After he had returned and was able to assess the situation there, we decided that we would also use our webspace to try to generate interest in the Flood Relief effort. There was over a million dollars in damages to the University of Wroclaw, and Ark was spearheading the drive to obtain funds for repairs and restoration.

So, we had started to work on the dual project of getting some publicity for Flood Relief in Poland as well as getting the C's material on the internet. I was working practically night and day to assemble excerpts into chronological "subject" files. It was right at that moment that Princess Diana was killed.

Frank had come over that night and announced almost gleefully that Princess Diana had been in an auto accident and was not expected to live. "She could be dying as we speak!" he intoned ponderously. I didn't want to believe it, so I quickly logged onto the internet and went to CNN and discovered that the announcement that she had died had almost that instant been posted. I was too upset to do anything, so I sent Frank home after a short discussion and a cup of coffee. Several thoughts were niggling at the back of my mind, so after Frank had gone, started digging.

As I dug, I began to get the strange feeling that somehow this event actually related to our own activities, though I was unable to figure out how or why. I found a couple of references in Nostradamus that could have been construed to connect Diana's death to the Flood in Poland as if they were interactive events. If the C's were correct that the Flood in Poland was directly connected to efforts to thwart our "mission," then somehow, everything was part of a huge, global plan, which included the activation of certain archetypes.

I knew how easy it was to fall into the trap of ego, however, so I brushed that absurd feeling aside, and just synopsized my findings in a series of emails to Ark. In the end, I assembled the text of these emails and added a few additional comments, and they became the first "Diana Page." I had the idea that if I was correct, my posting of these ideas would "send a signal," and someone would signal back. On my mind was the strange comment the C's had made the previous May:

Q: Okay, some time ago when I had the '3 dominos' dream, or experience. I asked you about this, and you said it was not an important dream. Yet, it led to an incredible series of discoveries. Why did you say it was not important?
A: What was important, the dream or the discoveries?
Q: Well, of course the discoveries... and there really were no dominos... but it gave me a teensy idea that helped with all the rest... and one thing led to another to another...
A: Dream was not important until fulfilled.
Q: Anyway, I found at the same longitude as Oak Island, a place with the name "Percee." This led to Fontainebleau, Chartres, and Coll du Perche and Moulins la Marche. Then, the 'blue waters and white skies' led to lake Geneva and Point Perce. And this was the third 'Percy'...
A: Devour newspapers for any recent news re: Percy.
Q: Okay. So, then I had the thought that 'Percy' was the center of an incredibly complex web. It was like what you had described for me before: mosaic consciousness. I
could see connections no matter which way I looked. I mean, literally everything connects... alchemy, Rosicrucians, Masons, physics, genetics, eschatology, Cassiopaea, prime numbers, Medusa, Perseus... I mean, it is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life...
A: So far...
Q: Okay. But, that led to the idea of the universe being like a sort of spider web, with the spider being at the center... kind of an expanded and more complex 'perpendicular reality' idea. All the levels connected by the threads, or conduits... the gravity binder from the spider in the center... am I onto something here?
A: Stay tuned...

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