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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 6


It is important to remember, in the telling of the present story, that what we are talking about here is "where the rubber hits the road." That is: our ordinary relationships with other people. It is in the context of human behavior that we either attract or repel higher influences. It is in the reality of our daily lives that we either manifest this archetype or that one, depending on our choices.

There is a very important thing that I am trying to convey, something that I have said before, but which bears repeating: it is in the context of our ordinary lives that the Universe answers our questions. Learning to "read the symbols of reality" includes examining our experiences and extracting the "juice" from it so as to progress along our path of learning. If we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, can we say we are learning? And we notice that the kinds of mistakes that people make most often, the kinds of mistakes that cause the most suffering at all levels of society, are the mistakes of relationships with others.

In writing about these things, I am trying to describe the events as they unfolded and what the meaning was that I found in them, both at the time (which was sometimes right, sometimes wrong), and in retrospect. The greatest thing a person can do is to give something to another that helps them have a better experience in life. Unfortunately, the human being is not born with an instruction manual, and most of the ones we have at the present time seem to be written to deliberately obscure the matters of most concern to us: how to not suffer over and over again by making the wrong choices in relationships.

But if our energies are truly what is at stake in our relationships, and if it is true that only when we recoup a sufficient amount of energy, are we able to "grow," then it becomes of paramount importance who we do or do not interact with in a close, psychologically connected way.

And that just flies in the face of the teachings of our society. We are supposed to forgive and forget; give the benefit of the doubt; compromise; let's all get along; "I love you, let's work it out," and so on and on.

But what if all of that is designed to keep us in relationships that make us food? What if that is designed to keep us from having enough energy to "grow?"

Writing about most of this is very painful. Living many of these experiences was very painful. I know from direct discussions with others that they, too, have had similar painful experiences. Nearly everybody has. But for some reason, it is deemed "taboo" to discuss it. It is considered to be "gossip" or "petty" or "why don't we all kiss and make up?"

The same people who give such advice are generally the ones who have had half a dozen partners who beat them up, or ran around on them, or spent the grocery money on drugs, or they are the psychiatrists or doctors whose livelihood is dependent upon us being sick either in mind or body.

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