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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 34

September 11, 2001, Attack on America. I am sure that it is not lost on the reader that it was exactly 24 years before, to the day, on 9/11/77, that Holly Maddux was brutally murdered. Ira Einhorn was tried in absentia, all the evidence was presented, and a jury of his peers decided that Ira did it. It seems clear from the Medical Examiner's report that Ira must have been in such a frenzy that, even though the first one or two blows probably killed her, he continued slamming her delicate skull over and over again until there was nothing recognizable of her former beauty or identity as a human being.

Forensic psychologists tell us that when a person is murdered by repeated bashing of the head, it is invariably done by someone who knows them and who is enraged with them and seeks to destroy the source of their thinking and words which the killer cannot deal with. As the Cassiopaeans said:

Q: [...] I would like to know what is the deal with Ira. Either this guy is completely crazy to have lived for 18 months with a dead body in his apartment, completely egotistical and believes nobody else is as smart as he is, or the whole deal was planted to shut him up, or he was Greenbaumed. Now, did I miss any possibilities, is it one of these, or is it something else altogether?
A: Maybe he did what he did, and then, convinced himself that he did not a la O.J. Simpson.

In short, Holly Maddux was sacrificed on the altar of Ira Einhorn's ego. He had lost control of Holly, and Ira Einhorn was all about control - of others.

Many of the principals involved in the case are also now dead. Holly's father, unable to come to terms with the brutal death of his beloved little girl, committed suicide in 1988. Her mother died two years later of emphysema - no longer able to breathe the air of a world in which something so horrible could occur without any hope of justice. R. J. Pearce, the former FBI agent turned private detective, who doggedly pursued the "Unicorn," has passed on along with Ira's buddy from his heydays, Jerry Rubin.

Right up to the present moment, Ira Einhorn insists that he did not murder Holly Maddux, that he was "framed" by shadowy organizations because of his "studies" and associations with those doing experiments in psychotronics. Andrija Puharich is also dead, and most interestingly, before he died, he had come to some very different ideas about the entire situation - he scoffed at the idea that studies and information about psychotronics could ever lead to a plot to frame Ira for Holly's death. It is remarkable that so conspiracy minded an individual as Puharich, evaluated what Ira was doing as not sufficiently important to attract attention from any intelligence agency - whether CIA, KGB or some other nefarious strike force. And, of all people, Puharich was most familiar with the nature of the information Einhorn was dealing with since, for the most part, it came from Puharich himself. This also suggests a significant change in Puharich's mind about what he, himself was doing - that perhaps the information about "psychic warfare" was false, or that it was disinformation.

In the months following his arrest, Ira Einhorn looked many people straight in the eye and said "I did not Kill Holly." The famous intensity of his gaze engaged the doubter and, for the moment he was focused on them, their doubts were cast aside.

Do you know me as a violent person?
Why would I kill Holly Maddux, a woman I loved?
Even if I did kill her - and I didn't - would I really be so stupid as to leave the body in the trunk in my apartment for so long?

For many of Ira's friends, this last point was compelling evidence that he was framed. Somebody who would keep a corpse in his closet, just a few feet from his bed, was not the Ira they knew - clear-thinking and practical. Ira pushed the point by reminding everyone that all during the time that Holly's body was "supposedly" stuffed in his closet, he was entertaining friends, women, and so forth. If he really had a body in the closet, would he be so stupid?

His friends kept saying: This is NOT "classic Ira."

Ira would go through the list of contradictions between the actual situation, and what other people knew about him based on his "public persona," and the way he presented these "facts," it always seemed weighted in his favor. He was so cunning that, in his presence, listening to him talk, the majority of people would come away believing he was innocent.

There were a couple of people who had seen Holly with bruises that she admitted were a result of fights with Ira. But Arlen Specter argued that no one had witnessed Ira striking Holly, so the testimony that Ira had ever previously struck Holly was "hearsay." The judge did not agree.

Jerry Rubin told Ira that he could do a great deed for the world by admitting he had killed Holly, and then proclaim himself an example of an overdose of male domination, one of the problems in our world. Then, after paying his debt to society, Rubin went on, Ira could found an institute to study the problem of male violence.

Ira said it was an "interesting idea, but irrelevant" since he didn't kill Holly.

Arlen Specter thought that Ira's best hope was in the insanity defense. But Ira flatly refused. There was nothing wrong with HIS mind, and there was no way he was going to go along with any such idea. To him, claiming insanity was as much a disaster as admitting killing Holly - both actions would "discredit his lifetime work." His credibility would be in ashes, and nobody would believe that his ideas were legitimate ever again. The psychopath knows that admitting a lie is the end. Once they have done so, they have lost the one power over others on which they depend: the ability to lie with such flair that gullible, well-meaning people can always be found to believe them.

As the weeks went by, Arlen Specter realized the negative political implications of being associated with Einhorn, and turned the defense over to Norris Gelman. Ira kept boasting that he was going to expose the frame-up. His attorneys certainly hoped he had something along that line to produce, but apparently, he didn't. "You think the Russians came [...] and threw a beam on him?" Gelman mocked in derision of the very idea. And he was privy to Ira's best information.

Gelman didn't urge Ira to cop insanity. "The most brilliant defendant that ever hit City Hall, and I'm going to claim he was insane? No way!" Instead, Gelman's hopes were pinned on just a careful refuting of the evidence, point by point, and minimizing what could be minimized that was out and out damning. If he could just establish a "reasonable doubt," that was the best that could be expected.

Needless to say, Ira wasn't happy with that plan.

Ma Bell dropped Ira like a hot potato. Many of Ira's friends, as they learned more about the case, began to drop him and withdraw. One friend who did maintain ties walked down the street with him one day and Ira noticed that people no longer came up to him to hug him, happy to be seen in his presence. Instead, they avoided eye contact, or even crossed the street to avoid him. "'I'm not going to be able to be Ira Einhorn now.' And I realized he was a selfish, arrogant bastard," the friend reported.

Ira decided that hanging out in Pennsylvania while waiting for his trial was a bummer, so he went to California. He met a friend there and spent some time on her houseboat in Sausalito. Then he wandered to Esalen where he had spent so much time in the sixties. He met psychic Jenny O'Connor there, a woman who channels The Nine. Nothing significant came up.

He also met a young woman while there who, while high on MDA, claims that she "looked into his soul and knew that "this was an extraordinary being, scandalously charged with a crime he did not commit." So much for MDA insights.

He had lunch with Jacques Vallee, a conference with Mike Rossman, and then on to visit physicist Jack Sarfatti. Over and over again he was telling his story and finding sympathetic listeners. Sarfatti even organized a public meeting for Ira. Sarfatti marveled at how calm and "together" Ira was. Saul-Paul Sirag, another physicist, agrees. "The thing that impressed me was his incredible nonchalance considering the enormity of what he'd been charged with ... he seemed to be in great spirits."

Jack Sarfatti and Saul-Paul Sirag were unknowing witnesses to the amazing lack of conscience of the psychopath.

However, an odd event occurred that confused Sirag: "I had gone to the meeting with my girlfriend at the time [...] and we walked off in one direction and he went in another. I guess Barbara and I were arguing mildly, and Ira turned back and heard us bickering, and he said - as if this were a joke, but it was still weird - 'Beat her up.'"

Ira returned to Philadelphia fully charged from all his energy gathering in California. He had hoped that his lawyer's motion to declare the search warrant invalid would succeed and he would be able to retrieve his journals. The judge ruled that it was valid. Michael Chitwood had made sure of that. But, when the trial was postponed for other reasons, Ira went traveling again. Ira was spreading his "rap" everywhere he went.

According to Ira, he was doing stuff that They didn't want done. They - the CIA - didn't want Ira to connect Tesla, psychic discoveries behind the Iron Curtain, and remote viewing together.

Even though his passport had been taken when the things in his apartment had been confiscated, Ira managed to get another and flew to England to drum up support there. But the folks in England were already having doubts due to press coverage. Playwright Heathcote Huffer asked Ira if he did it. "He looked me straight in the eye and said no." Yet again, people were troubled by Einhorn's confidence and nonchalance. "I got the feeling that the whole thing was an inconvenience to him. That the work was important and this was kind of a nuisance."

After his return to Philadelphia, Einhorn took a new approach. He backed away from his hammering of the KGB-CIA theory and began to suggest that there was some sort of headquarters of the Nazi party in Tyler, Texas and that Holly's father was involved in the frame-up!

Oh, yes indeedy! Blame the victim! Classic psychopath.

The means of setting this idea in motion included asking his friend, George Andrews, to check out the possibility that Frank Maddux was a high officer in the American Nazi Party, and that the Nazis were somehow involved in planting Holly's body in his closet. Andrews was understandably shocked at Ira's implication, but he dutifully set about checking it out. He was unable to establish any validity to such ideas.

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