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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 17


It would be very easy to just "write off" the series of "attacks" I have been describing as "just the way things are." My daughters were just kids who made mistakes, and nearly died because of them. Our lives are just like anybody else's lives in the sense that about half the time good things happen and half the time bad things happen. It's just the nature of life, it's the way things are. The same things happen to everybody. And this last is most certainly true. And that is the point of the C's communication: to explain to us the nature of good and evil, the nature of this reality in which we live, where "bad things happen to good people," and very often, because of the fact that they are good, and are trying to do good things.

The interwoven themes of the Cassiopaean messages reflect the very things with which I was concerned for many years prior to meeting Frank and undertaking the "channeling" experiment. These two themes: the explanation for the existence of evil in a world created by a purported loving god, and the possibility of metamorphosis into a different world where there is no sting of sin or death, were expounded in the first manuscript version of The Noah Syndrome, written in 1985 and 1986. So, in a very real sense, it is altogether possible that the C's ARE me at some level of consciousness, that I have "made it all up" to explain the things that concern me in a crucially deep way. One thing is certain: these issues never concerned Frank and his entire consciousness was focused on rejecting and reviling human existence rather than attempting to understand and explain it, and learning to live in the world as it is, successfully and effectively.

It took me years to realize that Frank's contractile nature was not merely the result of being psychologically wounded, but was the fundamental expression of his being: SELF-ishness. I never realized that his almost serpentine lethargy was the way he was, because it was the WAY HE WAS. With my rose colored glasses, I thought this "stillness," this lack of activity was quiet strength. I accepted all his criticisms that I was always getting "attacked" because I was doing and sharing things. I tried to temper my nature, my natural tendency to share everything I discovered with anyone who asked with sober reflection and caution. Indeed, I am sure that caution would have kept me out of the soup on more than one occasion. But caution should not make a person inactive. One should not be so paralyzed by the fear of attack that they do nothing! I didn't realize that it is the one who accepts the risks of committment that is the stronger person.

Frank was not just afraid of committment and creativity, he was repelled by it from the depths of his nature. Committment and creativity are acts of giving, of sacrifice. It is the Sulphur of Alchemy, the Soul Fire. The Soul Light. It is joy and delight in giving away spiritual energy. And there was no joy or delight in Frank's soul; there was only fear, jealousy, and contempt. These are the emotions of stasis, inaction, or reckless destruction.


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