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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 9


At this point I would like to divert back into the past again for a little bit in order to discuss some of the background issues that are important to this process of recapitulation and revealing the Matrix.

Over the course of the past few days we had a meeting of members of the group, past and present, in order to discuss Frank-as-Cypher-in-the-Matrix. One of the many subjects that was put on the table was the issue of Frank's direct channeling, as well as several instances in which group members had strong, instinctive negative reactions to the material, none of which made sense until now. In a very real way, Frank has done all of us a favor by revealing his true agenda and orientation. This has made it quite easy to spot when Frank's controllers or Franks emotions were in motion, skewing the material.

Of course, all of us were just smacking ourselves in the forehead that we didn't think of it before. But Frank was very, very good at it. He's probably a lot better than his present compadres realize. After all, he spent years embezzling from a guy who is said to have been one of the smoothest operators in the business.

As I mentioned before, when Frank channeled directly, there was a repellant air that emanated from him. We discussed this at length, those who had experienced it attempting to describe it in words for those who had not. A couple of members proposed the idea that the directly channeled sessions ought to be completely disregarded as being entirely corrupted. I pointed out that, in all fairness, even if the material was subject to being skewed by Frank's emotional or programmed agendas, he was still able to be very accurate due to the "well-pipe" analogy. As long as he was in the physical presence of the individual asking the questions, he could "tune" into that persons mind to some extent, most particularly when the questions were personal. In this way, under hypnosis, he was quite able to "channel" via a sort of telepathy, the same way he was able to accurately read palms. He simply "connected" to the individual asking the questions and sort of "vacuumed" the information out and verbalized it, as long as they were physically present. At the same time, it seems pretty obvious that even if Frank claimed that he channeled "all the time," whatever he was channeling on his own, out of our presence, was very likely being beamed from a satellite at the very least, or downloaded from 4th density STS at most.

Another point we discussed was the fact that even things that may seem to be negative occurrences from one perspective, can be very positive from another. We have already noted the fact that STS oriented individuals have a sort of semantic aphasia - likely a consequence of "Wishful Thinking," and even when an obvious truth is right in front of their faces, they cannot see the range, depth, or associative properties of the principle. It was in this sense that Frank was quite able to participate in the delivery of material of a very STO orientation, because he simply could not understand what it really meant.

So it is that, in the present instance, Frank's declared alignment with the forces whose origin and activities are under discussion, we now have a much better handle on understanding some of the formerly puzzling elements from certain sessions that were so completely "out of character" for the C's. As we revisit the transcripts with Frank's exposed agenda and assignment to download, steal, drain, and then destroy, we are better equipped to recognize that activity and to literally spot Frank in action when his STS agent mode was activated! Fortunately, as the C's themselves denoted, it was only 30 percent corruption.

It wasn't just the direct channeling that suffered from Frank's manipulations, or from Frank being manipulated, whichever the case may be. And even with the presence of Terry, there were instances of the bleed-through of something - either from a higher density STS source - or Frank's psychological agenda. As we have already speculated, the latter is the tool of the former, so it's difficult to separate the two.

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The owners and publishers of these pages wish to state that the material presented here is the product of our research and experimentation in Superluminal Communication. We invite the reader to share in our seeking of Truth by reading with an Open, but skeptical mind. We do not encourage "devotee-ism" nor "True Belief." We DO encourage the seeking of Knowledge and Awareness in all fields of endeavor as the best way to be able to discern lies from truth. The one thing we can tell the reader is this: we work very hard, many hours a day, and have done so for many years, to discover the "bottom line" of our existence on Earth. It is our vocation, our quest, our job. We constantly seek to validate and/or refine what we understand to be either possible or probable or both. We do this in the sincere hope that all of mankind will benefit, if not now, then at some point in one of our probable futures.

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