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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 20


In the past few weeks, as I am writing these pages, I have received a number of communications from readers who want to know how they can develop the ability to "see the unseen" in terms of perceiving the activity of the 4th density reality. They want to know how to expand the Semiotic Content of their perceptual reality. I have also received messages from those who just don't "get it." But by far, the majority of communications have been from people who have been having "Ahah!" experiences right and left.

One reader wrote to me regarding the "used soap clue" of the previous chapter, which was the key that unlocked my understanding about many puzzling things over a long period of time. She described a very similar event in her own life which is not pertinent here. What was so interesting was the way she described how it feels when these connections are made, when one finally realizes that the Universe DOES speak to us in these little connections that are so small that, if we were not on the look-out for them, if we did not have some idea that there is a different dictionary, we would miss them altogether - we would sweep them under the rug. She described the realization that the Universe interacts with us dynamically in a way that is truly stupendous, as a feeling that is rather like shooting down one of those tall water-slides. She wrote:

You slide so slick, so fast, straight to the bottomƒ and you sit there for a moment collecting yourself from the ride. Don't you think this is the part that makes most people smile even if they're grimacing and gritting their teeth on the way down due to the gravitational plunge, the extreme sensation of near free-falling, landing, finally, intact; a whole new sensation... And no longer speaking metaphorically, at the end of the slide there is a whole new reality/perception, or maybe, finally, the acceptance of the para-perception that was being avoided.

I was, of course, concerned with the deception I had seen through; but more than that I was overjoyed at my ability to cope with watching the truth manifest right before my very eyes! My paraperception was no longer para, it was a full bloom perception. I had NO DOUBT about manipulating forces.

I have learned that the narratives of these types of incidents, when related to people who haven't experienced it, only provokes a rolling of the eyes and a demeaning comment about our sanity or grip on reality.

I know nothing new has been uncovered here, we've all had these experiences before. But it seems important to talk about it. But, doesn't it seem to be so that these experiences of direct interaction with the Universe seem to get bigger and more obvious with time? Maybe the sharing of these types of stories builds solidarity, and this energy of solidarity helps more and more people to pierce the veil.

Funny, when I think about it, the energy of the word solidarity is something I have longed for in my life - familial, personal, global, universal. It is like impenetrable strength of truly cosmic proportions. Solidarity.

As noted above, we have, of course, received a few complaints from folks who think that the "Adventures" will "never end," and who find the subject of dealing with Petty Tyrants as a means of learning to stand in the presence of the Unknown and Unknowable to be tedious, or even "petty." One person suggested that it is a "very large tale of pain and suffering" which is going to take "a long time to process," implying that such time would be wasted. At the same time, another reader is saying: "Please, keep it coming hard and fast. You're on a roll (once again) with many excellent insights and some of your deepest, most personal material."

Of course, the critics always make me stop and reexamine my process and ask myself just exactly what am I doing, and why am I doing it?

And, as usually happens whenever I am involved in writing anything, the Universe continuously responds to my requests for answers with additional clues and information and directions. In this particular instance, in the past couple of days, two things came along that were particularly significant in view of the subject matter of this series: the hyperdimensional reality as a Matrix Control System, and how we can become Free.

The first item that came along was the most recent issue of Fortean Times magazine which is devoted to the Mothman of John Keel fame, and the second is a SETI article shared by one of the egroup members on the same day. The Mothman articles are very timely contributions to the subject of unmasking the Matrix as a hyperdimensional reality, and the SETI article is an example of how the Matrix operates to Control people. In a funny sort of way, they are related, and I want to make some comments about them both, starting with the SETI article first.

The article, by a Mr. Doug Vakoch of the SETI Institute, says that "alienated people are more likely to think that ET will be hostile." Conversely, of course, anyone who thinks that ET will be hostile is "alienated!" The article then goes on to tell us that "When someone is confronted with ambiguous information, what he or she makes of the information can sometimes say a lot about the person." He then suggests that this connection demonstrates that people who hold a dim view of extraterrestrials have negative feelings about how meaningful life is. Right at this point, there is a problem. It seems that it has been arbitrarily decided that seeing life as meaningful can only be possible if an individual believes in the idea that "everything is beautiful and God is in his heaven and all is right with the world."

The article tells us:

We tested the hypothesis that if people feel like the world is cold and cruel, they're more likely than other people to imagine extraterrestrials as being cold and cruel as well. Thus, we set up the survey so we could measure two things. First, to what extent do people feel "alienated," and second, how hostile do these people imagine extraterrestrials would be?

Now, notice one very important thing: neither of these criteria have anything to do with the conclusion drawn as to the "meaningfulness" of the world. In fact, it is very likely that the exact opposite is true. But we are witnessing an example of the use of the Juvenile Dictionary in defining reality, as well as the establishing of an "authority" base from which to attack anyone who has the idea that the world, as it is, is not just peachy keen and strawberry bright. For example, let us have a look at the statements that establish whether a person is "alienated" or not. This little "test," we are told, was described by Robert Travis in the journal Social Indicators Research, and is called the Margins of Society Alienation Scale.

I feel all alone these days.
My whole world feels like it's falling apart.
I wish I were somebody important.
It's hard for me to tell just what is right and wrong these days.
I don't like to live by society's rules.
I often feel discriminated against.
I'll never find the right person to care enough about me.

What a loaded test! Notice how slyly the statements are mixed. Nearly everybody on the planet who is sitting up and taking nourishment will answer "yes" to all except statements 3 and 5, and possibly the last one. But those two are inserted in there to justify the definition of the test as something that establishes an alienated person as an antisocial one as well! Based upon how strongly the participant agreed or disagreed with each statement, they were identified as people who were feeling very alienated, those who didn't feel alienated at all, and hose who fell somewhere between those extremes. And based on their identification as "alienated," they were judged as viewing life as more or less meaningful.

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The owners and publishers of these pages wish to state that the material presented here is the product of our research and experimentation in Superluminal Communication. We invite the reader to share in our seeking of Truth by reading with an Open, but skeptical mind. We do not encourage "devotee-ism" nor "True Belief." We DO encourage the seeking of Knowledge and Awareness in all fields of endeavor as the best way to be able to discern lies from truth. The one thing we can tell the reader is this: we work very hard, many hours a day, and have done so for many years, to discover the "bottom line" of our existence on Earth. It is our vocation, our quest, our job. We constantly seek to validate and/or refine what we understand to be either possible or probable or both. We do this in the sincere hope that all of mankind will benefit, if not now, then at some point in one of our probable futures.

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