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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 4


In the present day of Techno-marvels and instant gratification, the idea that anyone can just sit down and begin to channel Jesus, aliens or even the Host of Heaven seems to me to be very similar to the idea that translation can be done by machines with no human interface. This is a very subtle point and I know that it might seem that it is the reverse, but bear with me. In terms of a computer program that translates from one language to another, we see that the program attempts to execute an algorithm, or series of algorithms that consist of gathering intelligence, charting a course of action, giving a series of commands, and carrying them out. The results are only as good as the algorithms. And we see, from the literature, that the "channeling phenomenon" as it is widely practiced, omits reason from the algorithm. There is no feedback mechanism, and thus no possibility of accurate tuning. This means that it does not allow for an algorithm that can handle the fact that there may be competing forces inside the channel's head - or, in the case of a group, the competing forces of different individuals and intentions. Excluding Reason and the possibility of competing forces is not very professional translating. It's like a person who attempts to translate a book on physics when his competence in the language only suffices to ensure that he can order a meal in a restaurant, get directions to the airport, and distinguish between the ladies room and the men's room.

In the case of board channeling with a group, these factors become all important. The work of gathering material together that is related to a given subject, analyzing it, understanding that part of it was being translated at a stage when language competence was minimal, is the greatest part of the work we have had to do with the C's material. And it is very likely for that precise reason, because we know the conditions under which we are working, and understand the task before us, that we are the ones receiving the material, and are charged with its conservation. If someone else were actually more capable of the task, it is a certainty that they would be receiving the material. We find, again and again, that the critics who have received no material, who have no context in which to evaluate it, and who most certainly have no experience and have not spent years studying the language, seem to be the most vocal in their criticisms. Their comprehension of the material and their understanding of the task at hand is equivalent to the mental capacity of a person who would accept a computer translation of French poetry into English and believe that it was entirely adequate.

The fact is, machine translation researchers haven't had a whole lot of success with programming a machine to produce a good translation without human assistance. In the same way, it is likely impossible to produce channeled material of any usable quality without full consideration for the competing forces as well as the application of Reason in dealing with them. Without application of knowledge and direct, rapid feedback, the material that will be produced will be about equivalent to a machine translation of a technical text. And if the reader has read any of these kinds of things, they will surely know how funny some of them can be.

As Prof. Robinson points out, in the end, those machine translation systems that do work, are, effectively, cyborg translation systems: they all require a human-machine interface.

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