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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 6


We are discouraged by our culture from talking about these things. To do a post-mortem on a relationship in order to come to some idea of what kinds of clues or signs we ought to look for in order to keep ourselves from making the same mistakes over and over again; to relate the information about how brain chemicals can - and most of the time do - control our thinking, and thus our choices and consequent experiences, is verboten. And it is most especially forbidden to come to the understanding that our world is embedded in a hyperdimensional reality, and that the chief meaning of our lives seems to lie in the fact that we are not just "Strange, dark interludes in the electrical display of God," but that our relationships and interactions, personally, as individuals, and groups, and cultures, and even globally, may actually represent a PROJECTION of a cosmic drama, a drama that is essentially a representation of a battle between forces at higher levels.

In such a case, our ordinary choices take on a whole different meaning.

All alone, Susy Smart's choice to go back to her abusive boyfriend because the Bible teaches her that forgiveness is all important, and her therapist tells her that compromise is essential, certainly can't mean much in the Grand Scheme of Cosmic things, can it?

But when it is multiplied millions of times each day, and the end result is that Susy continues to be food in the Matrix, it becomes a matter of some concern in the Global sense.

Every human being who continues to make choices based on the lies of the Matrix, continues to interact with others in ways that serve the STS hierarchy by feeding it, contributes to its existence and domination of our reality. The battle between forces for the control of our planet takes place THROUGH US! It's that simple.

So, being able to analyze and identify these things can be thought to be quite important.

The Sufis say that "The words of God are the entities of His existent things. [...] Meanings, which have no form, assume forms within the reality. [...] The reality of an existent thing/being is not what we see of it, but its immutable entity which is seen only by God and certain of His friends. [...] Each creature is a word of God. The life of a single man is a book." [Ibn Al-'Arabi, Chittick, trans.]

It is in discovering the reality, the "deep inner nature" of what we experience, including our relationships and the people with whom we interact, that we reach into the realms of pure thought - the awareness that will "bind" us to the higher levels of being.

As human beings, it seems that an essential part of our nature is to feel that there is more to life than the immediately apparent material world. We don't like to think that our lives are a "game of chance" played by the gods. Yet, we can observe that the heartless randomness of the world is at odds with the religious views of a loving, caring God.

The eighteenth century Icelandic mystic, Jon Jonsson said "God plays at Forkjaering with man in this world." Forkjaering is a dice game. Later, Albert Einstein said "God does NOT play dice" with the universe. I think the truth is somewhere in between. We ARE pawns in a game, only the players are, in some sense, ourselves. And we are pawns so long as we don't know the rules of the game. Once we have served our apprenticeship as playing pieces, we then are able to take our place with the players.

I once read a saying that goes: "A bird doesn't fly because it has wings; it has wings because it flies." That is to say: a bird is the incarnation of "Bird-ness," which includes flight and, in many species, song.

Human beings, individually and collectively, are the incarnation of specific "ideas" as well.

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