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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 8


The reader who has read Amazing Grace might recall the bizarre little episode of the "two "Wilburs." For those who haven't read it, let me quote that short passage from Chapter 42 here before coming back to the matter at hand which ties it together:

At this time, events began to converge rapidly in a strange synchronicity. Random threads from the past, in the space of a few weeks, began weaving together in a coherent design in ways that astonished me.

The phone rang one day with a call from my Private Investigator friend. We'd cooperated on the 1993 child murder investigation. He had a question about something unrelated to that case. At the end of our exchange, he asked me about a conversation I had with a certain law enforcement employee. Well, this conversation had never happened.

"What are you talking about?"

"I called you back in October when he was here in the office with me," my friend said, "and one of your kids said you were in the hospital. I left his number and a message that you should call him. I was sure you had by now."

I never got the message. The kids must have forgotten. I called the number and left a message.

I'll call him "Marion Wilbore". I knew that "Marion" was fairly common as a man's name in the past, but it was unusual now, so I thought it odd. Also, Wilbur was the name of my brother and grandfather.

Two days later, Marion Wilbore returned my call. I thought it was most curious this guy should call on my Grandfather's birthday, February 11th. Two "Wilburs".

Then the phone rang again. This time, it was "Marion Wilson," the owner of a local used book store, calling to tell me that she had a copy of Velikovsky's –World's in Collision” that I could have for seven dollars. I was so excited that I told her to put a "sold" tag on it and I would be right down. I'd been searching for this book without success for two years.

It wasn't until I hung up that I realized the pattern. "Marion Wilbore? Marion Wilson? Two Marions? Two Wilburs? What is going on here?!"

The phone rang again. I almost didn't answer it, but decided I'd better. It was Sam, my cousin, whom I'd met for the first time at the MUFON meeting. Sam is the one whose name is my grandfather, Wilbur's middle name. He, too, was calling to announce that he had just found a copy of Velikovsky's –Worlds in Collision” in a box of books in his garage. He knew I had been looking for it, and it was mine if I wanted it!

Well, that was just TOO much! Two "Marions," two Wilburs on Wilbur's birthday, two last names beginning with "Wil," two copies of Velikovsky after two years of searching, one of them from a guy who had Wilbur's middle name as a last name.

All within about half an hour!

I mean, what were the chances of two completely unrelated people named "Marion," with their last names beginning with "Wil" - for God's sake! - calling me within a few minutes of each other? And what were the odds, within the same few minutes, of having two people offer me a specific book after two years of trying to locate it?

What were the odds of the whole rest of the deal?

I shook my head to clear the cobwebs, sure that I was being taken over by "magical thinking". I knew things were getting weird, I just didn't know how weird they were gonna get.

As it happens, I had been to see my brother, Wilbur (he goes by the name Tom), on the day Ark first read a transcript from the C's and decided to write to me. He actually wrote the next morning, which happened to be my brother's birthday, July 5th. That's one Wilbur.

Then, on July 16th, ELEVEN days later, which also happened to be the TWO year anniversary of the first transmission from the C's, a very strange thing happened.

Ark was at a conference in Goslar, Germany. He was trying to think of how to come to Florida within the parameters of the system in which he had to function. It seems that the C's must have been active. He wrote to me:

Date sent: Tues, 16 Jul 96 08:41:24
From: <ajad@physik>

Dear Laura,

Yesterday there was a party and I met a collegue physicist from Gainesville and he will invite me to Gainesville somewhere next year for a month or two. We will see what will happen. In fact I was supposed to go there two years ago and I had even booked a plane, but then, on a hunch, I cancelled all. Till recently I did not understand the reasons. Now I understand. I have now more reasons to come. It is not that far from Gainesville to New Port Richey.

I go to prepare my talk.


As soon as his series of conferences that summer were over and he had returned and settled back in to work at the Institute, Ark began the process of negotiating the visit through the proper channels. It was several months before all the paperwork was done.

From: <ajad@physik>
Subject: news
Date sent: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 11:34:49 +1

All good news.

Talked to the Rector. They will help me - no problem! There will be no money problem and there will be no visa problem. And as you know by now, John will also help.

The arrangements were made between the two institutions, and a firm date was set for our first meeting. Ark would arrive in Tampa on February 11, my grandfather's birthday. The second Wilbur. And here is when it begins to get really weird. Exactly two days later he received the following, suddenly and out of the blue.

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 03:12:03 +0100
To: Arkadiusz Jadczyk <ajad@ift>
From: "L** E. S**" <****>
Subject: Space, Time and Matter

Dear Professor Jadczyk,

I have read your papers on Event-Enhanced Quantum Theory, which I liked very much. I am offering you the following: The Central European University of Budapest will hold a workshop on philosophical questions of physics. I wonder if you would be interested to participate![...] Wednesday, 22 January:

All of your expenses, of course, will be covered by the CEU.

Sincerely yours,


Aside from the curious date of the conference, 1-11, Ark had never heard of the Central European University. Who were these people and, why were they writing to him all of a sudden and offering, on what is really short notice in such things, to pay him to come and sit around and talk? He wasn't even being asked to give a talk. Just hang out. And when the specific terms later were specified, it was something of a surprise. Who were these new kids on the block with so much money to hand out?

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