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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 10


Castaneda had obviously either read Gurdjieff's work, or had tapped into a similar current either through his own psyche, or literally through the teachings of a group of seers, or Naguals, as he claimed. Dr. C. Scott Littleton, Professor of Anthropology at Occidental College, Los Angeles, (author of From Scythia to Camelot), with whom I have personally discussed the issues of Carlos Castaneda, wrote to me:

Yes, I'm convinced that there was indeed a prototype of Don Juan & that he was probably a Yaqui who moved rather freely between the Tucson area and northern Sonora. I also recall Carlos telling me that he never saw the guy again, at least in the flesh, after he, Nestor & Pablito jumped off the Ixtlan cliff at the climax of their initiation. He also said that his mentor died shortly thereafter.

I did hear through the grapevine that FD conned him into believing her account of her relationship with a South American shaman & managed to get him to write the foreword to her book, which, I've been told by persons I trust, is pure BS. Actually, this credulity on Castaneda's part is thoroughly believable. He was a "trickster" who often tricked himself into accepting other peoples lies. [...]

I do know that in the late '80s & early '90s Carlos & his disciples, most of them Indians in the country illegally, were engaged in collective dreaming experiments from their base in the Mojave Desert. These included "voyages" to "planets in nearby star systems," as he described it in the last guest lecture he ever gave to one of my UCLA Extension classes, ca. '89. [...]

Finally, as I've said before, I suspect that most of the guy's experiences reflect a UFO connection, despite the absence of clear-cut UFO imagery in his writings. [...] Yes, I did raise this possibility with Carlos on several occasions, and he told me that he'd "look into it." Whether he ever did is a moot point.

In other words, hyperdimensional teachers may not be so crazy an idea. And if so, the Cassiopaeans seem to be of the same extremely ancient "Tradition" of Gurdjieff, and to some extent, Castaneda.

It is truly only in this sense that the Cassiopaeans can be understood. Their method of teaching, frustrating and trapping us in reactions, all the while urging us to not identify, to become free of our reactions, is a mode of self-development of conscience and understanding and true individuality that enables one to become free of the Service to Self hierarchy.

Gurdjieff taught that, since we are all One, what each of us does for ourselves in terms of self-development and awakening, we do for others, because when we withdraw from the "feeding dynamic," we are then able to assist others to withdraw. We are the protectors of our inner life, the essence of the Divine, and as we protect it from the predations of those who would seek to devour it, to use it, to abuse us, we are protecting and defending that Divine spiritual part of us that seeks full manifestation and "birth" into this world - thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. This Divine self, this essence of God that is the seed of the soul, is hidden, buried in a shell of false personality that consists very often of "niceness" and seeing only "good" all around, when in fact, the reality is one in which very little of "goodness" is truly manifested because it is a Matrix control system that feeds on the energy of suffering that comes from beliefs in such illusions that are regularly and repeatedly violated.

The Matrix teaches us to be long suffering and to never revolt against the control system, to turn the other cheek. It teaches us to be "food." Since we are all one, each time we allow ourselves to be violated, we are allowing all others and life itself to be violated. Each time we placate the predator, we are feeding it not only with our energy, but enabling it to continue to consume others. Each time we keep silent or turn away from confronting lies, we feed the predator and we enable it to feed on others. Each time we are not truly ourselves, each time we do not choose from a position of freedom, because we are unaware, so are all others to whom we are connected and responsible deprived of Free Will. "Use the present to repair the past and prepare the future," Gurdjieff said. And this is exactly what we have learned from the C's.

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