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Adventures with Cassiopaea









Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 11


Ark decided that openness and directness were the best policy, so he told her that he was not much interested in doing nano-tech, but that he was very interested in funding for Crop Circle research. She seemed to be interested in this, suggesting that it might lead to some kind of technological applications.

But having been warned by the C's, we continued to dig. At that particular time, my daughter worked for a private investigator, so we handed what info we had over to her and she discovered some rather disturbing things about Gain Systems, the company that was supposed to be financing The Institute for New Physics. It seems that the whole company was a front. But a front for what? Indeed, the California Department of State had the corporation filings, with contact addresses, and there were several "layered" corporations, but all of them led back to a single individual: Sue Brana.

It became clear, after a bit, that Sue Brana may have thought that Ark was still in Poland because all of the exchanges were made through his email address at the Institute there. She wrote that she would be attending a meeting in Poland because her group was planning on investing in hemp farming, and when she was there, could they meet?

At this point, we were just simply interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery. Just because the C's warned us about it, didn't mean we were not going to check it out as far as we could go.

Ark let her know that he was in the States, and since she was in California, it might be easier to arrange something sooner that would be more convenient. As soon as Ark wrote that, talk about your fast backpedaling! All of a sudden the schedule was very tight. Sue Brana would ONLY be able to meet with Ark in Poland. This struck us as singularly odd. Nevertheless, since we were trying to find our way in terms of being able to do the necessary research, we certainly did not think that we ought to discard what might be a legitimate opportunity. And, since she had brought up the fact that she had been instrumental in financing the book about HAARP, surely there would be interest in a similar research project into Crop Circles? We decided to ask some more questions:

Q: (Laura) All right, now, let me get my questions. The first question I want to ask tonight is about SB who has been corresponding back and forth with Ark... OK, what is the source of the funding behind them?
A: We know this, but, any guesses?
Q: (Laura) OK, they want us to play 20 questions. Do we have any guesses?
A: Ask Lindemann.
Q: (Laura) Well, we know who's behind it now... Rockefeller! So we're talking Rockybucks and his bunch.
A: Are we? Or, is that unsubstantiated rumor?
Q: (Laura) Well, yes, it could be unsubstantiated rumor, we don't know that it's the Rockefellers behind Lindemann. OK, let me ask this. Is it the United States government?
A: There is no such.
Q: (Laura) Well, let me try this another way. Is this SB a legitimate source of funding for...
A: It is "legitimate," as it can indeed provide unlimited funds. But, the real question is: Do you want to take advantage?
Q: (Jan) What is the price tag attached?
A: Depends upon results of experimentation.
Q: (Laura) No, I asked what's the price tag? Does it depend upon the results of our experimentation, or theirs?
A: Ours.
Q: (Laura) Yes.
A: If you discover something truly "earthshaking," well...
Q: (Laura) In other words, if we discover something truly earthshaking, the price might be very high. Is that it?
A: Maybe. Or, you could be sequestered.
Q: (Terry) In other words, put out, taken away... caged and used! (Ark) Anybody can be sequestered away from what is necessary...
A: It is possibility.
Q: (Laura) OK, do you have any other comments to make about SB? What did they say now, that maybe the same funding as Lindemann was behind them also? How about, what would you call it... the Quorum. Is the Quorum behind it?
A: Yes.
Q: (Laura) OK, is the Quorum the group we're supposed to be looking for? (Terry) We have to go back and ask about the Quorum. We've got so many characters, it's worse than X-Files!
A: No, more interesting.
Q: (Terry) Yes, it is, definitely!
A: World banking conglomerate.
Q: (Terry) World bank. (Laura) I do not wish to be 'owned' in that way...
A: Not easy to avoid.
Q: (Laura) Well, I know it's not easy to avoid.
A: Will become even more difficult soon.
Q: (Laura) Well, they didn't say impossible... they just said difficult. But, on the other hand, I don't know if I want to do 'more difficult.'.. well, we've got so much difficult... (Terry) ...That it's easy now!
A: Many interesting things to happen.
Q: (Laura) To happen? Where, when, how, why, and to whom?
A: You. And everyone else in your realm... Expect revelations.

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