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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 14


On the one hand, I was seeing a terrible vista that shattered my illusions of "God in his heaven, and all is right with the world." On the other hand, I could see that it wasn't just mindless cruelty; that it was purposeful activity from another level of being.

My daughter arrived and I told her what I was observing - that the cliques were similar to Jane Goodall's chimpanzees - and she, of course, drily remarked that "gee! How long did it take you to figure THAT out?!" The only thing was, she was thinking about it only in psychological terms and not in terms of literal life-force energy transfer.

Because of the many things the C's had said, my mind immediately made associations. I also recalled a passage from James Redfield's book The Celestine Prophecy.

My field is conflict, looking at why humans treat each other so violently. We've always known that this violence comes from the urge humans feel to control and dominate one another, but only recently have we studied this phenomenon from the inside, from the point of view of the individual's consciousness. We have asked what happens inside a human being that makes him want to control someone else. We have found that when an individual walks up to another person and engages in a conversation, which happens billions of times each day in the world, one of two things can happen. That individual can come away feeling strong or feeling weak, depending on what occurs in the interaction.

For this reason, we humans always seem to take a manipulative posture. No matter what the particulars of the situation, or the subject matter, we prepare ourselves to say whatever we must in order to prevail in the conversation. Each of us seeks to find some way to control and thus to remain on top in the encounter. If we are successful, if our viewpoint prevails, then rather than feel weak, we receive a psychological boost. In other words we human seek to outwit and control each other not just because of some tangible goal in the outside world that we're trying to achieve, but because of a lift we get psychologically. [Redfield, 1993, pp. 71-72]

He then describes an unpleasant encounter between a man and woman and their daughter where the parents are pointed out as dominating the girl, and she lashes out violently in order to gain some control for herself. It is then suggested that when she grows up, she will think that she has to seize control and dominate others with the same intensity. "This same trauma no doubt happened to her parents before her. They have to dominate now because of the way their parents dominated them. That's the means through which psychological violence is passed down from one generation to another."

The only difference in that view and what I was seeing was that I was realizing that it was deeper than that - at the apex of the pyramid of predators, somebody was getting all the energy being passed along through something akin to etheric psychological filaments. It suddenly made sense that the Control System had been set up millennia ago, social and religious programs instituted, to produce this psychological trauma that extended over thousands of generations, in order for somebody, or some thing, to benefit; there was an "Ultimate Dominator" of the global clique. And guess what? Human beings were NOT at the top of the food chain!

As simple as this insight may seem to the reader, having access to all of the other information that has become available about these matters over the past few years, it was a stunning revelation to me.

I then began to think about S** and the "Vital information" that could be conveyed to me. The first thing I realized was that human beings at a certain point in their development, reach a crossroad where they can choose which dynamic they will develop in spiritual terms: predator or prey and it had nothing to do with material considerations. In fact, I wasn't even sure if it was a choice and not just simply the inherent nature of an individual.

I could see that S** was, indeed, as the C's had described her, a simple, giving soul. But in her dynamic interaction with her mother she was literally acting out the role of "prey" to her mother's role of predator. As her mother grew older and less able to "hunt" on her own, she manipulated S** to engage in interactions whereby she became a sort of "lure" to induce other prey into her mother's range of operation so that the feeding could continue. In a sense, it was very much like a weakened member of a herd, that keeps wandering away into the realm of the predator, and when others would go after her to "save her," they became prey as well; they had left the protection of the herd, or the network. In this sense, some individuals become a sort of predator by proxy - a lure to destruction; a decoy. On the other hand, I wasn't too sure if that was exactly accurate either. Perhaps there were predators who "stalked" their prey in long, slow, silent exercises in patience and concealment?

I could instantly see that nearly all of humanity was in a terrible predicament by being unaware of this infrastructure of Theological prey and predation. In the animal kingdom, who was who and what was what in terms of predators and prey was pretty easy to see because they look different and their behaviors are out in plain view. But in the human dynamic, it is masked from us. And it seemed to be masked for a reason: the masking is utilized to separate the "herd," to "divide and conquer."

Of course, that such a condition could be possible seemed to have no explanation in positivist terms until I thought about the culling factor, and the idea that spiritual vigor might be the objective. Using the animal kingdom as a template, it seemed obvious that those creatures that most correctly assessed and responded to their environment had the best chance of survival and reproduction. Those members of herds that remained in the symbiotic networked environment had strength and safety and numbers on their side. Those that strayed from the herd, those that exposed themselves to danger, were eaten. It was that simple.

It was at this moment I saw myself as a cog in a vast global mechanism - a feeding machine - and I was nothing more than "food." It literally made me sick to see it. What was more: I needed to understand where all this energy was really going. Who was getting it? Who was at the top of the food chain?

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