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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 17


And, while I have your ear: what's up with the way kids dress nowadays? Well, it's not even just kids - it's ubiquitous! It seems that human beings, under the influence of Madison Avenue and the motivation masters of greed and degradation, get up real early in the morning in order to figure out how to dress themselves, arrange their hair, and decorate their bodies in as repulsive a way as possible!

I am continuously revolted by clerks in stores with multiply pierced body parts, tattoos that look more like dirt smudges or bruises than art, hair that looks like it was arranged by Atilla the Hun or Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor; make-up that looks like it was applied by Vlad The Impaler. Young people wear clothing that makes them look like rejects from the Oklahoma dust bowl days. Chains and chunks of metal clank from every part of their person as they saunter about displaying their "cool" to their peers, looking more like a combination of an ancient Mongol warrior and survivor of a death camp than anything else.

And it's NOT what they claim - "personal expression," - because it is more of a "uniform" than anything else! The demand to have the "same look," the same "brand" of clothing, the same body parts pierced, or to think of new and more bizarre ways to do it, is overwhelming every parent I know. I have had to draw the line in my own house, telling my kids that they won't eat at my table if the way they look makes my stomach churn!

Who or WHAT is inspiring these manifestations of purely barbaric behavior? Who is turning humanity into beings who accept what used to be the trappings of slavery as if it were the latest style? And what's more, to convince them that it is "expressive" or "attractive?" What, in the name of God, is going on when physical self-mutilation and self-defacement, mind numbing and body jarring sounds, and things that are just plain UGLY are considered normal?!!! And, not just "normal," but ATTRACTIVE, for God's sake!

Those who have bought into the "New Age" bonanza seem to have shut off their minds and the effect on their offspring is frightening. They have become part of a reality that is ripe for being taken over by the first "strong man" who comes along with "signs and wonders."

However, based on the information from the C's, we now have some idea that the fourth density (equivalent to the 5th dimension in mathematical terms), is a para-physical realm of archetypes, and that these archetypal groupings may be the arbiters of human, societal, and national interactions as conceived, and created by mass thought À or vice versa! We may merely be the actors in an archetypal play that is written, cast, directed and produced from some other "layer" of reality. It may be that there are "set pieces" we each play, and perhaps these cumulative events of humans in this world are the energies that express the balance or imbalance of forces or beings at higher levels.

And this brings us to the problem of Frequency Resonance Vibration. Why did the C's make a remark about a "Pied Piper" type of person as being "programmed decoy, due to FRV??" How does this relate to the Matrix? As it happens, the subject of FRV was brought up on a number of occasions by the C's, in several contexts that need to be carefully examined.

Q: (L) There was a discussion the other day and it made me curious. It seems that some people simply do not have the capacity to understand certain concepts. Is this a function of vibrational frequency?
A: That is not quite hitting at the subject matter in the way in which you desire to answer the question. In other words, it is a parallel understanding pattern. It is not vibrational frequency that determines ability to conceive of any particular notion. Vibrational frequency involves the groove, or pattern, that one has chosen in general terms.

But, to give you an example, there are those who are of very LOW, as you would measure, vibrational frequency, who are able to conceive of extremely complicated issues and have also discovered extremely precise, complicated, and intricate answers to very complex notions and problems from your standpoint in the illusion.

But, the frequency vibrational level has more to do with the emotional path that leads either to Service to Self at its greatest possible expression, or Service to Others at its greatest possible expression, not with intellectual capacity. So it is possible for a completely STS individual at any density level to be completely cognizant of all existence, just as it is possible for a completely STO individual to be completely cognizant of all existence. It has nothing to do with vibrational frequency because that is the emotional pathway.

Think, if you will, in your lifetime have you ever met either a) an individual that you did not perceive to be particularly intellectually developed, who was, nevertheless, of a very kind and loving and giving nature; or b)an individual whom you perceive to have great intellectual capacity who was, nevertheless, extremely selfish and non-giving and not generous and not concerned about anyone's well being but their own?

[Naturally, lesser intellectual capacity] itself, can lead to all sorts of emotional entanglements and frictions. The greater the intellectual capacity, the greater the chance that each and every facet of intellect will be available for use, growth and stimulation. The lesser the intellectual capacity, the greater the chance that some will not be available. [However], it does not require a differential in vibrational frequency level to produce the types of symptoms that you describe. It is merely intellectual capacity that is inferior rather than the vibrational frequency level. Again, this vibrational frequency level involves nature of being and emotion, not intelligence.

The remark the C's made about FRV, which suggests that a person is amenable to being programmed BECAUSE of their FRV, or, as we understand it now, the "emotional path that leads either to Service to Self at its greatest possible expression, or Service to Others at its greatest possible expression," seems to be related to abductions. The reader will remember the discussion we have already had about frequency of abductions:

Q: (L) Why have they abducted Frank more than me?
A: You fight it.

And this was later connected to Frequency Resonance Vibration in an interesting way. In the following short excerpt, the discussion was about mind programming, in specific, what is referred to as "Greenbaum Programming," a sort of Nazi/Satanist/Secret government Manchurian Candidate type of thing. Everyone was asking "what about me?" and reference was made to me:

A: Laura had more advanced work done on her.
Q: (V) That opens up a whole new can of worms. (L) And what do you mean
by that?
A: Not now.
Q: (L) Who did this work, can I have that? Can I know that?
A: Consortium.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility, to some extent, that I have overcome this influence at the present time?
A: No. Was partial, then aborted, leaving fragments of trigger response programs that have been in remission.
Q: (L) Why was it aborted?
A: Because STO forces intervened.
Q: (L) And when was this?
A: Mid –fifties.”
Q: (L) So it was when I was three or four years old.

At a later time, when there were not so many people present, I came back to the subject, and it was here that the remark about Frequency Resonance Vibration was inserted which, when taken in conjunction with the remark about fewer abductions because "you fight it," begins to give us some idea of how these things may be related:

Q: (L) Well, was I mind programmed? You said once that I was not Greenbaumed, but that something else was done. What was this?
A: The work that was attempted was more intense, but it was aborted because it turned out that your frequency resonance vibration was not proper for that particular type of "experimental" programming.
Q: Does this mean that there was something about my vibrations that caused what they were trying to do to result in positive things?
A: Possibly, in an off-hand way.

My thought at the time I asked the last question above was that perhaps the fear and trauma I had experienced as a child was what motivated me so powerfully to seek for answers. That would be a "positive" result from a negative event. In the same way, I think that many of the difficulties we all face, some of us more than others, tend to make us stronger. Of course, the real test that we have learned from our difficulties seems to be not so much that they no longer happen, but that they no longer have any ability to control our responses - we have "disconnected" from the reaction machine.

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