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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 18


The following is the text of the original version of my "Diana Page" as "bait" that was posted later that day, September 2, and was removed five days later on the seventh and replaced with something that was more "vanilla" in flavor.

To Ark
Date sent: Tues, 02 Sep 97 06:44:07

Here is my text:


While it is still too early to make a comprehensive esoteric analysis of the death of Princess Diana, lacking certain details and developments; it is obvious that there are certain factors that deserve to be mentioned. And, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to discuss this subject at the present moment.

Like everyone else, the all too human heart in me grieves at the loss of one so beautiful, young and gracious, in such a tragic and unexpected manner. And, I grieve for those who loved her in a more personal and familial way. Most of all, I grieve for her children. If the love of humanity in general, and the sadness at such a loss were to be counted as legal tender in the next world, Princess Diana would be one of the richest women in the etheric realms. Because, as Edgar Cayce once said: "The only luggage you can take with you out of this world, is the love you have given away." (Words to that effect, in any event.) So, Diana had a LOT of luggage. Being as fashion conscious as she was, she would SMILE at that!

But, she seemed to know the difference between the clothes of the body and the clothes of the soul - and was a shining example of a class act in ANY milieu. She was, indeed, "The People's Princess."

Like nearly everyone else, even though I never met her in person, I felt that I knew and loved her. But, there are now other, very significant reasons, why I mourn her passing. I am going to present a few things here that are FOR THOSE WHO KNOW.

At the time of the death of the Princess, I was (and still am) deeply interested in trying to generate interest in relief efforts for Poland, which has suffered a flood of cataclysmic dimensions, in almost a media vacuum. The disaster is truly remarkable for the LACK of attention given to it by the press. My interest in this flood is related, in large part, to my work with the Cassiopaeans, and their successful efforts to bring me into contact with my "complementary soul," who is now my fiance - in Poland.

Nevertheless, in the middle of trying to generate some interest and support in a relief effort for the Polish Flood, I learn that Diana has been in an automobile accident, and later, that she has died.

One of the first things I thought about was the astrological aspects that might surround such an event. Having dabbled in astrology for over 30 years, naturally, I had done her chart along with any number of other well-known persons, for the sake of study. I pulled out the file, and entered the data into the computer. I had heard rumors that Diana employed either a psychic or an astrologer to guide her decisions, and I simply could NOT understand how such a set of likely aspects could be missed or ignored.

Yes - indeed - there were some rather dramatic and interesting aspects! But, as expected, they could not be taken as a direct clue to dying in a car crash... though, it was apparent that there could be troubles while traveling, and her Sun was conjunct the ascendant in direct opposition to the Moon on the descendant, which was a pretty dramatic aspect. But, it DOES look like, if she had been at home, this would have passed without serious physical harm. But, her chart for NEXT month was also VERY disturbing... so, whatever it was, it was REALLY some powerful energy coming against her.

My experience and has taught me that astrological aspects are merely "doorways," if you will, and the energy that enters is more or less like pressing icing through a cake decorating tip on a pastry tube. It has a certain configuration, but HOW it shapes depends on the surface it is being extruded to, either receptive or opposing energy.

Because of certain researches I have been involved in for the past several years, I regularly check numerous sources for implications of connections to other, very mysterious, and unnamable (at this time) situations and activities going on here on Earth. One of these is the Liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.

Frank had commented on the severe headache I had on the morning of the crash that killed Diana. I often have them before plane crashes and other such things, but I hardly see how the death of just three people could be counted in the same category. On the other hand, I did think that this particular death could have some rather far-reaching ramifications which I will discuss in a general way.

One thing I noted right away was that Diana died in August. For THOSE WHO KNOW, this is immediately significant. Not only in August, but on the feast day of Saint Raymond Nonnatus. And, the page of the mass for this date is 1233! Nonnatus means 9 and 1233 add up to 9 and Diana was 36, which is also a 9!

This was even more significant due to the recent researches I have been doing into the alterations of the Zodiac as well as the changing of the numbers of the degrees on the circle. This action was taken by certain organizations under the influence of beings at higher densities, in order to further conceal certain knowledge and confuse and obfuscate those on the "Quest." Additionally, the actuality of the frequency effect of certain numbers on the essential nature of our reality makes this a particularly nasty event, because the dominant number of our realm is "9," which is the number of sickness, endings, decay and destruction and death. Nothing EVER prospers under the influence of the number 9. And, for the Questors, note that the number 666 adds up to a 9.

So, we have a powerful influence of the number 9 surrounding the death of the Princess. This is, as far as I can determine, the signature of the 4th density beings of STS.

Anyway, this Saint Raymond: (c. 1204-40) was a pioneer member of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the redemption of Christians enslaved by the Mohammedans! And, she died in company of an Egyptian whose father was named Mohamed. I think that this connection of things present with things past is a little more of the signature of the 4th density.

Another thing that struck me as odd was that Diana is descended from a family which had important players in certain events of history that were very significant in terms of present day speculations about secret societies and bloodlines, though the current literature does not even come close to the solution to the problem. That may be deliberate misleading, or it may be that the authors simply do not know. (See Lincoln, Leigh and Baigent's "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," and "The Messianic Legacy.")

Nevertheless, I and my fiance in Poland also had ancestors involved in these dramas. In fact, my ancestor probably murdered hers if some of the genealogists are correct and her line of Spencers descend from the Despensers. What I do know is that the Spencers and Percy's later connected, and by virtue of that connection I am something like 13th cousin to Princess Diana. But then, so are a WHOLE lot of other people - probably half the people in the U.S! So, if there is anything to the idea that DNA can communicate with other DNA, then it is no wonder that there is so much grief over Diana's death. Probably a lot of people feel it in their very bones because of their literal genetic connections.

But, what is most curious is, Roger de Mortimer, my ancestor, was the lover of Isabella of France, daughter of Philip the Fair who ostensibly brought down the Templars! Searching for the roots and fate of the Templars has become something of a popular pastime in recent years, though it is being done by persons who have little, if any idea, of the true nature of reality and the nature of the manipulations from higher densities. Thus, for every answer they THINK they have, three new questions emerge. So, this is a peculiar thing - even that Diana should die in France, in Paris, in August, the month of the Perseid Meteor Shower, which has played so important a part in all of these mysteries, including the relationship of the name of Perseus to Perceval to Percy, and that a Mortimer married the Granddaughter of Henry III, and their daughter married a Percy! The bloodlines that came together in Henry Percy and Elizabeth Mortimer included all five of the so-called "lines of Odin," including the blood of the last of the Welsh kings, the line of Llewelyn the Great.

And, of course, we notice that, although 4 people were in the vehicle, only 3 died. The dead included an Egyptian, a Spencer, a Frenchman, and ONLY THE WELSHMAN LIVED.

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