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Adventures with Cassiopaea









Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 19


Ark accepted an offer to teach at the University in Gainesville, starting in January and since this meant that he had to be there five days a week, we decided to schedule some planned remodeling of the house during this time. As might be expected, this turned into a nightmare of truly monumental proportions, and we ended up discovering that the contractor we had hired was not licensed and had a police record an inch thick for cocaine abuse and fraud.

It is too horrible and tedious to even describe what this lunatic tried to do to us, how he destroyed our house, and how it took six months to get it put back together. It took quick thinking and work to recover our money from this guy, and I had to negotiate with the bank to take over the job of contractor myself. This meant, of course, that I had to be there every day to estimate, price, and order materials, supervise the work, pay the subcontractors, submit the bills to the escrow agent, and just a whole host of fun activities that made me aware that a good contractor is worth his weight in gold.

I drove Ark to Gainesville every Monday morning, and went to pick him up to come home for the weekend every Friday night. The schedule and workload was crushing, but we managed to have our sessions no matter what room in the house we had to use, though some of them were rather short and personal.

There were a couple of incidents with the van during these long drives down lonely back roads, one of which resulted in a very strange glitch in the time sequence, which we discussed at the session the following night.

I had been driving along State Road 121 that runs between US 19 and Gainesville. It's a two-lane, mostly straight shot through a planted pine forest, with almost no traffic except loggers and hunters. It's a nice drive in the daytime, even if it tends to be a little creepy; but I sure wouldn't want to drive it alone at night! I was just driving along and the temperature problem suddenly kicked in, and I pulled off to the side to let the engine cool and check the coolant level. By this time, we knew that there was nothing wrong with the system, the thermostat had been replaced, and it was just a "personality problem" the van had developed, and we coped as best we could.

I opened the hood to let the air circulate around the motor and the instant I did, the radiator cap exploded off, and boiling green coolant shot into the air. I was lucky to be able to jump out of the way of being scalded.

After a period of cool down, when not a single car passed, I replaced the coolant from a jug we had gotten in the habit of carrying, and went looking for the cap. It was nowhere to be found. At this point, a truck came along the road and the guy just stopped and got out and found my radiator cap UNDER the middle of the van. Don't even ask me how it got there! He then got back in his truck, turned around and went BACK in the direction he had come! Even though it seemed like just an ordinary incident, this act made it clear that he wasn't just "passing by."

I then continued on my way, figuring that I had lost about half an hour. In fact, however, I had lost an hour and a half.

Q: We have been talking about this funny incident. Do I really have a problem with the time issue on the way to Gainesville, or was I just simply that late and not aware of it?
A: Awareness is the key to all learning.
Q: What caused my radiator cap to pop off the van?
A: Simply search through the "archives" for the answer.
Q: Well, what do the archives have to do with... uh... all the way up to that point, the temperature needle was fluctuating, though it never overheated exactly. Can you tell me anything at all or am I going to exhaust myself over it? If you are not going to tell me anything, just say so!
A: See the truth recorded.
Q: What do you mean? Recorded where?
A: Look.
Q: Look where? The psychomantium?
A: Archival record.
Q: What archives? And what am I looking for?
A: Clue in response.
Q: What about the guy who stopped to help?
A: How dressed?
Q: He was dressed in work clothes. He had on jeans and a long sleeved shirt - cuffs and buttons - and it seemed like he had on a vest. A hunting vest. Padded.
A: All important events reveal themselves in their construction.
Q: Well... okay. (A) Does it mean that the event was important?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Was there also something unusual on our way back?
A: Maybe other, look for clues from which to compare.
Q: Alright, when we were leaving, we had to pull over and stop for that machine to be moved. We had to sit on the side of the road...
A: Search and research until "light" goes off.
Q: Off? Remember, when we stopped, there was the strobe on top of the vehicle? Maybe they were NOT moving farm equipment... maybe it was a UFO!? (A) Which light?
A: That is part of the clue.
Q: Did having to stop for that farm equipment - was that part of the important event? Was it a cover for something? Was it not as we perceived it?
A: No.
Q: That was just ordinary?
A: No.
Q: Well, what was it?
A: What is "ordinary?"
Q: Well, that was as it seemed to be? They were moving an irrigator across and down the road?
A: Maybe.
Q: This is NOT the time to be cagey! Are you talking about stopping at a traffic light?
A: ?
Q: Well, you are gonna have to help me out here... there are a million tiny details and we could go through every one of them!
A: Not necessary to be that thorough.
Q: (A) The archival record. Is there something in the van that can be recorded? (L) The light on the tape recorder?
A: No.
Q: A light in the van?
A: Not necessarily.
Q: Not necessarily, but it could be. (A) Something in the van?
A: Or around.
Q: (A) What do we have around? A tape recorder? Around here or around the van? (L) The taillights?
A: In magnetic "sphere" of the van.
Q: (A) Are we talking about the way in or way back?
A: Both and others as well.
Q: So, what is the deal with the van here? I want you to know that I am so tired and it is utterly impossible with such a tired brain to figure this out! Help us out here!
A: We are. But you need not know answers today. If you search as usual, they will become apparent.
Q: I know! The van is a time machine!!!! It is a traveling psychomantium, complete with mirrors!!!
A: All is a "time machine."
Q: So, when we get in the van... and that is funny, when I drive the van, it never has that bumpy business. So, when Ark drives the van it must become a time machine! Does this have something to do with the van?
A: Its occupants.
Q: Well, when the light goes out... search and research until light goes off... part of the clue... something about the occupants... search and research...
A: Take "time" to study.
Q: Do you have another clue? (A) There is no point of departure. (L) What is the point of departure for the clue?
A: Look for it.
Q: Is it in what you have given?
A: Yes.

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