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Chapter 22


The following clip was the C's answer to Blue's questions about several of the above individuals. I'll let the reader guess who is who:

Q: [...] (BRH) What about Phil?
A: Try not to be mislead.
Q: (BRH) I mean more specifically about his alleged interstitial hoodlums. (This is in reference to a description of aliens that Blue was fond of quoting, Ephesians 6:12, the idea being that the "aliens" were demons, or strictly ethereal beings. Apparently, this was the theory of someone on the "inside" whose name was Phil.)
A: "Hoodlums" are not leading, they are led.
Q: (BRH) Anything you can tell me about Ron, John and Victoria and Dr. V that would be good for me to know?
A: We see one with a plight. One secretly holds the light. Why not run with his program? Because it is missing some data. But, who supplies the data? Someone reaches out, but if this one grasps your hand, they will not let go.

After a period of very close interaction with some of these people, Blue came to a certain conclusion and posted on his website the opinion that the Aviary was merely "An ad-hoc dysfunctional family of disparate military/intelligence sp00ks who share an interest in UFOs and parapsychology yet often work at cross-purposes and frankly don't even get along with each other all that well. Extremely weird birds."

There were, of course, a few of them he really liked, and considering what was to happen later, one has to wonder if this "liking" was not "manipulated."

On December 25, 1998, Blue sent the following email to me for Ark:

Date sent:Fri, 25 Dec 1998 11:19:20 -0800 (PST)
From:Blue Resonant Human […]
Subject: For Ark from Sarfatti

Hi L,

Again, ain't my cup-o-tea but Ark may like it.


- - - - -

Memorandum For The Record
Subject: Reverse Engineering Alleged Alien Super-Technology

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Ryazanov Replies #2
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 14:22:17 -0600
From: "Gary S. Bekkum"
To: "Sarfatti, Jack"

Note I have edited this to remove confusing tag lines.


Note George Ryazanov is a physicist from Moscow who worked with Sakharov. The San Francisco Art Institute is running a show "Angels and Aliens".

George Ryazanov Re: The Philosophy of Alien Science - From the Biological to the Angelic

George Ryazanov says: "There is a common saying that the setting of experimental procedures is determined mostly by the theory that we want to prove or disprove...we have here a cycle that must be broken."

[George] The "Alien Science" - It is better to name it "the science of future" - it is the next step in our science.

[Gary] (the) simulations by synthesis of reality goes beyond this cycle of informational dependence. It is "alien" in the sense that it is foreign to our normal thought processing. It may be "alien" in the sense that Jack Sarfatti means if the new dynamic is a result of an interaction with intelligence that is not of this world. It may also be a result of a future human reality in the multiverse.

[George] It is the dependence on some unconscious cliché.

[Gary] Ryazanov says that to go beyond mere experimental procedure, we must apply "principles that are above the existing theory and existing experiments."

Regarding human thought as applied to physics, which seeks the precision of "truth" by the application of mathematics, Ryazanov writes " physics cannot be described by (the) language of mathematics. The trust in mathematics is the third sin (of physicists). (The first sin is to assume that only retarded causal waves are physical. The second is trust in experimental procedure).

[George] In more concrete form it is the trust in local dynamics that did not depend on motion of distant matter of Universe.

[Jack Sarfatti] Note my conjecture for a new law of nature

T(orch) = Tao/N

Tao = Cosmological Hubble Time = O(10 billion years) where T(orch) is the duration of an "occasion of conscious experience" in an entangled N q-bit coherent switching network protected against decoherence for at least time T(orch). Note the universal Machian global character of this hypothetical post-quantum principle like the no-hair theorem of classical black hole physics.

[Gary] Is this an intellectual trust, or an emotional dependence?

[George] It is the erroneous receipt of solving the equations of classical physics.

[Gary] George goes on to say that in his new physics "the most interesting result is the derivation of numbers and geometry from dynamics of pure emotions."

[Jack] Like QM curvature fluctuation/classical curvature = (Planck distance/Classical wormhole radius) (Compton wavelength/scale of fluctuation)^3 in Wheeler far-field (1a) QM curvature fluctuation/classical curvature = (Planck distance^2/Classical wormhole radius) Compton wavelength^3/scale of fluctuation^4 in Sidharth near-field (1b)

T(orch) = (Hubble time) /N (2a)

T(OR) = (spatial separation of coherent q-bit)(Planck's quantum of action)/(Newton's gravity constant)(mass of q-bit)^2 N^5/3 (2b)

T(orch) < T(OR) (2c)

(Hubble time)/Nmax = (spatial separation of coherent q-bit)(Planck's quantum of action)/(Newton's gravity constant)(mass of q-bit)^2 Nmax^5/3 (2d) threshold crossing point condition

Tmin = Hubble time/Nmax (2e)

Quale(N,T) exists when N < Nmax, T > Tmin all forms of decoherence screened except self-gravity (2f)

Now this is all different from what Hameroff proposes though it is partly based on his ideas and the ideas of many others.

[Gary] In order to understand such an "alien paradigm" one must do as the "aliens" do and learn to think like an "alien".

[George] Yes, I have here the detailed technique.

[Gary] Will the details of your technique be made available?

[George] In near future I shall sent you some details.

[Gary] The primary paradigm shift required to understand the "new alien physics" is to re-assess the meaning of "information" and 'knowledge" in human thought. The first step in making this paradigm shift is to reconsider the dynamics of learning in terms of the symmetry of meaning.

[George] Do you mean the mutual influence of angelic and existential levels of dynamics? Laws of physics are norms of angelic translation of one Name into another.

[Gary] Perhaps. I mean that there is a symmetry of meaning between the object of knowledge and the experience of that object. To say that we have meaning in our knowledge of physics is to say that there is a representational simulation taking place within the dynamics of the "fifth phase of matter" - that is, within the Sarfatti PQM backaction of matter on the mind that is guiding it.

[George] Examples: two-signs-of-time-symmetry, two-signs-of-causality-symmetry, part-whole symmetry.

[Gary] What is the fundamental symmetry between matter and mind for Sarfatti back action?

[George] It is the complex procedure of transforming our state of mind to some mathematical structures and our emotions to physical forces.

[Gary] The human approach to learning is technologically primitive. It is based on trial and error exploration of our environment. To transfer this learning we spend a great deal of our lives in classrooms, repeating the trials of those before us. An analogy is in order here. "Alien knowledge" is self-reproducing.

[George] But if we want to feed this self-reproducing entity we must spend our life on this feeding.

[Gary] Can you explain this in more detail?

[George] I have in mind the history of my search of understanding this entity and the ways to interact with it.

[Gary] It is imprinted on the existing order (like a "digital copy" is made on a recording medium). The application of this synthetic dynamic upon the medium of reality produces a change in that reality. The dynamic that results is unique, it bears aspects of the "alien order" and the order upon which it has been imprinted.

[George] Example: my derivation of quantum mechanics.

[Gary] Yes, this is what I had in mind, a transfer of order between organized systems. The core of this issue is found by examining the structure of the physical non-material reality (the fifth phase of matter) that is produced as a result of the strange loops of dynamic interaction between a thought and the physical representation of that thought.

[George] Those loops can be seen in the history of our basic traditions. "Fifth phase of matter" can be revealed through those traditions - I have technique of this revealing.

[Gary] I am interested in the transfer to the present moment of "new dynamics of future (alien) science". In particular the possibility of learning from future to past as a process in our experience of time's arrow from past to future.

[Jack] "That's a nice rendition", Gary. :-) (Kubrick's 2001)

[George] It is learning a program (as DNA), the future is created here.

[Gary] Within this fifth phase is a new set of orders which are not apparent to us from our temporal perspective. Loops of interaction organize this fifth phase product of biological systems from the material brain to the cosmic orders of the angelic realm.

[George] In learning. But in evolution we have inverse order.

[Gary] Yes. It is not that the "dead" material physical matter of the universe has conscious or unconscious mental processes.

[George] But in new physics matter interact with mental processes. - I have a detailed description of this nteraction.

[Gary] This is Sarfatti's Q*<->(X). We are anxious to see the details of this interaction.

[George] I shall send.. Rather, it is the fact that our minds representational capacity) supply such matter with a corresponding "fifth phase" dynamic. Indeed,what is truly astounding is to consider that the fifth phase of matter is in a state of such incredible dynamic interaction, shaped as it is by the very forces of our mental imagery and emotional states of mind.

[George] So as by imaginary of angels and Creator.

[Gary] Yes, I understand this better now. Our minds are corrupted by errors in the "programming" of our "fallen world"?

[George] Yes. Some of those errors I have deleted.

[Gary] The secret of the "alien scientists" is that they have recognized that this dynamic is intimately interwoven with the material physical world.

[George] And have transformed this knowledge to his apparatus and procedures.

[Gary] Indeed, the totality of their scientific pursuit is based on the manipulation of the physical non-material fifth phase matter, in order to synthesize new properties and order. One might even speculate on the possible "harvesting" of human fifth phase dynamics for raw material to imprint.

[George] Human beings are only a means for regulation from "fifth dynamics".

[Gary] Please explain how we regulate the "fifth phase dynamics". Is there a benefit to the "alien technology" to generate intense human emotion and symbolic imagery?

[George] It is the only way to redemption.

[Gary] Perhaps at the "angelic level", but there is a dangerous application of this technology for psychotronic warfare.

[George] This technology have strong demands on the moral level of "observer", then there is no danger here.

[Gary] Perhaps there are certain qualities that are aesthetically better suited to the "alien purpose"?

[George] These qualities are the most valuable in art, religion, mysticism.

Ark was certainly intrigued at such a discussion and did some websearches on the participants. I was pretty intrigued to see that there were a number of members of the so-called Aviary onboard, including Ron Pandolfi, John Alexander, Bruce Macabbee and Hal Puthoff. Also on the Sarfatti discussion list were Joe Firmage, Uri Geller (Involved with Puthoff, Targ and Ingo Swan in SRI research), Stan Krippner, Russel Targ(SRI remote viewing with Puthoff and Swan), Ed Mitchell (Astronaut and Founder of The Institute of Noetic Science), Eric Davis and, of course, Blue.

The reader may also be interested in doing a little research on their own to discover that there are other "links" between some of these individuals and other organizations. For example, John Alexander and Jacques Vallee work for Billionaire Robert Bigelow who created an organization called the National Institute of Discovery Science or NIDS for short.

Segue to the present: Additional research by our research team reveals to us that there is a curious New Age/Science cross-over organization called the Axiom Visiting Faculty.

Here we find the following:

Drunvalo Melchizedek,
Mitchell (NIDS,Sarfatti),
Castaneda followers,
Deepak Chopra,
Fred Alan Wolfe,
Greg Braden,
Joe Firmage (Sarfatti/ He's also on the Institute of Noetic Sciences board),
John Mack (Rockefeller sponsored NDE and Alien abduction hypnosis researcher),
Laurie Monroe (Monroe Institute),
Rabbi Michael Lerner
Peter Russel (Institute of Noetic Science/Mitchell's(NIDS) private organization),
Russel Targ (Remote Viewing pioneer along with Puthoff and Ingo Swan at SRI in the 70's and 80s),
Steven Greer(Rockefeller funded UFO researcher),
Zecharia Sitchin.

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