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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 22


The very next day, on May 7th, I received an email from one of the guys doing the above mentioned book, a "Maynerd Most" Seems that Ray Flowers must have forwarded my comments to him under the subject heading “Hendaye” along with my email address. It is obvious that he was commenting directly on what I had written to the Ancient Wisdom list:

Date sent: Fri, 7 May 1999 11:49:03 -0500
From: "Maynerd Most"

Dear Laura,

What a nice comment on our AMET website, and so perceptive too!

Yes, we are aware of E. Van Buren's fascinating book, and, as you supposed, are deep into the RLC thing. However, our starting point was Fulcanelli's book Le Mystere des Cathedrals and his chapter on the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye, which EVB quotes at great length in her preface to Refuge. In fact, EVB does little but quote Fulcanelli, giving only one piece of new information. <<He told the alchemist Canseliet 'The time will come, my son, when you will no longer be able to work in alchemy, when it will be necessary for you to search for some country rare and blessed, privileged without doubt, and situated towards the south, beyond the frontiers.' To others, Fulcanelli indicated that the place was Rennes, in the Aude.>>

You just don't know the anguish that little teaser has caused us in the past year or so. The problem is that Canseliet, as far as we can determine, never said that in print, so it must be a private conversation between EVB and Canseliet. When and how did they know each other? And who could the "others" be to whom Fulcanelli identified Rennes in the Aude as the refuge? Did EVB know Fulcanelli?

There is of course nothing else in the text of Refuge to indicate that EVB understood the monument at Hendaye or its symbolism in any direct way. But whoever told her about it and gave her the information on the Serpent Rouge and the Rennes zodiac certainly did. But why put the information in such a distorted form, why the insistence on Rennes?

Frankly, none of it made any sense. I had been working on RLC for a long time before the Fulcanelli stuff came along. I was interested in King Rene as far back as Grad school in the mid seventies; I thought he was the prime candidate for the author of the classic tarot deck. Still do, even more so with 25 years of research behind me. But EVB and the Fulcanelli connection threw everything that I thought I knew about RLC into a whole new perspective. (Lest ye doubt that I am indeed an RLC freak, let me just note that I own a piece of the original church, circa Bigou's reconstruction.)

So we knew that RLC was important and connected somehow to Fulcanelli and Hendaye, we just didn't know how, exactly. Then another friend, Bill Buehler out in Crestone CO showed me a piece of landscape geometry linking Hendaye, RLC, St. James de Campostella and Edinbourgh Castle in a big T. Hendaye was at the cross point of that T. Wow, things began to click after that.

See, Hendaye is like the loose thread in the Kmart tapestry of history. Keep tugging on it long enough and the whole damn thing unravels right before your eyes. We had already unraveled the astro-alchemical secrets of the Cross, but suddenly there was another whole pattern coming into view. We had always joked about the Cross being the Holy Grail, we just didn't know how close we were to the truth.

On the base of the Cross are four images, reading from west around to north, the sun, the 4 A's, the eight-rayed star and the moon-boat. We found that they also pointed to four locations in southern France directly connected to the true history of the grail family. By simply locating these spots, the story unfolds, if you know what to look for. Going back to Fulcanelli, we found a very sly series of references that supported our theory, and strangely enough, led us directly to Michel Nostradamus, the Seer of Provence, and that renaissance genius, Leonardo di Vinci.

So with the Fulcanelli book 90% done in first draft, we headed out to France to find some answers. The result is our second book, which I am working away on while my co-author, Alvin Wiley, is finishing the final draft of the first book.

Without going into the whole story, here is what we feel the truth is about RLC.

Let's work backward. What did Saunier find? He found conclusive proof of the survival of a group of early Christians related to the Holy family whose Christ was another St. John, the son of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. This information had been passed to local families in the early fourth century CE when the refugees from the Jewish Christian province of Glanum Livii arrived in the Aude. Glanum Livii is the Blue Fruit, or Blue Apples of the cypher, and the Mort epee is also a pointer to Glanum through the Black Sword of Tristan and Jason the Argonaut. Glanum, of course, turned out to be the home town of Nostradamus, who alludes to his ancient bloodline in several quatrains.

Why did this make Saunier rich? There seems to have been an ancient treasure, perhaps the gold of the Visigoths or the Merovingians, because Saunier did antiquities deals all over Paris. This supplied some money, but most seems to have come from the Hapsburg-Lorraine heirs, who interestingly enogh, would have the best claim to descent from any Provencal connection through King Rene. In the wake of WWI, everything fell apart, until some group in the 1950's revived the mystery of RLC as a way of revealing or deflecting attention from the bigger picture.

Sigisbert IV did return to Rennes and probably was the lost Merovingian heir, so that part of the story is true. We also know that the legend had currency in the Middle Ages, hence Godfrey de Boullion and the Grail legends, but exactly how it all relates together is a carefully obstructed mystery.

But, your guess about the Plantegenets is right on the money. Your word play would make you right at home with Fulcanelli, that old master of the Green Language. The Plantegenet's rise to power was aided by unseen political forces that correspond to the early Priory of Our Lady of Sion, the precursor to the Templar Priory, founded by Pope Sylvestor II and the mad Caliph Hakim in Jerusalem in1002. Henry II was a Templar, in the sense of Wolfram's Parsival, that is a man of unknown, or at least unspoken, heritage who ruled through a combination of modern power and ancient right. Henry's interest in the legends of King Arthur is no accident, but an attempt to legitimize and ancient heritage that was essentially heretical. No wonder their origins, Merovingian and Plantegenet are so similar. They were clues for those in the know as to the true heritage of these kings.

But enough obscure medieval history. If you really want to figure this out, I would suggest that, while waiting on our second volume, you find a good translation of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parsival and read it through a few times. Then take a map of southern France and map out the places he mentions, taking him at his word about time and distances, and you will find that whoever Guy of Provence was, he truly knew the story of the Grail. It's all there, and the story itself turns out to be somewhat true and datable to the ninth century.

Well, I've probably confused you worse by trying to hint and condense things. Sorry, I am working on the complete version and I hate to give to much away to soon. But I found your e-mail interesting in that I haven't found to many folks who have even heard of Hendaye, much less make such provocative connections.

Stay tuned to the website. We will be putting more stuff up from time to time and will be announcing the first book in June for a July ship date. Hope you like it, and if you want to chat further on this, just e-mail back.

Maynerd Most

Wow! Was I ever excited! Thank God! At last there is someone who isn't a whacko, someone who could answer all my questions! Somebody who was not only a scholar, (must be a scholar, he went to grad school!) but open-minded! Somebody who had done all that research posted on the Sangraal site! I'd better get back over there quick and download all of it and study it!

And so I did. Every scrap, every word, printed and bound in a cover, sitting there on the bookshelf, a monument to my wish that somebody would come along and give me the answers.

Life gives back to you exactly what you put into it.

There is no free lunch.

Continue to Chapter 23

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