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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 32

We, as a race, have never been free to discover our own true identity. Every social advance we attempt is thwarted by some maniac who springs up with almost divine grace to lead us into madness. Saint Paul, for instance, seems to have taken the real message of Jesus and his earliest followers and distorted it into something that we kill, lie and cheat for. And, in spite of all that, we still aspire for redemption of our souls. The followers of that doctrine - Christians, they call themselves - are not the only ones who behave in such a manner. Every major religion has managed to find an excuse in its teachings to destroy non-believing fellow human beings. A part of me shudders every time I hear of yet another killing based on 2000-year-old hatreds.

What law allows us to continue with such atrocities? What influence keeps such hatred and fears alive? Why are we abductees so afraid to ask for real help from our own society?

We have been INVADED - but I do not yet believe that the battle is over. Invasion with sticks, knives or guns is a human reality, not necessarily a universal one. There are very sophisticated mechanisms being used in the invasion of our world. Why should our invaders use pointed sticks against us when they can get us to sharpen sticks and use them against each other? We provide them with everything they want from us, and they take none of the blame for our misery. They just zip around in their wonderful flying machines, dazzling us with their magical abilities and filling us with awe at their insight.

Can there be a more successful military campaign than one in which no shot is (apparently) fired and in which the conquered populace gladly and openly welcomes their enslavers? We are being programmed mentally and socially to accept our invaders as saviors, not a conquering force. I truly believe we are being deceived by smoke, mirrors and sleight-of-three-fingered-hand movements. Are we going to sell our birthright to some sneaky beings who appear on our shores in marvelous ships and offer us a few glitzy baubles?

The researcher asked if I personally knew of harm that has come to anyone at the hands of, or because of, the aliens. Yes, harm has come. My early youth was damaged severely by the unconscious knowledge that I was being used by some non-human agency. It took me 40 years to recognize that the fears which guided me daily were not of my own making and that the rebellion I constantly felt was engendered by my contempt for the powerful invisible agents that forced me to do things that I knew were wrong, even as I was doing them.

For example, I did not want to marry the person who became my first wife, yet I had no control over the decision. Before we were married, we were jointly abducted and subjected to severe programming. The results brought no happiness to either of us. We both starved for love and companionship, even though we tried with all our might to find them. My son (now 25) was also one of their subjects, and is miserable and lost. He is an artistic person with so many unknowable fears that he is paralyzed. I know of abductees MURDERED by mutilations (reports of which are suppressed immediately and completely), by cancers that no physician has ever seen before, and by madness that has led to suicide. In my opinion, these acts were not caused by "brothers" of any sort.

I do not believe that all is lost, however. I have felt a guiding hand that helped me to discover happiness and inner peace amid all this chaos and misery. What I have come to understand is that that hand is only there when I take responsibility for my own happiness and do something about whatever is bothering me.

Reality left in the hands of the invaders is neither what we need nor what we want. It is time that we think hard about ourselves and what we have on this gem of the universe, our home - our planet. There are laws governing the actions of our invaders, rules guiding their actions and patterns of behavior we can discover if we will make a concerted effort to discern them. We humans have something valuable that is desirable to, and usable by the alien forces acting on us. I feel it is time we take back that which is ours, that we use all our resources to discover the laws that govern reality and become the beings that we intrinsically know we are. [2]

The post I made to the UFO discussion board, much shorter than the above quotes, with the addition of some commentary of my own, brought about an amazing flood of correspondence from abductees desperate for more rational information. I was overwhelmed with the realization that there were so many people looking for answers, and so much nonsense being propagated.

Apparently, one of the members of that discussion forwarded my post to a woman named Eve Lorgen, who had been working on a book titled "The Love Bite," about the very types of situations described above by Elton Turner wherein people are "programmed" to marry the wrong people, and then, because of the religious programming we receive from infancy, remained in marriages that were quite simply designed to diminish their capacity to grow as a human being. This is where we encounter a problem.

Over the years, as I had read about many instances of "personal growth" and "self-realization," accompanied by a complete breakdown and restructuring of the life of the individual, most often including divorce, the idea nagged at the back of my mind that "if this is a good thing, how come so many people are getting hurt by it?" Until I had faced my own realization that "love," as human beings think of it and try to manifest it, really had nothing to do with real spiritual love at all, I was stuck in the idea that a manifestation of enlightenment ought to confer on a person the almost magical ability to "fix" anything or anybody! If they were married to a monster, their "enlightenment" ought to enable them to "soothe the savage beast." If they were in a state of some kind of suffering for financial or health reasons, their enlightenment ought to show them the way out and back to physical and fiscal health. And, of course, it ought to all be accomplished without anybody getting hurt! There should be no divorce, no breaking of promises and commitments, and most of all, they ought to all be just dancing around the Maypole and gazing into one another's eyes in mutual admiration and delight.

By this time, I already knew that didn't work, and that, in fact, continuing to support those on the STS pathway only fueled their descent into deeper STS, drained the energy of the "codependent STO" person so that they had nothing to share with those who WERE like them, which prevented the establishment and growth of an STO dynamic, and effectively only continued to feed and perpetuate STS energy in our lives and our world. But Eve was now talking about "alien orchestrated human bonding dramas." In short, she was saying that a lot of what we call "falling in love" is merely being chemically manipulated for nefarious purposes.

So, Eve wrote to me and wanted to talk shop. We did, extensively. She described her work, and her forthcoming book, and I was very interested to discover that there were some few - very few - people who had a handle on some of these things, and were putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together in interesting ways.

A few days later, seemingly out of the blue, I received the following:

From: REngelm@....
Date sent: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 22:46:02 EDT
Subject: Being a guest on my radio program

My name is Ron Engelman.

I do a four hour radio program on the Talk Radio Network from 2-6AM PDT, Monday through Friday in 29 markets across the country. I have read small portions of your web site and I would be interested in having you as a guest on my show. I would be more than happy to allow you to promote any publications you may have, your web site or any books you have in publication.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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