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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 33

The following summer, for the first time in Einhorn's seven years of residence at this apartment, he did not sublet the apartment for the summer when he went on his travels.

In September of 1978, after more complaints about the persistance of the odor, the owner of the building ordered some work done over Ira Einhorn's porch to fix the possible leaks that might be contributing to the problem. The roofer hired to do the work reported that the roof over the porch had originally been tarred in early 1977. It was a year later that he received the complaint from the owner about the odor. He thought it might be stagnant water that had leaked in through a crack in the tar. The firm re-tarred the roof. As soon as he learned that work was to be done, Ira contacted the owner and complained about the repairs that might possibly disturb his things. The owner, accustomed to Einhorn's demands for privacy, didn't think the complaint too unusual. Ira specifically instructed the repairmen not to go near the closet on his porch.

Meanwhile, the family of Holly Maddux, worried by the lack of regular contact which had always been her habit, called Ira on October 4, to try to find out what might be wrong. Ira reportedly said: "I was about to call and ask you." Ira told Mrs. Maddux that Holly had been in Philadelphia for a few days in early September, and then just "took off." Holly's mother mentioned that it was her understanding that Holly was going to move into a new apartment, and had given them the address, but she was not responding to the mail that they had sent her there. Ira told Mrs. Maddux that he wished she would stop that because he was "tired of collecting Holly's mail."

Whoa! That was COLD!

Two weeks went by, and other members of Holly's family who normally heard from her regularly began to call the Madduxes to try and find out what was going on that they had not heard from Holly. On October 20th, Liz Maddux called Ira Einhorn again with a list of questions in hand so that she would not be side-tracked by Ira's diversionary tactics.

Mrs. Maddux: When did she leave Philadelphia?

Ira: Three or four weeks ago. She went to the store and didn't come back. Actually, I was in the bathtub when she left. When she didn't return, I called everyone we knew and checked with the police and the hospitals, but no one knew anything. I talked to a friend of hers...

Mrs. maddux: Joyce Petschek?

Ira: Yes. You know, she has houses all over so I had a hard time getting in touch with her, but I finally did. She told me not to worry, that I might no hear from Holly for three or four months. I don't know if she meant Holly might just go off for a while or if she knows where she is and won't tell me. I'm the last one she'd tell.

The Madduxes didn't get much from Ira, but we notice that, again, the story has morphed. Now it is not that Holly called Ira, but that he called a third party who told him that SHE had heard from Holly who said "not to worry." Did he really think that no one would ever check it out and compare these stories? Obviously he didn't consider that as a possibility.

The Madduxes tried several approaches to discovering what happened to Holly, finally contacting one of Holly's friends in Tyler, Texas, Holly's home town, Lawrence Wells. He was an assistant U.S. attorney and he was the one who officially reported Holly missing to the authorities in Philadelpha after a check of the hospitals and morgues produced nothing. He also alerted Interpol that she was missing, and then called Ira Einhorn himself. He was given the same story about the bathtub scene. Wells didn't buy it, and called the Philadelphia police directly and spoke to a detective who promised to look into the matter.

Detective Lane conducted a few interviews, speaking to Holly's doctor (Holly was diabetic), as well as her therapist, Marian Coopersmith who assured him that Holly was not suicidal. Holly had $21,000.00 dollars in the bank that was untouched since her disappearance.

The police detective paid a visit to Einhorn where Ira told him the bathtub story. However, he also told him the "Holly called me" story, stating that she had told him "I'm okay. Don't look for me. I'll call you once a week." He then said that when she did not fulfill this promise, he began to get worried. His explanation to the policeman as to why he did not report her missing to the police was that he had been told that since she was an adult, she didn't qualify. This was correct, and the police investigation ended.

In January 1978, the Madduxes contacted R.J. Stevens, the former chief of the Tyler FBI bureau, who had just retired to open his own private investigation business. Stevens contacted Joyce Petschek who replied by letter stating that she did not know where Holly was, and suggested that the Madduxes contact Marshall Lever about whom she said: "He is a transmedium and perhaps could do a transmission for you as to Holly's whereabouts."

Yeah, right.

The Madduxes did not want to leave any stone unturned, so they did contact Lever. He told them that he was about to go on a trip and he would get back in touch. But, he never did. Some "transmedium."

Stevens decided that he needed somebody in Philadelphia, so he contacted another former FBI guy who also was now working as a private investigator: J. Robert Pearce. Pearce did not normally deal with missing persons cases, but as a favor to another former FBI guy, he agreed to take the Holly Maddux case.

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