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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 34

As time passed, the "blame game" became more and more vague. After awhile, he just would refuse to address the issue or answer any penetrating questions at all, saying only that he knew who the guilty parties were, and would reveal them at the proper time.

November of 1979, the FBI lab report on the floorboards from Ira's closet were disclosed. The tests showed no blood and/or human protein. Ira crowed that this proved that Holly's body had not bee in his closet since September of 1977. He began to declaim loudly and vociferously that he was NOW vindicated!

In an interview with Claude Lewis of the Bulletin, Ira said:

There's no blood in the apartment, they found no blood in the entire apartment! How can you fracture somebody's skull twelve, thirteen times, and no have any blood? It's crazy... [...] The skull was supposedly fractured, six to twelve - multiple times. You can't tell me blood didn't squirt all over the place. And no matter how careful you are, you wouldn't be able to get it all up! [...] With this new data, the ball is in my court. [...] What this has given me is a new lease on life. I feel totally free. I feel like a citizen of the world. I can go settle anyplace. Because I'm going to do a book on all this." [Quoted by Levy]

Yes, indeedy. Ira was gonna write a book. His book proposal said:

I intend to write a book directed to a mass audience, for it is obvious that my case has enormous mass appeal. [...] An inside view of someone who lives on the edge of thought, but I will never become overly abstract of philosophical.

The proposal was rejected because Ira made it clear that, even though he would talk about the murder, he would not speculate on who actually did kill Holly. "This ambiguity will not detract from the value of the book, for so much of the public interest in this case hangs upon the ambiguity of my present public persona." [Quoted by Levy]

In short, the book was going to be all about Ira, and how Ira so heroically dealt with a nasty murder charge. Holly's life and experiences, who may have killed Holly and why, was not important. The only thing that was important was "the public interest [...] hangs upon [...] my public persona."

Ira wasted no time sending the FBI results around to everyone in his network. He wrote:

It took a court order to [get it] You may draw your own conclusions from this behavior. It is what I have struggled against during the last 8 and 1/2 months of difficult uphill battle.

I was conspired against in the most hellish way; so many of my friends could not grasp the conspiracy for it is beyond normal ken. [Read: of course I understood, but that is because I am so speshul!] For this there can be no blame or recriminations as the press played right into the hands of those who wished to silence me. [Read: All of you who doubted me, I forgive you - I will let you kiss my foot if you ask nicely!] This is not the time to name them who are guilty of murder - that will come.

And so on. It was basically an appeal for money to pay his lawyers to defend him against the "hellish conspiracy" that was now an established fact, in his mind, because he had the evidence of the FBI report. Ira promoted this item as "pivotal," and continues to do so to this very day. What he doesn't talk about - because psychopaths never address the things that cannot be addressed without exposing them for what they are - is the fact that a negative result on the floorboards and plaster did NOT preclude the possibility that blood or human protein might have been in the materials at an earlier point, having dissipated in the eighteen month interval between the murder and the discovery of the body.

Ira also continues to avoid the fact that a SECOND test, using newer and more comprehensive methods showed that there WAS human protein in the floorboards and plaster! Those who knew Ira said that he took this information very hard and that this was what prompted him to flee. He KNEW he was nailed.

As recently as April 17, 2000, Ira is posting statements that somehow manages to mention the two FBI chemical analyses as though they BOTH said that there was no evidence of blood or human protein:

After almost two years of pre-trial manoeuvring, which included much judicial misconduct: Foreshortening of Xeroxed pages so that the damaging pages of a now unnumbered report could be removed from the information due to us; information that included a public sighting of my former girl friend by three bank employees 6 months after I am supposed to have killed her; and most significantly, a failure to accept two lab reports, issued by the FBI and a nationally known laboratory, National Medical Services, which did all the work on the O.J. Simpson case; reports made at the instigation of the prosecution, which indicated that there was no blood or human protein in the supposed leakage from the body and that material found outside the trunk did not correspond to material found inside the trunk. This was a stiff blow to the prosecution's contention about the murder; the response: The most prestigious local magazine published an article with blood on every page. Such behavior was repeated no matter wherein I turned, and fearing the death penalty, I left Philadelphia for a life underground.

Oddly, in the above remarks, a single person, a bank employee, who thought she saw Holly in the bank (identified by a photo) after the time the murder was supposed to have been committed, has now become THREE people. This identification has always been regarded as mistaken because, in fact, there is no record of any bank transaction by Holly AFTER September 11th. Why would she be in the bank if she did nothing while there?

Einhorn also quotes, as proof that he knew of a building threat, a letter from Stafford Beer, about which Ira tells us "This conversation quoted verbatim from Stafford's letter took place in the summer of 1977 about two months before the murdered woman, Holly Maddux disappeared."

"One day I looked up from my desk and saw that someone was approaching down the path. This was most unusual, because hardly anyone knew yet of my whereabouts, which I was keeping virtually secret, and the place is eight miles from the nearest village. I could hardly believe my eyes: it was Ira. But yes - he would have been one of the very few who would know my new address, because I wanted to keep up the flow of packages from Bell.

"Ira and I became locked in a fascinating discussion of very sensitive matters. They concerned monumentally important scientific discoveries, and their possible impact on human life and society. I have not to this day disclosed what Ira told me, and I do not know whether what he told me can be substantiated. I am sure that Ira believed what he said, and I could without difficulty accept that it might be the case (that is, 'no alien life forms'). What followed is indelibly fixed in my mind, and I shall get as near as I can to the ipsissima verba:

"Ira: 'I am making a special visit to you, and to a few other friends who have the knowledge to understand what I have found out, because my situation is dangerous.'
"Stafford: 'I can believe it. Are you worried about your own government or 'the competition?'
"Ira: 'Your call.'
"Stafford: 'Well, are you saying that you think you might be bumped off?'
"Ira : 'The trouble is, that wouldn't do. It would provoke a whole lot of investigation, and the truth might get out. No, I think that I have to be in some way discredited.'
"Stafford: 'Aren't you in some way discredited already? Plenty of people think you are a nut case. And plenty think you are immoral - a bad influence. That lot got Socrates after all.'
"Ira: 'And the ideas survived. Just my point. No, it has to be a lot stronger to count.'
"Stafford: 'Any Ideas?'
"Ira: 'None. I don't know what I need to protect myself against.'
"I can swear to this testimony. That's exactly what happened. It made me apprehensive for my friend." [Stafford Beer]

Aside from the fact that Stafford Beer is interesting in his own right, the fact is, Holly Maddux left Ira Einhorn in Europe in the midsummer of 1977. When she left, it was already clear that Holly would be moving into her own place. In other words, at that point in time, Ira already knew that Holly had rejected him, and at that point in time, he began to plan her demise. At that point in time, he began to plant the seeds of his "frame-up theory" and his first "target" of this campaign was Stafford Beers.

His later "morphing of the story" was more elaborate, but again, casts the blame on Holly for engineering her own death. This variation was given to journalist Russ Baker, who chronicles his experience with Einhorn in Esquire Magazine. After much back and forth maneuvering, Einhorn finally lays out the new theory as follows:

It is a tale that begins in the mid-1970s, with Ira penetrating deeper and deeper into an understanding of the evil work of his government, chiefly regarding psychic warfare and UFOs, and continues with Ira's growing determination to expose the truth as he saw it.

This tale involves a former CIA man, a current CIA man, a prominent ufologist, shadowy figures, and psychic Uri Geller. This tale involves the scurrilous rumor that the former CIA official, who at the time was head of the Weird Desk at the CIA, had an affair with Holly Maddux. It is Ira who calls this rumor scurrilous, but he brings it up repeatedly, and this rumored affair is clearly the basis of Ira's theory of the crime.

[According to Ira] There was a great, roiling debate within the secret agency, it seems, that centered on Ira. One faction favored the release of top-secret data on the UFOs, the other did not. Ira was the loose cannon who was going to blow the lid off the story. The CIA had to frame Ira for Holly's murder, and to facilitate this, one of its men arranged an amorous liaison with her. And Ira says that the former official's successor at the agency is in "constant e-mail contact" with him, confirming parts of this story. [...]

"They're using my case to fight over the CIA stuff. I'm convenient."

Ira is the teller of the story, and Ira is the wronged hero of it, too. It is a story that takes you on a tour of the interior of Ira's head. [According to Ira] This story is the defense that Ira might have offered at trial had he been there. It is impossible to tell whether he has actually brought himself to believe it. [A Touch of Eden, Esquire Magazine; Russ Baker, December, 1999 Contributors Page)

Russ Baker was aware that Ira was "different" when he went to interview him. However, what Russ didn't realize, and what so many, many people do not understand, is the power of the psychopath. Russ comments on this in some amazement:

I could not have imagined this a couple days ago, but after almost thirty hours of Ira, I have to get away from him. Although I'm constantly aware, on some level, of his manipulation, I also know that he is exceptionally good at it. I suppose that I was not entirely prepared for this, at least not to this extent. This is humbling. I do not know what a clinical diagnosis of him would be, but he is masterful at manipulation. He is a professional. There's a reason that he succeeded so spectacularly on the lam for so long. I realize that I'm fighting to maintain perspective. [Baker, Esquire, ibid.]

It is, indeed, humbling to realize that, with all our powers of observation, all our intellect, all our knowledge and awareness, we can still be captured and manipulated. And any of us who think that we have a real handle on it, that we cannot be fooled, or we assume that we are NOT being deceived by a psychopath, better think again and apply some tests, and watch closely.

In the end, the safest thing to do once one has the suspicion, or feeling, that something is not quite right, that something is confusing, that something just doesn't mesh, is to just get away! There is NO way you can interact with or converse with or debate with a psychopath without getting slimed. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

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The owners and publishers of these pages wish to state that the material presented here is the product of our research and experimentation in Superluminal Communication. We invite the reader to share in our seeking of Truth by reading with an Open, but skeptical mind. We do not encourage "devotee-ism" nor "True Belief." We DO encourage the seeking of Knowledge and Awareness in all fields of endeavor as the best way to be able to discern lies from truth. The one thing we can tell the reader is this: we work very hard, many hours a day, and have done so for many years, to discover the "bottom line" of our existence on Earth. It is our vocation, our quest, our job. We constantly seek to validate and/or refine what we understand to be either possible or probable or both. We do this in the sincere hope that all of mankind will benefit, if not now, then at some point in one of our probable futures.

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