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Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 22


Col. Corso writes in his book: "These creatures weren't benevolent aliens who had come to enlighten human beings...."

Linda asks in her book:

"What do other intelligences want from humans and our planet? One government agent told me his superiors hoped to be dead before the "true story" erupted...

Then, she received a letter via an intermediary, purportedly from some DOD guys which said, in part:

"Our misguided program directors cling to the false belief that we can control or manipulate the [aliens], when in actuality, the reverse is occurring - we are the ones being manipulated and deceived.

"...forces being utilized by [aliens] to interact with us in a bizarre, confusing manner, designed to divert us and draw our attention from the true purpose of their actions: manipulation and deception.

"People are now busy chasing 'secret-government' projects, satanic cults, and UFOs, while the actual perpetrating agents go unsuspected. [i.e. beings from other densities.]

"[There are those] within the government hierarchy who [have] convincingly fed [to LMH] the false ET scenario propagated as disinformation by those who are in charge of the [alien] projects. Many variations of this exist, and all who are privy to a particular variation are convinced they have 'the answer.' With our society as it is now, the core truth of the situation is such that the public really could not handle it.

"The ultimate diversionary tactic to this point (and diversions will begin to increase in frequency, degree of strangeness, and in a more overt fashion, visible to greater numbers of observers) is the UFO abduction scenario.

"The concept of these events, real though they are, being the result of extraterrestrial beings, is a masterful piece of disinformation to divert attention away from the real source of the [aliens.] Our information as to the tru nature of these events does not negate the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but, the causal source of the UFO and UFO abduction phenomena is NOT EXTRATERRESTRIAL.

"The aliens being dealt with in our psi "mind control" weapons development, and who are apparently allowing themselves to be used for a time, are neither benevolent nor neutral. It was our feeling that very few could understand this concept.

"Your comments and thoughts concerning ancient civilizations and their contacts with the [aliens] need to be considered in light of the bigger picture of the deception of mankind as a whole. If this grand deception is taking the course it seems to be, then it makes sense to analyze the false gods of ancient civilizations in light of the current level of deception. IT IS ONLY LOGICAL THAT, GIVEN THEIR NON-HUMAN, OTHER-DIMENSIONAL NATURE, THE [ALIENS] WOULD BE ABLE TO FORESEE THE NEED TO ESTABLISH A FOUNDATIONAL BASE, THE FACTS OF WHICH COULD BE SLIGHTLY TWISTED, OR DISTORTED BY THE FOG OF ANTIQUITY AND FORGOTTEN CULTURAL DISTINCTIVENESS, TO SEEMINGLY ESTABLISH THEMSELVES AS THE BRINGERS OF ALL GOOD THINGS TO HUMANITY.

"Explore Jacques Vallee's "passport to Magonia" again, for more close parallels between the 'faerie' manifestation of the [aliens] and current events. And look very closely at "Messengers of Deception," Dr. Vallee was so close to the truth of the situation, with the exception that the ULTIMATE MANIPULATORS ARE NOT HUMAN."

On the 4th of May, a fellow named Ray Flowers posted to the Ancient Wisdom discussion list:

Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross

A Monument to the End of Time reveals the truth behind the mystery of Fulcanelli: The alchemical transmutation of the soul and the most dramatic event in human history - the end of time as we know it. A Monument to the End of Time unveils the greatest alchemical secret of all - that history is an initiatory process. And the final stage of that initiation is about to occur.

Check out Maynerd Most and Alvin Wiley's new research from Southern France.

Well! Talk about your major Doomsday pronouncement!

Okay, I wandered over there and had a look. There was a whole lot of historical research, and I read through the ideas of the book and wrote back to the Ancient Wisdom list:

From:                       Laura Knight-Jadczyk <>
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Subject:                 Re: A MONUMENT TO THE END OF TIME
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Date sent:                  Thu, 6 May 1999 10:37:11 -0400

I wonder if this "new research" was in any way stimulated by the most interesting book "Refuge of the Apocalypse" Doorway Into Other Dimensions; Rennes-le-Chateau, The Key" by Elizabeth Van Buren ??? Certainly a MUST read for anyone "into" the R-L-C business.

This book begins with a discussion of the Cross of Hendaye...

"There is a small town in the Basque contry of the Pyrenees called Hendaye. A stone cross stands there, displaying curious symbols which the famous alchemist Fulcanelli states relate to "millenariesm." This is the doctrine of belief in the millenium and the cataclysms that are preordained to precede it.

"On the transverse arm of the equi-armed cross is an inscription which consists of two lines of raised letters. These spell out words which are joined together: OCRUXAVES PESUNICA

"If the 'S' at the end of the first line is taken as the first letter of the second line, the following phrase can be read: 'O CRUX AVE, SPES UNICA' 'HAIL, O CROSS, THE ONLY HOPE.'

"Fulcanelli points out that the rules of Latin grammar have been ignored, for 'pes' is masculine, and therefore requirees the adjective 'unicus' which is the masculine, and not 'unica,' the feminine form of the word.

"Because of the misplaced 'S', the inscription can be read as a secret message. By reading the Latin words as phonetic French, and rearranging the words to form another sentence, the following strange statement is arrived at: 'IL EST ECRIT QUE LA VIE SE REFUGIE EN UNSEUL ESPACE' or 'IT IS WRITTEN THAT LIFE TAKES REFUGE IN A SINGLE SPACE.'

"Fulcanelli tells us that this message refers to a place of safety at the time of the terrible catastrophe, a Noah's Ark where death cannot touch one. He told the alchemist Canseliet 'The time will come, my son, when you will no longer be able to work in alchemy, when it will be necessary for you to search for some country rare and blessed, privileged without doubt, and situated towards the south, beyond the frontiers.' To others, Fulcanelli indicated that the place was Rennes, in the Aude.

"[...] Fulcanelli points out that the letter 'S' which has been misplaced, corresponds to the Greek khi (key) (X) and has the same meaning esoterically. Is this the 'key' to the mystery? Can we read the message as 'Spes unice, or the 'key' is the one-and-only (feminine) foot? Does the 'X' symbolize this 'foot?'" (Van Buren)

I think that it is interesting to note that the name "Plantangenet" is derived from a root meaning "foot"... and "platter" is similarly related... the "foundation" of a thing connected to "gene" which goes to the same root from which we get yoga, yogi, joint, jugular, conjugal, knee, and even knight... the "Desired Knight" of the Grail Stories, Perceval.

And, if no one has ever noticed it, in the Shepherds of Arcadia, there is a rather prominent display of knees and elbows.... JOINTS.

Martha Neyman says that the shadow of the arm on the tomb, when looked at upside down, is the image of a horse... but it also looks like a heart when taken WITH the arm itself... but either view is interesting.

It is also interesting that the legends surrounding the origins of the Plantagenets are almost identical to the legends of the Merovingians...

Merovee is an interesting word in itself... going back to Mer which can mean both Sea and Horse...

So, I guess I shall order this book and see what these guys have to say.


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